Are you ready to embark on a personalized challenge that is sure to help you attain your wildest fitness goals?

Are you the type of person who thrives when given structure, accountability, and constant motivation?

The Movement Athlete might be the program you have been looking for.

The Movement Athlete is a calisthenics program developed by experienced industry professionals, combining gymnastics with bodyweight strength training to deliver a balanced and functional workout.

The effective calisthenic program promises increased flexibility, real-life strength, and enviable nobility.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, or develop functional flexibility, the Movement Athlete will provide a personalized and practical plan to set you on the best path.

In this article, we will cover all the program basics and give our readers an inside look, so they can make their own decisions as to whether the Movement Athlete is the right program for them.

What is The Movement Athlete?

The Movement Athlete is an online workout program designed for modern athletes. With their sleek mobile application and creative digital resources, they deliver information in a way that is expected out of our digital age fitness market.

Who is it designed for?

There is always a danger in targeting an “unrealistically large” market in the fitness industry. Many companies find that by not honing in on their niche demographic, they cannot set themselves apart.

The Movement Athlete limits their audience to anyone with the discipline to learn or progress in bodyweight training.

The program is based on an initial assessment that determines personal goals, a timely baseline, and a personalized plan to get you on track to fitness success.

This assessment and the subsequent personalization means that the Movement Athlete is perfect for absolute beginners, intermediate calisthenic athletes, and advanced athletes looking to be challenged with new workouts.

With a little bit of discipline, anyone can achieve the results they are looking for with this program.

How Does it Work?

The Movement Athlete uses a structured approach that breaks each workout down into four sections:

The warmup section focuses on getting your body ready for the exercises, teaching athletes proper routine to prevent injury, and establish adequate blood flow.

The skillwork section follows next, where athletes master technique and functional movements where skills are lacking.

The app tracks individual progress to understand where individuals need the most work.

Proper foundational technique is essential for anyone who wants to progress safely and effectively.

Following skillwork, the strength section is where we get to struggle, sweat, and work to break down and build up new muscle.

The Movement Athlete uses a lethal combination of personalized exercises to create an epic workout for each user.

Finally, athletes are taken through a proper cooldown to return the body to its normal state of being, stretching the muscles that need it the most, and maximizing healing.

An adequate cooldown is essential in ensuring progress is not halted by unnecessary injuries. 

As you continue your journey with the Movement Athlete, the program tracks your fitness progress and adjusts to ensure that you are paying attention to your weaknesses.

With a wide range of exercises designed to accommodate all fitness levels, every athlete might have a completely varied routine.

This personalization is truly what sets this program apart.

What’s Included & What’s the Investment

The Movement Athlete is set up as a subscription service offering anyone with a bit of curiosity to try out a 7-day free trial.

Following the free trial, athletes can choose from three different payment plans, all priced in USD:

Monthly – $6.30 per week or $24.97 billed monthly

Quarterly – $4.00 per week or $47.00 billed quarterly

Yearly – $3.70 per week or $157.00 billed annually

With any of these payment plans, the Movement Athlete offers customers a no questions asked 60-day “trial when you buy” guarantee.

They promise to ask no questions and give no hassle if you are not happy with the product.

With your subscription, you receive full access to the “strength journey of a lifetime.”

This includes access to personalized workout routines, a database of 100+ calisthenic exercises to be mastered, and resources from experts in bodyweight fitness, gymnastics, and functional training.

Each of these exercises comes with detailed written and video instructions to ensure customers are provided a constructive learning style that fits their needs.

Furthermore, members of the Movement Athlete also have access to a supportive community of like-minded athletes on Facebook.

Members and experts alike are always providing updates and tips on how to progress.

Simplicity meets functionality with the Movement Athlete mobile application.

While aesthetic is not everything, the program understands the value of having well-designed resources that capture attention while providing informative material.

While many other calisthenic programs are well crafted by top expert minds, the Movement Athlete stands alone with its modern, clean digital design.

If you’re ready to join the Movement Athlete “Invincible Club,” you can expect the following benefits.

  • Functional day-to-day strength to increase
  • Developing a toned and lean physique
  • Healthy joints as a result of bodyweight training
  • Increased flexibility and mobility allowing complete freedom of movement
  • Safer practices to enjoy exercise without fear of injury
  • A continually changing workout to maintain motivation and keep it fun

A Summary of Honest Opinions

So what is our final opinion of the Movement Athlete program?

Given the apparent amount of positive feedback for the program, we can’t help but get behind the idea.

Being strong proponents of calisthenics, The Movement Athlete combines our love for bodyweight training with a sleek and sexy design to maintain motivation.

For those of us who need the extra structure to maintain our exercise routines, or for anyone looking to get started on a new fitness journey, this program could be a great way to establish new lifestyle behaviors.

For those more experienced athletes who have established routines, we still recommend checking out this program to see if some exercises and moves might supplement and complement your regime.

If you’re looking for a more calisthenics-focused program, we highly recommend calisthenics movement’s Complete Calisthenics Program. If you have spent any amount of time on youtube, you’re probably already familiar with the team, and we can guarantee that their paid content holds up to their youtube standard:

The Movement Athlete The Movement Athlete


  • Adjust Your Training Based on Your Performance
  • Help You Make Lifelong Changes

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Our Rating:

As the Movement Athlete has a firm root in gymnastics and mobility, the program’s functional movement could very well take any routine to the next level.

Regardless of your current skill level or fitness goal, we recommend everyone to give the program a try.

After all, the trial is risk-free and could result in a program that works well for you.

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