6 Ways to Make Money When You’re Not Training a Client

Hybrid Sidebar-1Landing a job in the fitness industry is exciting and rewarding. While the rest of the world is stuck wearing a suit, sitting I a cubicle, you’re rocking athletic clothes as you roam the gym. They’re toting a brief case around and you have your gym bag. While their making phone calls and attending meetings, you have the opportunity to actually help people.

From the outside looking in, this can hardly be considered work.

Truth be told, it’s not really work. The training sessions are fun, and helping others is a dream job. The problem with the personal trainer or fitness instructor model is that it’s time consuming. If you’re a fit pro you are working the floor, recruiting clients, scheduling clients, doing assessments, making the workouts, teaching the classes/sessions, and following up with clients – time is not on your side. Even if you own your own studio or run your own training business it’s easy to become an hourly employee – you only get paid when you are with a client.

What’s a fit pro to do?

The solution to this scenario is to find ways to make money when you’re not training a client or teaching a class. You want to increase and diversify your revenue streams. Establish yourself as a local expert or industry thought-leader. When possible, look to create passive revenue – the kind of services that work for you, with little to no effort on your part. All in all, you should plan to be everywhere, because it’s not who you know that matters, it’s who knows you that will help you land new – paid – opportunities.

The Get Paid Plan

Design custom training plans – clients already pay for your time in the gym, and they will also pay for your expertise when it comes to creating a workout plan for them. Create one, three, six and twelve month workout packages. Include progress meetings, in-person training sessions, and follow-up services for an additional fee. If you have a nutrition certification and experience, the same can be done for meal plans.

Online training, health coaching and nutrition counseling – it’s a good idea to begin designing custom programs for people in your area. This way, you can work out the kinks and determine the best approach. But, one you nail the process down you can take to the internet and connect with people around the world to offer training and coaching services. Using email, Skype and video assessment you can help people transform their workout, diet, and life.

Give presentations – reach out to local business, schools, and organizations to see if they’d be interested in a health and wellness presentation at their next meeting. In short, you plan a brief talk about exercise, eating, and the importance of incorporating both into everyday life. Interact with attendees and pass out business cards or brochures. This is how you establish your position as an expert and network with potential clients.

Start a website or blog this is one will take some time and money to start, but can provide a big return on investment. Keep in mind, you don’t have to blog every day about everything you eat or every single workout you do. Instead, look to create an informative website that talks about you, your training style and how you can help others. List you contact information, services, and training philosophy. Use it as a point of reference when reaching out to new clients or potential partners.

Become a brand ambassador – if you work in a gym, compete in fitness related events, or have a website there is no shortage of companies who would like to partner with you. Whether you realize it or not you have the attention of their ideal client; the health seeker/gym go-er. Reach out to companies you believe in, or brands you like. Tell them who you are, reference your website, and tell them how you can help one another. They might not cut you a check right off the bat, but there’s a chance the will send you some free swag. I count that as a win.

Become an affiliate – this one plays into the brand ambassador option. If you are already representing a brand, you can work out an agreement to get paid when you sell a product or service. Fitness-tech companies do this, so do supplement and apparel companies. You can create an arrangement that uses affiliate links on the internet or discount codes that are entered when someone makes a purchase. Either way, you get paid for doing very little work.

Online options – if you’ve started a website and have been able to build a following, there are more than a few ways you could monetize your efforts.


What you should realize is that your potential to connect with and affect change in the lives of others is limitless. If you’re willing to get creative and put in the work you can help more people and make more money doing less work, not more.

If you’re trying to make your efforts pay off, but need some help getting started email us – we’ll show you how you can make more revenue; especially when you’re not training clients.