It’s here—a mobility program that is so good we had to give it a nickname. 

The Calisthenic Movement Mobility Program, or Cali Move as we like to call it, is here to strengthen your body and increase your flexibility through bodyweight training. 

This Cali Move Mobility Program Review will dive into the product and see what it has to offer. 

We have already reviewed how calisthenics is great for your body. 

A mobility program like Cali Move uses calisthenics to further your flexibility which promotes better mobility and range of motion. 

Anything from a pull-up bar to calisthenics rings can be used to develop your training skills and increase your mobility.  That’s right. 

Pull-ups are one of the best upper body calisthenic exercises you can do.  We know how much you love some good pull-ups. 

The Cali Move Program might be just what you need to add to your workouts.

Calisthenic Movement- Mobility Program Calisthenic Movement- Mobility Program

What's included:

  • PDFs (schedules)
  • Excel Files (Evaluations)
  • Online Portal / Dashboard
  • Videos
  • Add-on subjects: Nutrition, Mobility, Regeneration, Amongst Others

Calisthenic Movement Mobility Program

The Cali Move Mobility Program is designed to help you with your mobility, flexibility, joint health, and overall fitness performance. 

For only $59.99, you will receive a 6-month program that increases with intensity over three phases.  The option to pay month-to-month is also available at a little higher price. 

Training is included on how to do the V Sit/Press to Handstand, side split, front split, and advanced mobility.  All of these exercises can be performed once you have completed the program and advanced your mobility. 

Get ready to train like the beast you are.

Who came up with this Fantastic Program?

Sven Kohl and Alec Lorenz, or El Eggs, developed the Cali Move Mobility Program. 

Together, Sven and El Eggs are real powerhouses with their combined training. 

Let’s look at the brains and strength behind the Cali Move program individually to get a better understanding of how these two guys are trained to help you in mobility.

Sven Kohl is the founder of the Calisthenic Movement and has trained in calisthenics since 2012. 

Along with being a fitness trainer, he is also a licensed physical therapist. 

Teaching people for over ten years has given him the expertise to train anyone in the calisthenic movement.

Alex Lorenz, El Eggs, is a sports teacher with a specialization in nutritional science.  He has trained in calisthenics since 2012 and founded the Calisthenics and Parkour Association in Leipzig, Germany. 

His experience in Taekwondo, Parkour (military obstacle course training), bike trail, and tricking for the past 27 years enables him to train his clients to their utmost potential. 

He holds workshops in Germany, but he is also available online for personal training and nutritional coaching. 

He has trained people for over 15 years, so his expertise will bring you to the top level in your fitness.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out these two on the YouTube channel called Calisthenics Movement and follow along with what they have to say about their training and avoiding injuries. 

They give you the advice that you need to have long-term results from their program.

Level Up

The Cali Move program offers a lot of different workout programs. 

The workout programs are Complete Calisthenics, Body Transformation, Home Workout, and Mobility Program.  Utilizing one of these programs is beneficial. 

When you do all of these programs together, you will improve your range of motion in no time at all. 

In just 6 months, you will see your improvements as you work through everything. 

Let’s go through the different levels now.

Level 1 – Basics of Mobility

Let’s start easy to get the basics of mobility. 

With Level 1, you will be working out 3-4 times per week, and you will have a rest in between those days.  Not too hard, right?  You got this! 

You are going to warm up to learn new mobility exercises that last about 15-20 minutes.  It’s a full-body workout from your neck to your core to your ankles. 

You are going to work it all. 

They break it down as you work one thing at a time and move through it all slowly, one after the other.  It’s a flow of movement similar to yoga. 

Once you finish level 1, you are on your way to maximizing that mobility.  Let’s get mobile up in here!

Level 2 – Entering the Complex Stage

We are leveling up here. 

The exercises are going to get more complicated, and you will be doing them more often.  Workouts increase to 4-5 times per week, and they are 30 minutes to an hour-long. 

The complexity is getting harder with this level.  The exercises will be more complicated and involved.  Don’t worry, though. 

You already completed Level 1.  You can do this. Even though the movement gets harder, your mindset is tough. 

You are prepared for what this program will ask of you.

Level 3 – Expert Status

This level brings its A-game—it’s complicated and challenging. 

The best part is you are ready for these advanced workouts.  It didn’t even take much time to get here. Sven and El Eggs are upping the ante in Level 3. 

You are now working out almost every day at six times per week.

Everything is more complex, more intense, and more difficult.  It’s time to show off your skills that you learned in the previous levels. 

Oh, and you are going to be doing that in one to two-hour sessions.  Woot woot!

The Calisthenics Movement Fun Doesn’t End There

You didn’t think the fun ended there, did you? 

The Cali Move Mobility Program has a lot more to offer.  In addition to those fantastic levels we just talked about, you get lifetime access to some exclusive content. 

Access to high-quality online videos and the unique mobility cross-flow system are only a few more perks of the program. 

You’ll get the exact execution of every exercise and its description.  That’s right!  Get ready to perfect all of these moves.

It’s essential to recover from your injuries, and the Cali Move Mobility Program covers that too. 

Added to that, you will learn how to prevent injuries by focusing on where your imbalances and weaknesses are. 

Once you locate those weaknesses, you can focus on making them stronger and correcting that imbalance. 

The Cali Move program is for everyone, no matter their level.  If you can’t even bend over and touch your toes, it’s okay.  This program is going to show you how to get there and then exceed that in your flexibility. 

Don’t forget about the tutorials for the V sit, Handstand press, and splits.  Come on!  You didn’t think we forgot about the V sit. 

We know how much you love a V sit and a handstand press.  Plus, once you start doing splits, your kids will be so impressed.

If you need to download the exercises and save them for later, you can do that. 

In general, the Cali Move program is trying to make your fitness your top priority so that you can learn new exercises at a time that works best for you.


  • Easy to use and follow
  • Lifetime access
  • Noticeable results throughout the program
  • Good progression
  • Level 1 is suitable for beginners


  • Some people might find Level 1 a bit boring by the end – lots of repetition
  • Some users said that Level 2 is too difficult
  • Some complaints that Levels 2 and 3 are too complicated.  They said the scheduled frequency is too much and the sessions are too long.

Is the Cali Move Mobility Program worth it?

Um duh!  Of course, it is worth it.  You are getting so much for your money.  Think about how much it costs to be a member of a gym. 

Usually, it’s $50 for just one month. 

You are getting a six-month program for $59.99 and lifetime access to the exclusive content.  That’s some good value for your money. 

Calisthenics movement combined with much-needed mobility workouts will bring your fitness higher than you can ever imagine.

Mobility training is flexibility training with bodyweight training added to it.  While you are learning to do the V sit and handstand press, you can get some push-ups in to maximize your full-body workout. 

Maybe in no time at all, you will do a one-arm push-up and really rock the house.  Remember how we said a pull-up bar might be needed? 

Get those pull-ups going and maybe even some pull-up dips.  All of those different strength exercises could further your training when it comes to this program. 

You will have results as long as you stick with it.  It will take time and commitment, but your mobility, flexibility, and joint health are worth it.

Can the Cali Move Program Bring Pain Relief?

Lower back pain is so common these days.  As a society, we are too sedentary, and our backs are being affected by it. 

A study performed on twenty-four individuals with lower back pain proved that mobility training works for pain relief. 

After ten weeks of performing mobility training and core work twice per week, the participants saw significant reductions in their pain. 

The researchers also noted that the participants had better mobility in their lower backs after the mobility training.  If you are suffering from lower back pain, we highly recommend the Cali Move Mobility Program. 

It might be precisely what you need to have some pain relief.

Why is Mobility Training so Important?

As we showed above, mobility training can bring pain relief, but it can also prevent injuries and improve your quality of life. Think about it. 

If you are more flexible and mobile, the chances of you pulling a muscle during a challenging workout or playing an impromptu game of capture the flag in the yard with the kids are significantly decreased. 

Your body is more mobile and able to do those things.

Studies have shown that strength training alone, while good for muscle growth, won’t build up your flexibility.  You may need to perform flexibility exercises to do that. 

Combining both kinds of training is what will lead to better overall health and mobility.  When you are more flexible, it can also help your strength training. 

With an increased range of motion and better muscle control, you can lift heavier weights and complete more sets when you exercise.  We told you this exercise program was excellent.

Pull-Ups – Let me know how will they help with this program

We know that pull-ups can be daunting as they are pretty difficult. 

However, it’s important to talk about them because they are epic when it comes to strength training.  Being able to do pull-ups means you have increased your strength in your back. 

Pull-up dips are equally difficult as well, but they promote that strength even further.

Why is all of this important? 

We have seen that training your body in strength and mobility is equally important. 

Simply doing a mobility exercise will promote your range of motion, but without strength training, you won’t have the strength you need to improve your quality of life. 

They really do go hand and hand when it comes to joint health and increasing your fitness. 

Maybe even add in some push-ups for fun.  Are you now worried about our definition of fun?

Splits Never Felt so Good

Did you just try to do a split? 

We like how you are setting those goals early.  If it wasn’t as great as you were expecting, it’s time to buy an affordable program like the Cali Move and become more mobile, like Sven and El Eggs. 

They pioneered this program to help promote the importance of flexibility when combined with calisthenics in just six months. 

Improve your bodyweight training as you work for better mobility.  Test it out and share your results with us. 

We love getting your comments so keep them coming.

Calisthenic Movement- Mobility Program Calisthenic Movement- Mobility Program

What's included:

  • PDFs (schedules)
  • Excel Files (Evaluations)
  • Online Portal / Dashboard
  • Videos
  • Add-on subjects: Nutrition, Mobility, Regeneration, Amongst Others

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