What is it?

The burpee is a torturous, total body exercise that will fatigue all of the major muscle groups, while training cardiovascular endurance.

How do you do it?

  1. Begin in a standing position.
  2. Sit into a squat and place your hands on the ground outside your feet
  3. Kick both feet out behind you and land in the push-up position, keeping the hips up and core engaged
  4. Take the chest to the ground at the bottom of a push-up
  5. Press up from the bottom of the push-up and return the feet to the hands
  6. Return to standing by jumping off the ground, clapping hands overhead

Training Tips

To improve execution and efficiency of the burpee be sure to include these exercises in your training program.

Upper Body, Pressing


Hand Release Push-up

Dumbbell Plank Row

Lower Body, Jumping

Jump Squat

Frog Jump/Broad Jump

Box Jump

Single Leg/Split Squat


Core, Stabilizing

Ankles to Bar

Plank Hold

Plank Hold, opposite arm and leg elevated

Back extension



Sample Workout


4 Rounds

Jump Rope @ 60 seconds

6x Dive-bomber

6x Split Squat each leg

Plank Hold @ 60 seconds


5 Rounds

20x Squat Jump

15x Push-up

10x Dips

5x Ankle to bar

Rest @ 60 seconds

12 Rounds

Burpee @ 30 seconds
Rest @ 10 seconds