I don’t know anyone who wants to be unhealthy.

You want to be healthy, right? Me too! Same goes for everyone I meet.

We want to look better and feel better. To have more energy. To be more confident in ourselves and our body.

If you can get fat, you can be fit

If that’s true. If none of us want to be unhealthy. How does it happen? How do we end up overweight or obese?

I’ll tell you how. How the majority of the population becomes unhealthy. It’s a series of small steps, over a period of time, that combine to make us fat or fit.

The process is one and the same. The formula for packing on the pounds and the method for making yourself healthy. It’s the same. Think about it. No one wakes up one day and is magically 10, 20 or 50 pounds heavier. Similarly, you can’t go to sleep tonight fat expecting to wake up fit tomorrow morning.

It sneaks up on you

Being fit or being fat. They are very, very sneaky. Like a ninja in the night. Smoke screens and all. Before you know what hit you, you’re a totally different version of yourself.

It can go one of two ways:

1.) You never thought it could happen to you. Your jeans don’t fit. Your face is round and plump. So is your belly. And backside.

2.) You didn’t think it was possible. That you could run a half-marathon. Do yoga. Swing a kettlebell. Your pants don’t fit. They’re too big. Your face is bright and cheerful. Your belly, it’s gone. Your backside isn’t. It’s there. Everyone notices. For all the right reasons.

You didn’t think you’d get fat, just like you don’t think you can get fit.

Well, there’s your problem. You can’t think yourself fit or fat. You have to take action. You’re either making yourself healthy or unhealthy. Happy or unhappy. Fit or fat. By way of your actions, your habits, your choices.

Again, it can go one of two ways:

1.) You can choose to stick with your unhealthy habits. The ones that have made you uncomfortable in your own skin. You can allow them to gain momentum until they overtake your life. You’re helpless. And trapped. You’ve gone too far. You hit rock bottom. You’ll never rebuild.

2.) You can elect to exercise and eat well. Take responsibility for your actions. Allow those small, but positive actions to gain momentum until they overtake your life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your progress. Your improvements will propel you forward. You’ll see that there’s no limit to what you’re capable of. You’ve gone too far. There’s no ceiling to your success. You’ll never stop building.

Your actions or lack thereof determine the outcome

You’re either choosing to be fat or you’re choosing to be fit. One or the other. Your habits determine the outcome – fit or fat. Change your habits, your actions, your outlook and you can alter the outcome.

Which outcome will you choose?

1.) Will you sabotage yourself? Take small steps in the direction of becoming unhealthy, sick, obese. Will you make excuses? Blame others. Ignore the changes in the mirror. Avoid the mirror altogether. Slowly hack away at your health until nothing remains. Hold yourself back. Create a lifestyle centered on negativity and depression.

2.) Will you take small steps, in the direction of becoming healthy? Make a few changes. Stick to them. Take responsibility for your action. Give it time. Transform those steps into habits. Slowly chip away at the things holding you back. Make progress and improvements. Create a lifestyle centered on being fit and happy. Health and hard work.

In every instance, when given the choice between fit or fat. Healthy or unhealthy. Happy or depressed. I hope you choose to be fit, healthy and happy.

Yes. It takes work. But, so does the alternative. 

Being unhealthy and unhappy is work. It takes time and effort. Habits and actions. Sacrifices. Except in this instance, you’re tearing yourself down, instead of building yourself up.

Choose happy and healthy. Work at it. You can. You will. If I can help, let me know.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’re encountering on the path to Happy and Healthy? Tell us in the comments so we can help! You’re not the only one fighting the good fight. Maybe someone else has already solved the problem you’re struggling with.