If you’ve seen our Battle Rope Workout article on The Fitness Tribe, then you know that battle rope workouts are taking the fitness industry by storm with their significant calorie burn.

Comparable to HIIT (high-intensity interval training), these workouts are flooding the industry and are used by fitness instructors and professional athletes.

Similar to velocity training, utilizing both strength and speed in a workout, battle ropes enable blood to flow faster and cause less lactic acid build-up.

A huge win for athletes all around!

But what battle ropes are the best to buy? This article will explore the best ropes on the market and what you need to look for before you make that purchase.

ProductProsConsCheck Price
Battle Rope
Power Guidance Battle Rope
– Durable and long-lasting
– Includes anchor
– Sleeves cannot be removed
– Expensive
Check Price
KingSo Battle Rope
– Great for a home gym since it’s shorter
– Affordable and durable
– Anchor isn’t very sturdy
– 30-foot rope is for beginners
Check Price
Perantlb Poly Battle Rope
– Poly dacron combination – more rope flexibility
– Includes anchor and straps
– 8.66 inch handles are too long
– Cloth sleeve is less durable than nylon
Check Price
Battle Rope Anchors
ULTfab A-4 Fitness Anchor
– USA steel tends to be higher grade steel
– Curling finish is better suited for fitness and less likely to rust
– A lower price anchor is probably available at a local hardware store
– Mounting area is narrow, which tends to leave scuffs on mounting surface
Check Price
Eclipse Fitness Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit
– Easy to move
– Allows more flexibility for rope movements – great for beginners
– Some reviews suggest anchor straps are not easy to move
– What the straps can be looped around must be small
Check Price

Are Battle Ropes Worth It?

You’ve seen them used at the gym, but are battle ropes really worth it? 

We’re here to tell you yes and why. You are welcome.

The Science of it All

Studies have shown that battle rope training increases the heart rate similar to that of a treadmill.

One study found in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning noted that standing battle rope training produced a maximum heart rate that was 67% of a treadmill or bike.

That is huge considering the rope exercises performed in the study did not involve any lower body work.

Battle rope creator, John Brookfield, notes that this kind of training is so different because it works as stand-alone or in combination with other training.

Also, unlike other types of training, there is no stopping with battle ropes.

The movement is continuous, and that drives blood flow and circulation and prevents lactic acid build-up.

From a world-class professional fighter to the Cincinnati Bengals, John has trained professionals to withstand the battle ropes for 20 minutes consistently.

With that kind of training, he noticed a significant increase in endurance for the professionals.

Despite being in great shape, they were missing that sustained velocity training, and battle ropes brought their fitness to a new level. 

Belly Fat Be Gone

Tired of that extra belly fat that won’t go away? Battle ropes are for you.

Because of the constant movement and power, fat loss is considerable in battle rope training.

Not only that, several studies note that unilateral waves (wave motion using only one side of your body at a time) kicked the external obliques (outside abdominals) into high gear.

Coupled with that, bilateral waves (wave motion using both sides of the body) activated the erector spinae (lower back muscles that follow the spine upward).

All of these awesome muscle combinations and the fat loss drives that unwanted belly fat to the curb. Beach ready, people!

Best Type of Battle Rope

Now we know you are excited, but don’t grab any kind of rope you have and start battling it out.

What the rope is made of is vital to durability, cost, and strength.

Most battle ropes are either made of a combination of polypropylene and dacron spun together or manila.

Let’s look at both.

Polypropylene and Dacron

When it comes to rope strength, durability, reasonable pricing, and no fiber shedding, a rope that is 80% dacron and 20% polypropylene is your best bet.

Woven together, the dacron keeps the rope tough so that it won’t break down while the polypropylene makes it lighter and adds more reinforcement.

This rope is waterproof and does not shed fibers so that you won’t be picking up rope pieces all over the floor after your workout. Score!


Let’s go organic!

Manila ropes are made from an abaca plant and are entirely organic. The rough texture from the natural fibers means the grip is excellent, especially when workouts turn sweaty.

There are a few drawbacks, though. Ropes made from manila tend to be less durable as moisture causes them to break down, and manila isn’t waterproof.

Also, the rope fibers shed on the floor after each use, so you are looking at a lot of clean up in between workouts.

Don’t fret though. Lots of rope brands offer protective sleeves on their ropes to stem the shedding problem.

The verdict? Either type of rope will work for your battle rope workouts so you can’t go wrong.

Rope Size Matters

It is important to get the right size rope for your workout. The size will depend on how hard you want to work and how experienced you are using battle ropes.

Let’s breakdown length and thickness separately.

Battle Rope Length

Battle ropes come in any length from 10 to 100 feet. If you are looking to practice speed and agility, you want a shorter rope.

For instance, someone in martial arts would benefit from a shorter rope due to the quick movements needed in that sport.

If you are looking for a more fluid movement with less slapping and catching, go for a longer rope. The most popular length is 50 feet, especially for a gym.

Keep in mind that battle ropes are folded in half and anchored down.

This is important for figuring out how much space you will need for your workout.

Battle Rope Thickness

As far as thickness goes, battle ropes come in 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5-inch sizes.

The recommendation is 1.5 inches for everyone, no matter what your fitness level or experience might be. As far as heaviness goes, a rope that is 1.5 inches by 30 feet is 12 pounds.

As you go up in length, the rope gets heavier, but if you go up in thickness, the weight of the rope workout changes drastically.

For example, a rope that is 2.0 inches thick is 33% heavier than a 1.5-inch rope.

The 2.0-inch ropes offer more of a strength workout, while the 1.5-inch ropes are centered around conditioning.

As far as 2.5-inch ropes, the only people who should be using those are powerlifters with big hands.

However, research shows that even people who are strong enough to withstand these are unable to use them any longer than 30 seconds at a time.

In the end, go for the 1.5-inch ropes if there is any doubt, and you will be pleased.

Battle Rope Handles

When deciding on what type of battle rope to buy, the right handles are essential.

If the ropes are cheap, there is a good chance that the handles weren’t heat shrunk correctly with a thermoplastic substance.

A proper heat shrunk handle prevents the rope from fraying and extends the life of the rope.

In addition to that, a good firm grip is important as well as a handle that is wide enough to get a good hold. Long story short, the truth is in the handle.

Battle Rope Anchor

A key factor in battle rope training is a strong anchor that will remain stable during your workouts. A lot of the ropes and anchors are sold separately, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

While a do-it-yourself anchor is possible, it can be tricky when you take into account the amount of force that will be exerted with the ropes.

Go ahead and buy an anchor separately that will mount to the wall, or look for a rope that includes an anchor.

Battle Ropes at Home

Okay, so you are ready for a full-body workout that includes fat loss, builds stamina, and develops strength, but you need to do it at home because it’s 2024?

We have some great news  Battle ropes are so easy to perform at home. All you need to do is purchase durable ropes and find a good place to anchor them.

Remember, your anchor is important for stability, and a wall-mounted one is recommended.

Best Rope Length for Home Gym

When purchasing ropes for your home gym, the length is going to be important.

A 50-foot rope might work perfectly in a professional gym, but that might be too long for your home. You need a space that is half of the length of the rope to be able to workout plus an extra 6 feet.

The recommended length for an at-home battle rope is 30 feet for a beginner requiring at least 21 feet of space. 

The 40-foot rope is a close second in popularity so if you have the room, go for it!

Dacron or Manila for Home Gym

The beauty of battle rope training at home is that you are the only one using the rope, so there is less wear and tear.

While a poly/dacron synthetic rope might be best for a professional gym due to its higher durability and less fiber shedding, the organic manila rope with excellent grip strength will work perfectly at home.

Don’t forget that manila ropes aren’t waterproof, so you need to ensure you store them somewhere away from moisture.

Depending on where you live, even a garage gym can get too damp for these ropes and decrease their long-term viability. 

Ready to Purchase Battle Ropes?

Time to get out your pen and paper and start taking notes. We are listing the best battle ropes on the market. Let’s hit it.

Power Guidance Battle Rope

Get the rope that has 4.8 out of 5 stars! Called “the best battle rope ever purchased” in a review, the Power Guidance battle rope is made from 100% dacron, making it even more durable than a poly dacron blend.

This rope also comes with a protective nylon sleeve to ensure the product’s longevity, and to keep fraying and heat shrink to a minimum.

Available in 1.5 and 2.0-inch thicknesses and ranging in length from 30, 40, or 50 feet, this rope is perfect for battle rope workouts in your home gym.

Ready for the best news? This battle rope comes with an anchor point, so once you make the purchase, you are good to go!


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Includes anchor
  • Includes nylon sleeve to help with fiber shedding, fraying and heat shrink


  • Sleeves cannot be removed
  • Expensive
  • Anchor screws and mount are not suitable for concrete
  • 100% dacron means rope will be stiff

User Reviews:

KingSo Battle Rope

The KingSo Battle rope is a 3-strand thick rope that is 100% dacron, once again better than the poly dacron blend.

A master in durability, this rope is ready for any kind of pulling or climbing exercise and was rated high with team training exercises.

This rope is built to last!

With your purchase, you get a 1.5-inch rope that is 30 feet long and comes with an anchor point installation kit. Everything you need at a fantastic price!


  • Great for a home gym since it’s shorter
  • Affordable and durable
  • No fiber shed


  • Anchor isn’t very sturdy
  • 30-foot rope is for beginners
  • Anchor requires a powerful drill for concrete installation
  • 100% dacron means rope will be stiff

Perantlb Poly Battle Rope

Get ready for a battle rope that is more flexible due to its poly dacron combination.

With multiple 5 star reviews, this rope comes with an upgraded outer protective sleeve that further protects against shedding and fraying in addition to a middle sleeve.

Can you say ultra-durable? Choose from a range of lengths and thicknesses with this rope.

An anchor kit rounds out this purchase as a steal!


  • Poly dacron combination – more rope flexibility
  • Many options for rope length and thickness
  • Includes anchor and straps
  • Double reinforcement sleeves


  • 8.66 inch handles are too long
  • Cloth sleeve is less durable than nylon

User Reviews:

Best Battle Rope Anchors

Sometimes the battle ropes come with an anchor kit, but a lot of times they don’t. Or maybe you got an anchor kit with your rope, and it’s not sturdy enough.

Don’t worry. Not only did we put together the best battle ropes to buy, but we also suggested the best anchors to purchase.

Keep on reading!

ULTfab A-4 Fitness Anchor

If you’re looking for an ultra-sturdy anchor that will work for a 1.5-inch rope with sleeves or a 2.0-inch rope without sleeves, then the ULTfab A-4 Fitness Anchor is perfect for you.

Called the “ultimate anchor” due to its heavy-duty steel construction, you can rest easy knowing that your battle rope is more than secure during your workouts.

It’s super easy installation adds to the wow factor.

Anchor up people!


  • USA steel tends to be higher grade steel
  • Curling finish is better suited for fitness and less likely to rust


  • A lower price anchor is probably available at a local hardware store
  • Mounting area is narrow, which tends to leave scuffs on mounting surface

User Reviews:

Eclipse Fitness Battle Rope Anchor Strap Kit

Need an anchor that isn’t going to wear down your rope?

The Eclipse anchor straps are 50% wider than average anchor straps, which eliminates rope slip.

Because of this, the increased grip allows the rope tension to be spread more evenly, which keeps your rope from fraying after lots of use.

The beauty of these straps is that you can anchor it to any pole or fixture in just a few seconds.

Quick setup means more time to workout!


  • More flexible than a metal anchor
  • Easy to move
  • Allows more flexibility for rope movements – great for beginners


  • Some reviews suggest anchor straps are not easy to move
  • What the straps can be looped around must be small
  • Standard drug-store carabiner design – not too sturdy

User Reviews:

Battle Rope Last Thoughts

In conclusion, battle ropes are in, and you need to get this workout into your fitness regimen.

Buying your own battle ropes can be daunting, but follow our steps above, and you will be a stress-free customer.

Happy shopping!

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