The Cali Move Body Transformation program bills itself as one of, if not the, premier calisthenics program on the market for building muscle.

However, when it comes to online programs, plenty of companies make similar claims, regardless of how they will actually benefit the majority of people.

In this Calimove Body Transformation review, I take a look at the body transformation program in great detail and break down every aspect of it.

I give those who are interested a better insight of what it contains and the results it can help them achieve.

This should help prospective customers decide if the Cali Move Body Transformation program is truly right for them.

Who Are Cali Move?

Cali Move is a company dedicated to promoting workouts that utilise calisthenic movements.

It was founded in 2012 by Sven Kohl and Alex “El Eggs” Lorenz. They are considered the founders of the calisthenic movement.

Sven Kohl is a physical therapist and licensed fitness trainer that has over a decade in the industry and instructs both group classes and one to one sessions.

Alex “El Eggs” Lorenz is a sports teacher with a degree in nutritional science, and has extensive experience with sports like taekwondo, parkour, biketrail, and trickling that dates back over 20 years.

El Eggs conducts online personal training and nutritional coaching, holds parkour and calisthenics workshops, and is the founder of the calisthenics & parkour association in Leipzig.

The company is known for 4 primary programs, a body transformation program, mobility program, complete calisthenics program, and home workout program.

These programs aim to use calisthenics to help people achieve elite levels of fitness, as well as improved well being in their daily life.

What Are The Aims Cali Move Body Transformation Program?

Build foundations & forge your body

The Body Transformation Bundle is a progressive workout program to optimize muscle growth. 

The Cali Move Body Transformation Program is much more focused on helping to build muscle than the other Cali Move programs.

The complete body transformation program aims to take a beginner from their introduction to callisthenics, all the way to an elite level, with maximum increases in both muscle size and strength.

What Is The Cali Move Body Transformation Program?

The Cali Move Body Transformation Program features three sections tailored to different ability levels: basic, pro, and elite.

Each section lasts between 30 – 40 weeks, with the duration of all three combined completing the full 2-year body transformation program.

The sections of the body transformation program can either be purchased individually or as a complete bundle for the discounted rate of $229.99 (a saving of $55).

It utilises numerous bodybuilding techniques and adapts them to a calisthenic style of training, in order to produce maximum gains in strength and size using only body weight exercises, such as pull ups and push ups.


The basic section of the program is priced at $89.99 and is designed for people with no prior experience with calisthenic movement.

The program runs for 30 weeks and features 3 to 4 workouts per week. The use of weights is optional in this part of the program.

Preparation Phase

The preparation phase is the first 5 weeks of the program. It is designed to ease newcomers into bodyweight training. It will help to increase strength and joint resistance, preparing the body for the more challenging workouts that are ahead.

Phase One

Phase one of the program runs between weeks 6 and 10. This is where the real training begins, and noticeable differences will start to be seen. Hypertrophy will begin to occur, increasing the size of the user’s muscles, while improved endurance and resistance to fatigue will also start to develop.

Phase Two

Phase two is weeks 11 to 17 of the program. Throughout this section you will train in a medium hypertrophic rep range, which will form the foundations for developing lean muscle.

Phase Three

Phase three is from week 18 to week 22. During this section you will take a holistic approach to your training, focusing on increasing strength in not just your muscles but the connective tissues and joints too. This will assist you in making even greater gains when you return to hypertrophic training.

Phase Four

Phase four lasts from week 23 right up to the end of the basic section of the program in week 30. It features the same holistic approach to strength training seen in phase three, only ramps up the intensity to produce greater results.


The pro section of the program sells individually for $99.99 and is designed for people with 1-2 years of experience with calisthenics.

It runs for 40 weeks and features between 3 and 6 workouts per week. The use of additional weights is, again, optional.

Preparation Phase 2

The preparation phase for the pro section of the program runs between weeks 1 to 5 and features 2 or 3 workouts per week. It is designed to build joint resilience and prepare your body for what is to come.

Phase 5

Phase 5 occurs across weeks 6 through 10 and features 3 workouts per week. You will be using a holistic training approach to improve strength, hypertrophy, and endurance.

Phase 6

Phase 6 takes place in weeks 11 to 15 and again features 3 workouts. Your goals will be the same as in the previous phase, only you will be using different exercises and stimuli to stop the muscles from becoming used to the training.

Phase 7

Phase 7, which covers weeks 16-20, is where the difficulty begins to noticeably ramp up. You will be training 5 times per week, using 2-day split workouts that focus on strength and hypertrophy, then endurance and recovery.

Phase 8

Phase 8 is run between weeks 21 and 25 and again features 5 workout per week. In this phase you will be using cluster training to maximise muscle gain. Cluster training is where exercises have intra-set rest periods built in, which allow greater weight, reps, and volume to be used.

Phase 9

Phase 9 covers weeks 26 to 30 and gives you the option of either 3 or 4 workouts per week. To continue changing stimuli and encouraging maximum muscle growth, it focuses on German volume training. This is where you complete 10 sets of 10 reps with the same weight on each exercise.

Phase 10

Phase 10 lasts from week 31 to week 35 and ups the volume to 6 workouts per week. You will be doing 3-day split workouts with a high variation of exercises that focus on stimulating hypertrophy.

Phase 11

Phase 11 is the final phase of this section, running from week 36 to week 40. You will be working out 4 times per week and returning to intensity techniques utilising rest-pause training that you learned earlier in the program to continue focusing on hypertrophy.


The final section of the program is the elite phase, which retails at $94.99 on its own. It runs for 35 weeks and features 3-6 workouts per week, with the use of additional weight no longer optional like it was in all previous phases.

It is designed for those with 2 or more years of experience with calisthenics, so doesn’t feature a preparation phase like the previous sections.

Phase 12

Phase 12 kickstarts the elite section and takes you through weeks 1 to 5. You will be training 3 times per week, utilising high volume workouts and antagonistic superset training to focus on bulking up.

Phase 13

Phase 13 runs through weeks 6 to 10 and continues placing the emphasis on hypertrophy and bulking up. You will still be training 3 times per week but will change to pyramid training and increase the variety of exercises to continue switching up the stimuli.

Phase 14

Phase 14 takes you through weeks 11 to 15 and increases the frequency of workouts to 4 per week. You will start to focus on drop-set training to increase muscle building even further.

Phase 15

Phase 15 will focus on strength, as opposed to hypertrophy, and covers weeks 16 to 20. You will train 4 to 6 times per week and use the single rep method of training to stimulate maximum gains in strength.

Phase 16

Phase 16 is the first phase to focus on cutting and takes place across weeks 21 to 25. You will be training 5 to 6 times per week and combining HIIT and LISS cardio with traditional straight set training.

Phase 17

The penultimate phase, phase 17, carries on in a similar style to phase 16, only switching the straight set training for “exhausting” low intensity workouts. It runs through weeks 26 to 30 and features 6 workouts per week.

Phase 18

The final phase of the program, phase 18, utilises the same cardio techniques from the previous phases, to continue focusing on cutting. You will reintegrate the straight set training from phase 16 and switch out the “exhausting” workouts for single rep training.

This covers weeks 31 to 35, throughout which period you will be training 6 times per week.

Requirements And Additional Notes For The Cali Move Body Transformation Program

In order to complete the Cali Move Body Transformation Program, users will, as a bare minimum, require access to pullup bar, parallel bars, and a set of rings.

Beyond the workouts themselves, the body transformation program also offers a number of other benefits that similar programs don’t.

It comes with a nutrition guide to help fuel your training, as well as numerous tests to help you determine exactly what level you are at.

There is also an easy to use app, which helps you to both follow the program and track your progress. It includes pictures and videos taking you through exercises in clear detail, as well as offering options for warming up.

Many of these are also available to download, so you needn’t worry if you don’t have an internet connection where you train.

Pros To The Cali Move Body Transformation Program

  • Easy to use and access tablet and smart phone app
  • Detailed, high-quality instruction with pictures and video guides
  • Produces good increases in muscle size and strength
  • Includes a nutrition guide to supplement your training
  • Doesn’t require access to a full gym
  • Variety of options make it accessible to users of all ability levels
  • Features a long duration, with good progressions from one section to the next
  • Sections can be purchased individually

Cons To The Cali Move Body Transformation Program

  • Expensive
  • Early stages can be quite repetitive and boring
  • Nutrition section is slightly limited
  • Recommended experience levels for each stage suggest the three sections may not be designed to run consecutively
Build foundations & forge your body

The Body Transformation Bundle is a progressive workout program to optimize muscle growth. 

How To Choose The Correct Calisthenics Program For You

When choosing the correct calisthenics program, you need to weigh up a number of factors, to make sure it is right for you.

Calisthenics has a range of things it can be used for, such as strength, skill progression, increasing muscle size and strength, losing weight, and improving conditioning or cardio.

Select the wrong program and you could waste your time on something that won’t produce the results you are after. For example, those looking to build muscle would be disappointed if they selected the mobility program over the body transformation program.

While something like that may seem obvious, there are a number of more subtle things to take into consideration, that will determine just how happy you are with the product you purchase.


Most programs aren’t cheap, so finding one that is comfortably within your budget will leave you feeling much happier and not ripped off if it doesn’t produce results immediately.

This makes options like the body transformation program ideal to get you started, as they are available in cheaper chunks, so you don’t have to invest quite so much straight away.


The length of a program is important to consider if you need results fast or know you are someone who has trouble sticking to things.

There is no use signing up to something like the body transformation program if you know you are only going to follow it for a few months, as you will only see a fraction of the results.


Certain online programs will rely heavily on things like apps, some of which won’t be available on all devices and platforms. Make sure you can access the program you are looking at before you actually decide to purchase it.


Make sure the program you select has a difficulty level that matches your own ability. Select one that is too easy and you won’t see results, but pick one that is too hard you are guaranteed to fail from the start.

Be honest with yourself and, where possible, select one with multiple tiers, like the body transformation program, so it can continue posing a challenge as you progress.


Make sure you choose a program where you have access to everything required to complete it. If you select a program that you know you won’t be able to complete everything in, you will never be able to achieve the results you are hoping for, as you will only be able to do part of the work.


Build foundations & forge your body

The Body Transformation Bundle is a progressive workout program to optimize muscle growth. 

The Cali Move Body Transformation is a great program and may well be one of the best ways to build muscle size and strength using calisthenics.

Sure, it might be a long program and it certainly doesn’t come cheap, but don’t let that put you off.

In order to get results, sometimes you have to be willing to spend the necessary time and money, as opposed to settling for a cheaper option that may not work as well.

This body transformation program can take you to elite levels of fitness, whether you are just getting into calisthenics or are already well versed in them.

If putting on mass using only bodyweight exercises is your goal, I would highly recommend the Cali Move Body Transformation program as the way to go.

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