When you think of doing basketball drills for a workout, it is easy to think, “well, that is only for basketball players.”

But, even though that is primarily true, basketball, regardless of skill level, can be an excellent calisthenics workout as well. 

What makes it so great as a workout is that it includes pretty much the whole body.

For example, ball handling will work on arms, shoulders, chest, back, core, and if you stay in an athletic stance or are moving, the legs will get a workout as well. 

The other great thing about using basketball workouts is that it keeps your mind engaged the whole time.

Rather than running or a treadmill or doing a bunch of burpees, you can be working on your shooting, ball handling, etc., and still be getting in shape. 

Also, if you do play some kind of basketball for fun, or are just a fan of the game, you are going to be able to improve your skills while getting fit.

It also adds a type of workout that is often missing from calisthenics: cardio.

So take advantage of this calisthenics basketball workout plan and start getting in top shape while having fun with a basketball. 

Basketball Workout Plan

Two-Ball Pound Dribbling Drill

This drill is going to be the foundation for pretty much all of your basketball dribbling drills.

It is not just going to teach how to dribble the basketball, but also how to control it.

As you dribble, you don’t want to just pat at the ball; you want to absorb the dribble and control it on each dribble. 

The harder you go, the more it is going to work your shoulders and arms.

Also, by keeping yourself in an athletic stance with your core tight, you will be able to develop your legs and midsection as well. 

This drill can be done with one basketball at a time or two basketballs at a time if you want to challenge yourself. 

Length of Drill: 30-60 seconds each hand. 

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wiper dribbling drill is another great drill for working on controlling the ball.

It will teach you to be able to let the ball up in your hand, and then control it back down. The better you can do this, the easier it will be to do more advanced dribbling drills. 

Another great way to work your arms and shoulders; this drill is all about what you put into it.

If you push yourself, you are going to get a great burn and feel it. It is essential that you do your best to stay low and athletic as well, as they will continue to work on your core and legs. 

This is also a drill that can be done with one or two basketballs. 

Length of Drill: 30-60 seconds each hand. 

Windshield Wiper Move Dribble Drill

This is really four different drills in one. It is going to incorporate the windshield dribble drill with a game move.

For this drill, the player will take four windshield wiper dribbles before executing one of the four moves. They will continue to alternate hands each time.

  • Crossovers
  • Between the Legs
  • Behind the Back
  • Reverse Between the Legs

This drill is great because it will allow you to get a short rest for your arms as you switch back and forth.

It is still vital that you push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. The more you can do this, the more you will be able to work on your arms, shoulders, legs, and core. 

Length of Drill: 30-60 seconds for each move (take a short break between each move). 

Dynamic Stretch

Before you get going full speed, you must make sure that you are loose and ready to go.

A dynamic stretch is going to be perfect for making sure that you are all the way loose and ready to go. You may want to consider doing a few static stretches as well, but it is critical that you are doing a dynamic stretch routine as well to make sure you are warmed up and good to go. 

Length of Drill: 5 minutes

Backboard Tips

A big part of finishing is being able to control the basketball around the basket. It takes practice to develop a nice soft touch.

Another important key is being able to get off the ground quickly when finishing. This finishing basketball drill will work on both of these areas. 

Calisthenics wise, it will also work on your legs and shoulders. Your legs will have to execute several quick jumps in a row, and your shoulders will be worked as your arm must be held up over your head on the tips. 

Length of Drill: 3-5 sets on each side of the basket.

Steve Nash Shooting

A lot of shooting drills require a partner, but not this drill. With the Steve Nash shooting drill, you will be able to get up a lot of quality shots while also getting in some cardio. 

The drill can be done from the mid-range or the three-point line. 

The fitness part of this drill is going to really focus on cardio. With having to change up your shooting spot each time and chase after your shot every time, you will be getting in a lot of steps.

Also, the more you want to put into running your ball down and getting to the next shooting spot, the more fitness-specific this drill becomes. 

Length of Drill: Based on completed makes

Mikan Drill

This finishing drill is excellent for working on finishing from different angles around the basket. It will allow you to get a number of repetitions in a short period of time. 

As with most drills in this workout, you get out what you put in. This can be an excellent drill for working on cardio, legs, and shoulders.

Once you get into a pattern with your footwork, you should really be able to push yourself. Your shoulders will be worked by having to keep your arms up on each finish. 

Length of Drill: 3 sets of 10-12 makes

Superman Drill

This drill is called the Superman drill because of the amount of space you will have to cover on each rebound.

In basketball, the ball doesn’t always come down perfectly into the space you are already occupying. This means that you must be able to relocate quickly and be explosive to the ball. This drill is going to work on that. 

The calisthenics part of this drill is going to work on developing your legs and being explosive. Each rep will encourage you to pursue the basketball and jump up as high as you can to get it. 

Length of Drill: 3 sets of 8-12 reps

Spin the Ball Out Shooting Drill

This is another great basketball shooting drill that will work on shooting from all over. Instead of dribbling the basketball out, like in the Steve Nash drill, though, you are going to spin it to yourself for a catch and shoot shot. This is an excellent drill for working on footwork and coming into your shot from different angles. 

Just like the Steve Nash shooting drill, this drill can be really amped up by how quickly you pursue your shot each time. The quicker you pursue the ball, the more this turns into a conditioning drill. 

Length of Drill: 5 minutes

Wall Passing Drills

Depending on the situation, there are a number of different passes that you can make in the game of basketball. That is why it is important that you are able to execute all of them. This drill will allow you to use the wall to work on all of these different types of passes. 

  • Chest Pass
  • Bounce Pass
  • Wrap Around Chest Pass
  • Wrap Around Bounce Pass
  • Off of the Dribble Pass
  • Off of the Dribble Crossover Pass

By stepping into your passes, staying in an athletic stance, and making crisp passes, this drill is great for fitness as well. It is critical that you focus on these areas as you go through these different types of passes, though. 

Length of Drill: 10-12 passes of each type of pass

Defensive Slides Drill

Not many people like defense, but it is a big part of the game, and it is critical that you spend time working on it. This defensive drill is going to work specifically on the defensive slide motion. It will allow you to be able to practice staying low in an athletic stance while executing the proper footwork. This might be a drill that you consider adding to some of the other bodyweight exercises that you do to spice things up as well. 

If you are looking for a basketball drill to work on legs, this is it. If you stay low in an athletic stance the whole time, this defensive slides drill will really develop your leg muscles. 

Length of Drill: 4 sets of 20-30 seconds

Calisthenics Basketball Workout Plan Conclusion

If you enjoy basketball, this calisthenics workout plan is a no brainer.

However, even if you are new to the game or are looking to try out something new, it is a great option. 

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Before you know it, you might find out that you really enjoy playing, and will have a great new workout. And, to make this workout even that much more fun, find a partner to join you. 

If you have any questions about this calisthenics basketball workout plan, please feel free to comment them below, and we will do our best to answer them. 

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