Only you can hold yourself back…only you can help yourself.  –  Mikhail Strabo

Sounds simple, right?

We have two options; make progress or make excuses.

If you want to get stronger; you have to lift heavy weights.

If it’s a six pack you’re after; you’ll have to lose the layer of fat first.

And, for all the runners out there who want to go further, try running more and faster and uphill.

I wish there was an easier way, but there’s not. Anyone who tells you something different is a scam artist. But, you already knew that; didn’t you? We know there is no such thing as a shortcut, yet we continue to search for them.

There’s a constant battle taking place in our own mind.

It’s you versus you.

You want to make progress. You want to take a chance. You want to make a change. You have big plans to look better, feel better and find purpose in your life. You’ve set goals for how you can lose a few pounds by running a little further and eating more real food.

But, the devil on your shoulder has different plans. Every time you decide to take action there’s a voice in your head that thinks up an excuse. While you lace up your running shoes, that voice asks; “what’s on TV?” And, even though you know it’s a bad idea, tonight you’ll eat out for the third time this week.

What gives?

If you want to set the real you free from the pessimistic voice in your head, you’ll have to do more than devise a battle plan. There’s more to it than setting goals. The secret is action – are you willing to act or not? It’s not enough to just want something, or plan for it, or even to do it some of the time. If you want to defeat the natural tendency to choose the path of least resistance, you MUST make action a habit; today, tomorrow and every day after that.

If you’re not making progress, you’re making excuses. In the battle of who you are versus who you want to become, excuses are the white flag of surrender.

Are you willing to give up on yourself? Then get started right now.

Workout 3 days a Week

Buy a kettlebell, and learn how to use it

Go for a run

Eat real food

Stop Sucking