Fitness should be simple. And fueling your body can be straightforward. With the right combination of information and effort, you can create new, healthier habits. If you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll provide the resources to help propel you forward.

Let’s get started by finding a challenging, sustainable, and rewarding routine that works for you.

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Our Philosophy

It’s a Lifestyle

The Hybrid Athlete is not a business plan or a gym, and can’t be contained in a training manual. It is a lifestyle. The goal is not to lose weight, gain muscle, or focus on any one singular goal. 

The idea at the heart of this philosophy is to train and test every aspect of physical performance and fitness; training the mind is a byproduct.

We don’t just make this stuff up. If I didn’t receive an income for the work that I do, I would do it anyway. Fitness is my passion. I research it, write about it, program workouts, complete workouts, tweak those workouts, record the results and start the process all over again. So, how do I know?, because I live it.


But, we don’t know Everything

That’s right folks; we do not know it all. Anyone who tells you they do is lying to you. How many other “trainers” would admit that?

We know we will never have all of the answers, but that will not stop us from trying to improve ourselves as instructors, athletes, and individuals. Anthony and I have both made fitness our career. We hold a number of certifications and will continue to advance our knowledge of training, mental toughness, fitness assessment, and leadership. However, you cannot become an expert without having done anything. It is that belief that drives us to train, compete, evaluate, and adapt our training methodology and techniques.