We all know you are a workout beast, and it’s time to bring out that animal you have inside with Animal Flow.

If you read our review of Animal Flow 2.0, you know that animal flow is a ground-based movement program that promotes mobility and functional fitness through bodyweight exercises.

Developed by Mike Fitch in 2018, he describes it as “a combination of gymnastics, yoga, and breakdancing with some animal thrown in.”

Well, if that’s not intriguing, we don’t know what is. Not only that, Animal Flow is featured on the USA 2019 Global Bodyweight Training.

Bodyweight training is changing the fitness industry, and Animal Flow is right in the mix. Ready for more?

There are six components to Animal Flow — wrist mobilizations, activations, form specific stretches, traveling forms, switches/transitions, and flows.

All of these components work together to teach functional fitness and increase mobility.

Anyone can do Animal Flow and it is particularly suited for people who do a lot of weight training exercises.

All of the heavy lifting can build the muscles up, but it’s important to stretch them out to improve mobility, which is exactly what Animal Flow does.

Yes, we mentioned functional fitness again. It’s so important to exercise, but even more so, to make our regular living easier. 

How many times do we find ourselves on the floor trying to get something under the couch? Or how many times do we have to bend down to retrieve something we dropped? Props to you if you aren’t as clumsy as we are, by the way.

Animal flow uses dynamic movements and stretches on the floor to build your core, similar to that of a four-legged animal.

By doing so, you can get down and grab that hard to reach item under that couch without straining your back or pulling a muscle.

Everyday life just got easier!

Who can get Certified in Animal Flow?

To be a certified Animal Flow instructor, you must already be a fitness professional or have a college degree that is applicable to the fitness industry.

Many different fitness professional certifications are accepted.

The list is available here.

There are several different certification levels, and we will go through all of those in a minute. If you aren’t a fitness professional, don’t worry.

You can still take a certification course to enhance your Animal Flow skills.

You are not eligible to be an Animal Flow instructor, but you will be learning Animal Flow movements from the best of the best.

Also, if you decide you really like it and want to teach, there are many ways to become a certified fitness professional.

Why should I become an Animal Flow Instructor?

Um…because it’s amazing. Have you not been paying attention? Well, there are several other perks to becoming a certified Animal Flow instructor.

For one, you can teach Animal Flow at any facility without having to attain any other licenses or paying extra fees.

You get to utilize the Animal Flow logo in all of your advertisements.

Once certified, you become part of an online registry of certified Animal Flow instructors in order for potential customers to find you.

Did we mention you get that access FREE for one year? We like free! After that, you can stay in the registry for a fee. We think it’s well worth it to get your name out there.

The best part of being a certified Animal Flow instructor is you gain access to video tutorials, class format options, tips, and tons of other resources to keep your knowledge of Animal Flow at its peak.

Even better, re-certification is not required as long as you are compliant with your Instructor Agreement.

Did we mention you get a range of awesome shirts to buy from as well? Who doesn’t love new clothes?

If you aren’t one of our fitness professionals who are certified to teach, you can still access some of the instructor resources to further your Animal Flow knowledge.

You also get a certificate proving you are an Animal Flow expert.

Let’s Talk Workshops

Let’s dive into the best Animal Flow certifications that will help you become more functionally fit through dynamic movements and bodyweight training.

Dive down and find that inner beast. You are going to need it.

Animal Flow – Level 1 Workshop

This is your first step to becoming an Animal Flow instructor. 

In this course, you will learn about the six basic components for Animal Flow.

Those components include the following:

  • Wrist Mobilizations – used to prepare your wrists and hands for the Animal Flow movements
  • Activations – a way of warming up the body through different movements
  • Form Specific Stretches – full body stretches that begin in the base animal position and move through other various movements
  • Traveling Forms – animal movements
  • Switches & Transitions – dynamic movements that are put together for an endless array of combinations
  • Flows – where all of the Animal Flow movements come together

Putting all of this together is the key to becoming a certified Animal Flow expert.

Classes are available online or in-person. 

In this two day, 12-hour workshop, you will learn all 29 of the Level 1 moves. You will learn how and when to use each movement.

Fitness professionals who wish to become certified Animal Flow instructors must pass a test at the workshop’s end.

While non-professionals aren’t allowed to be instructors, they can absolutely take this course for their own benefit.

And the Price is…

Let’s talk money.

For the Level 1 certification, you are going to pay $595.  That gets you the two-day course, the membership to be able to access loads of videos and tutorials with additional training, and the online registry to win you clients for a whole year.

After the first year, you pay $100 for an annual membership.

Even if you opt-out of the membership after the first year, you are still a certified instructor. You just don’t get the extra online resources.

Careful before you decide to opt-out of the membership because, with it, you are getting a ton of information, so the $100 price tag is well worth the money.

You’ll learn how to use Animal Flow activations to assess your client’s mobility and fitness level. You’ll find out how to use Animal Flow movements as corrective exercises for improper form.

The membership will teach you how to find your customers’ right movements and utilize their strength through motion.

A bonus is Mike Fitch’s tutorial series and a hard copy of the student manual being provided to each member.

Being a part of the exclusive Facebook group of fellow certified Animal Flow instructors to share ideas and get feedback on Animal Flow information keeps you credible and up to date.

Need continuing education credit for your current fitness certification?

Animal Flow gives credit to anyone with the certifications on this link. Get your learn on and get credit for it!


  • Great way to receive continuing education credits for fitness certifications
  • Fun and challenging new fitness approach
  • Learn new moves and how to assess and teach them


  • Some reviews preferred a platform called Ido Portal (a bodyweight fitness competitor)

Certified Animal Flow – Level 2 Workshop

Level up!

You completed the Level 1 workshop, and you are hungry for more Animal Flow.

You have literally found your inner beast.

Yes! Now, it’s time for Level 2, which is also available both online and in-person. This 10-hour course that is done in one day gives you a deeper understanding of Animal Flow principles.

By learning ten new moves, you will learn more advanced concepts like energy transfers, tempo changes, and animal locomotion in flows.

Level 1 moves will be incorporated into Level 2 movements to provide inventive formats for your customers.

All Animal Flow instructors will be required to perform a live assessment within 30-90 days of completing the workshop.

In that assessment, you must be able to:

  • Demonstrate that you can teach three of the Level 2 moves to someone else
  • Demonstrate that you can design and perform a three-minute flow incorporating specific required elements

What’s the Damage?

The Level 2 workshop is $495 that includes a year of membership for free.

Remember that gives you access to a ton of resources online and some additional resources since you have crushed Level 2.

You will get more about flow design as well as a more in-depth look at the new transitions you learned like Reaching Underswitch, Scorpion Sweep, Crocodile Rolls, and more. Dude, we want to move like a scorpion.

Have you ever seen those things book it?

Speaking of booking it, you will have access to more resources that discuss the tempo changing techniques and energy flow.

Not only that, you can get continuing fitness education for NASM and AFAA certifications.


  • Great way to receive continuing education credits for fitness certifications
  • Good for personal progression as well as expanding options offered to clients
  • Builds upon previous learning in Level 1, improves trainer’s abilities, and improves teaching techniques


  • Some users say the workshop is great, but not sure if there is a market for it from clientele

Animal Flow – Advanced Form Design

Things just got interesting. Moving on to becoming a master instructor, you must have completed the Level 2 workshop to take this advanced course.

However, you do not have to complete your live assessment required for Level 2 before taking this course.

In fact, this certification is not standalone, so most people book the Level 2 course and this one on the same weekend. T

his 6-hour workshop is all about perfecting the design and execution of the moves you learned in Level 1 and Level 2.

Not only that, you will learn new Animal Flow moves that are combined with trickier transitions. Also, think drama.

It’s time to bring your personality into the Animal Flow moves.

Don’t be shy. Get creative.

Am I gonna break the bank with this one?

Tell your bank not to worry because when you book this course in conjunction with the Level 2 workshop, it’s only $300.

With that, you learn new traveling moves, more advanced transitions, and quicker tempo changes.

Plus, you now have all of the moves to put both the Level 1 and Level 2 moves together with these advanced moves for a harder workout.

Pros/Cons:  No reviews available

Want to Find Out More?

It’s the new craze. Animal Flow is firmly working its way into the fitness industry.

At St. Ste 309, Boulder, CO, Animal Flow wants to hear from you.

Send us an inquiry to answer your questions and get you started on some significant bodyweight training.

Let’s get Flowing!

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