We’ve met some excellent trainers in calisthenics like Chris Heria and David Goggins

Having met them, let’s throw another one in the mix and meet Todd Kuslikis. 

He is not only a calisthenics trainer who specializes in martial arts, specifically Kenpo, but he is also a medical professional. 

Let’s get to know him and what he brings to the table on pain relief, bodyweight training, and injury prevention.

Managing Pain 101

When it comes to managing pain, Todd is a pro. 

He majored in Nursing at Western Michigan University and then became the program director at the Closed Head & Spinal Cord Injury Department at Health Care Associates and Community Caregivers. 

With that training and expertise, he has written several books about managing pain, preventing injury, and calisthenics training. 

His book entitled, Feel Good Knees teaches exercises that help to decrease knee pain and build muscle to support your knees. 

His background allows him to understand the struggle that pain can bring to everyday life. 

By building strength through your body and training with the right plan, the pain in your knees can become a thing of the past.


In addition to his book, Kuslikis decided to create an entire website built around pain relief. 

The only way to fight joint pain is to gain the muscle mass that relieves the pressure on those joints.  This website is full of articles on pain relief for every area of your body. 

From back pain to neck pain to knee pain, there are exercises that can help.  Some foods may even cause inflammation in your joints. 

Find out what those foods are.  There are articles about how to keep your diet clean even if you already think you eat well. 

Search for all of your pain relief needs on this fantastic website with easy exercises that work.

Learning about Bodyweight Training

Several other books that Todd wrote promote the idea behind using your body weight to build strength, endurance, and mental fitness. 

The Isometrics Strength is an e-book where Todd talks about the isometrics program and building strength and endurance to get accurate results. 

From breathing techniques to proper form to learning how to engage the muscles, this book helps bring your isometrics training to the next level. 

He offers a workout plan and training chart to track your results in real-time.  In Bodyweight Overload, Todd discusses how to use your body’s weight to generate fat burning and muscle building. 

Never pick up a single weight and see the progress.  Finally, The Complete Bodyweight Training System offers more information on bodyweight training vs. weight training and all of the myths behind each one. 

He provides you with several different workout plans and exercises to help you succeed using just your body.

A Shot of Adrenaline

We all benefit from a good shot of adrenaline.  Knowing this, Todd names his bodyweight exercise and calisthenics site A Shot of Adrenaline

On this site, people can learn all about bodyweight and calisthenics exercises for all levels of fitness.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness person, this site has an exercise for you. 

Not only that, they offer MMA workouts, a three-month bodyweight training program, workouts for older people, jump rope challenges, push-up challenges, and more. 

Did we mention that all of these programs are entirely free on the website?  New workouts for your calisthenics programs for free?  We are on board with that for sure. 

To add to all of that, blog posts give you tips and tricks on how to perfect calisthenics movements and keep your body strong.

Bodyweight Physique Academy

As if that wasn’t enough, Kuslikis provides even more with his Bodyweight Physique Academy. 

At this academy, you can learn it all when it comes to bodyweight training and exercises.  There’s everything offered here. 

From workout plans to videos for proper form to workout sheets to track your progress, the Bodyweight Physique

Academy gives you many options to reach your goals. 

Make use of them all with this program and get that lean muscle mass that will allow you to burn more calories. 

He also goes through constantly making progress, so you never hit a plateau in your training.

We like Todd Kuslikis

Like many of the other calisthenic trainers, Todd Kuslikis uses his experience in martial arts and calisthenics and his background in nursing and pain management to bring you excellent guidance on building a better body. 

Whether you are fighting joint pain and need sample exercises for relief or trying to perfect a specific isometric hold, Todd has your back through his books, websites, and academy. 

Get instruction from one of the best in the business.  

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