Who wants to feel zen?  If you didn’t raise your hand, we need to talk.  Being Zen is in, ya’ll. 

2020 hit us hard, and we are retaliating with the Zen Float Tent or Tank. 

Before this product, purchasing a float tank could cost you over $10,000. The Zen Float Tent or Tank is a fraction of that price, and it’s beneficial for various reasons. 

It will take your recovery to the next level and give you the benefits of a sauna right at home. 

Ready to float?  Let’s get right to it.

What are the Benefits of the Zen Float Tent and Tank?

When it comes to recovery, a float tent or tank is similar to the effects of a sauna on your overworked muscles. 

It brings improved muscle recovery and relaxation.  It also reduces blood pressure, blood lactate (lactic acid), and anxiety. 

A study performed on twenty-four males showed that their levels of blood lactate and perceived pain were significantly lower after a one-hour REST floatation recovery compared to a passive recovery session. 

Another study showed the positive impacts that float therapy has on stress-related ailments.  Participants saw decreases in pain, stress, anxiety, and depression and an increase in their sleep quality after twelve floatation sessions. 

Not only that, the results continued for four months after treatment.  The benefits are there, people! 

Zen Float Tent

Launched in 2013, the Zen Float Tent is the first affordable at-home sensory deprivation tank used for REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy). 

If you have floated before at a local spa, you probably paid somewhere between $60-$100 per session. 

Most at-home float tanks range anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, which is extremely expensive for the average person. 

The Zen Float Company wanted to bring the float experience home to people who enjoyed it and reaped its benefits but at a lower cost. 

At $1,700 for the Zen Float Tent Complete Package and $2,900 for the Zen Float Ready Tent Package, this float tent is affordable and brings your zen float to your doorstep. 

A one-year warranty on all manufacturer defects and mechanical parts eases your mind when buying this item.

Complete zen is headed your way.

How Does the Zen Float Tent Work?

Have you ever soaked in a tub of Epsom salt?  It does wonders for overworked muscles. 

The float tent does that and more with water and salt.  Fill the tent with 201 gallons (760 liters) of water and 800lbs (363kg) of Epsom salt.  The heating elements and filtration system will take care of the rest. 

If you’ve ever been to the ocean, you might have noticed that it is pretty easy to float in the water.  That’s because of the high levels of salt. 

The float tent works the same way by adding very high salt concentrations to the water to allow for an effortless float. 

The water is heated to body temperature for a complete zen-like experience.  Enter the tent nude and close the lid to cut off all outside stimulation like sound and light. 

The zero-gravity feel you get with the float further reduces your aches and pains. 

Once you lie down in the water, float to your heart’s content, and you will understand why the Zen Float Tent is so popular. 

Quality Float Tanks For Home Use – The Zen Float Company Quality Float Tanks For Home Use – The Zen Float Company
Starting at $2200 + shipping
  • Zen Float Tent - The Most Affordable, Original Model
  • Zen Float Tank - The New, Version 2.5 Model

More Features

Made with BPA-free heavy-duty vinyl and a stainless steel frame, the Zen Float Tent is safe and durable for use multiple times a week. 

The Zen Tent Float Complete Package is the basic package with a tent structure of 8’ L x 4’ W x 5.5 H and weighing 106lbs (48kg) when empty. 

There is a thermostatic control to regulate the temperature so that it stays equal to your body temperature.  A carbon filter and a mechanical filter are provided as well as a hydrometer and ultraviolet light sterilizer. 

The Zen Float Tent is portable and easy to install and break down. 

Additionally, the shape of the tent allows the condensation to drips down the walls and not from the ceiling.  This will ensure that you won’t be dripped on during your float.

If you want even more for your money, the Float Ready Tent Package comes with all of the same features and more.  800lbs of Epsom salt is included in your purchase, along with shipping and handling fees. 

You also receive two Zen Float Co filter bags, two packs of Aquacheck test strips, one pack of 8 oz pH up and pH down, one Scumbug sponge, and one pair of earplugs. 

While the Ready Package is more expensive, the add-ons will enable you to save money in the long run as you maintain your Zen Float Tent.


  • Affordable float tent
  • A quality product that is well made
  • Excellent for pain relief
  • A perfect option for meditation and focus
  • It is quick and easy to set-up


  • It doesn’t cancel out all light like some alternatives
  • Noise-canceling could be better

Zen Float Tank

The tent and the tank are similar, but the Zen Float Tank model brings a bit more to the table.

The inflatable tank comes with the same pyramid design but has drop stitch technology too. 

This means that it has a hard outer shell even though it is inflatable, making it even more durable than other models. 

The most significant benefit of the drop stitch technology is soundproofing and temperature control efficiency. 

Because it is more insulated, it reduces noise better than the tent for a more zen-like experience.   The float tank is slightly bigger than the tent affecting its volume capacity. 

The tank can hold 99 cubic feet compared to the tent’s 77 cubic feet.  The float tank has a step as you exit to catch any water that drips, which is a nice bonus feature. 

With all of the same electronic components and filtration, the Float Tank is an excellent device for floating at home.  

The Ready Tank Package comes with identical additions to the Ready Tent Package.  However, the Ready Tank Package includes some additional items three months after your initial order. 

Receive one Zen Float Co Filter bag, two packs of AquaChek 3-1 Peroxide Test Strips, one pack of 8 oz pH up and pH down, one Scumbag sponge, 5lbs of Epsom salt, and shipping included after three months to help maintain your float tank.  

Zen Float Tank Prices

The float tank is available in two options similar to the float tent. 

The Zen Float Tank Complete Package Version 2.5 is $5,249, while the Zen Float Tank Ready Package Version 2.5 is $6,199. 

Remember, you are getting more for your money with the Ready Package as you must maintain the tank to increase its long-term durability. 

Both options come with a one-year warranty on all manufacturer defects and mechanical parts.  Float at home knowing your purchase is a great one.

Quality Float Tanks For Home Use – The Zen Float Company Quality Float Tanks For Home Use – The Zen Float Company
Starting at $2200 + shipping
  • Zen Float Tent - The Most Affordable, Original Model
  • Zen Float Tank - The New, Version 2.5 Model


  • Affordable option compared to the other top brand float tanks
  • It is quick and easy to setup
  • Easy maintenance
  • Inflatable and easy to move
  • Cost-effective due to efficiency


  • Some of the packages are not available outside the US
  • Salt is not included in the basic package

Sensory Deprivation Equals a More Relaxed You

Tuning out of the world might just be the key to reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a better warm-up or cool down for muscle recovery. 

An at-home float tank might improve your overall quality of life by giving you a few hours a week of deep relaxation. 

It might be the support you need to make it through your day that is usually filled with stress and anxiety, especially these days. 

In this Zen Float Tent Review, we proved that the benefits of floating far outweigh the initial costs.  Plus, the Zen Company created durable products that will last for many years to come with the right amount of maintenance. 

It’s time for you to reap the benefits of relaxation after working hard all week.  Happy floating!

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