When it comes to fitness we think we know what we’re supposed to do – what’s good for us – but we have no idea.

Eat this, not that.

Do more curls if you want to get ripped.

Supplements are good for you. No wait, they don’t actually work at all.

There’s a myth at every turn, a half truth around every corner. Which makes getting in shape way more difficult than it needs to be.

Are you F’ing kidding me?

It must drive you crazy because it absolutely kills me. It’s my job to know what works and what doesn’t so when I see conflicting reports and research about how we should eat and train, I want to rip my hair out.

It’s not that I am worried about my health or workout routine, thankfully I KNOW what I am supposed to be doing – what works and what doesn’t. But, the only reason I know is because I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years trying to figure it out. And since we’re being honest here, which is always the case, I realize that it is completely unrealistic for everyone out there to devote that kind of time to sorting out this exercise stuff.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

The entire goal of Hybrid Athlete is to cut out all of the nonsense and give you exactly what you need to get in shape. This way you can spend more time exercising, and less time thinking about exercise.

To that end, here’s a look at 10 exercise myths that might be sending you mixed signals. It’s okay if you’ve bought into this fiction as fact, this stuff is tricky. Now you know. Stop doing things that don’t work, stop wasting your time. If it still doesn’t make sense just email me and I’ll help you sort it out.

Exercise Myths
Source: WeightTraining.com