Are you ready to take your calisthenics fitness workouts to the next level by adding resistance bands?

Our buyer’s guide to resistance bands gave you crucial information about what to look for when purchasing resistance bands.

Different kinds of resistance bands offer distinct benefits and use depending on their resistance levels. 

Adding in some upper and lower body exercises with resistance bands can bring your fitness level up a notch too.

Not all resistance bands are the same.

Have you ever used a resistance band, and it popped? Ya’ll, it’s not fun. Think of someone hitting you with a giant rubber band right on the leg. PAINFUL!

After the pain subsides, you might think about how you are the Hulk and are just too strong.

While we encourage you to go with that image because you are, in fact, the Hulk, the resistance bands probably weren’t the best quality—no need to stress.

We will review the Stroops resistance bands here, and we think you will be happy with the options. We make you happy, and you like us. It’s a win, win!

Best Type of Resistance Tube

Are you wondering what resistance bands are made out of? Are different materials going to make a difference in the longevity of your tube? You bet they are!

Resistance tubes are usually made out of thermoplastic rubber, extruded rubber, or dipped latex.

Let’s go through each kind of material to understand the differences.

Thermoplastic Rubber

Thermoplastic rubber is what most resistance tubes are made of for several reasons.

One, it’s cheaper to make resistance tubes with this material. We know what you’re thinking. Cheaper doesn’t mean better. You are right.

It’s not the best material because it can only stretch 400% of its original length (about 4-5 times its length) before POP! Did you just grab your leg? Sorry!

Extruded Rubber

This kind of rubber is remarkably better than thermoplastic rubber and can extend 600% of its original length.

The extruded rubber resistance bands can take much more wear and tear than the thermoplastic ones, leading to less popping.

Many of the tubes on the market that come with a nylon sheath as a protector are made from extruded rubber.

While this is a much better material than thermoplastic rubber, extruded rubber is not the winner of the toughest material to make resistance bands.

That trophy goes to his friend dipped latex.

Dipped Latex

We are living in a material world and dipped latex is a material winner.

That’s catchy, right? You’re welcome for getting that song in your head.

Anyway, dipped latex can extend 900% of its original length, and it’s the most natural substance used for making resistance bands. 

There will be no grabbing your leg in pain on this one because the popping is minimal as it can take the stretch.

Everybody stretch now! Did you sing it? Yeah, ya did.

Are Resistance Bands Worth the Stretch?

Stroops – Resistance Bands Stroops – Resistance Bands

This durable resistance band adapts to your training needs.

Muscle power with a stretch is what a resistance band is. Plus, resistance bands are a good way to up your workout game.

They are lightweight, portable, and easy to use. 

By utilizing the band’s stretch resistance, you get a good muscular workout without using heavy weights. Also, resistance bands can be used to unload your bodyweight to help you with pull-ups, chin-ups, or push-ups.

Basically, it helps you with all of the “ups.”  You can practice with the resistance bands for a while to get stronger. Before you know it, you are doing pull-ups on your own without help.

Bands are used a lot in physical therapy to rehab injuries and surgeries. It has even been studied on older people who suffer from orthostatic hypotension (a condition where blood pressure drops drastically when you sit up or stand).

The study participants, who were over 60 years old, performed resistance band training exercises for 8 weeks.

While the study didn’t show any signs of changing blood pressure, there was an increase in dynamic muscle strength and functional mobility.

Both of those attributes lead to fewer falls, something that is a major concern as we age.

But can resistance bands get you nice and ripped?

Like dumbbells focusing on muscle activation leading to stronger, leaner muscle mass, resistance bands can do the same.

A study focused on dumbbells vs. resistance bands found that bands actually increased muscle activation in both the delts and traps. 

They concluded that resistance bands are a good option for strength training.

Stroops Resistance Bands are Here for You in 2021

Now, what’s the deal with the Stroops resistance bands.

What do they have that other resistance bands don’t?

For one, there is a range of resistance bands to choose from when it comes to Stroops.

They literally have something for everyone. Plus, they are high-quality bands with sleeves for added protection against wear and tear.

In fact, those elastic sleeves, or Slastix as Stroops calls them, are made of the strongest materials, so you know you are getting a product that will last.

Let’s review some of the best products they have.

Stroops Slastix Muscle Toner

Stroops Slastix Muscle Toner with Foam Handles Stroops Slastix Muscle Toner with Foam Handles

The Slastix Stroops tubing is the ultimate fitness and toning product.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Ready to really tone your muscles? This is your answer.

The Stroops Slastix Muscle Toner is made for durability and tone-ability. 

This resistance band will get your muscles working for the long haul with dual handles for a good, comfortable hold and elastic sleeves for safety.

With three different resistance levels to choose between heavy, medium, or light, depending on how hard you want to work, these Stroops resistance bands never over-stretch and never underperform.


  • Well made
  • Very durable foam handle is great for grip and comfort


  • Handles cannot be removed

User Reviews:

Stroops Original Slastix Loop

Stroops Original Slastix Loop – Orange (Very Light 10lbs Resistance) Stroops Original Slastix Loop – Orange (Very Light 10lbs Resistance)

The Slastix Loop is a versatile tool that you can take anywhere.

WIth Stroops, durability is the name of the game, and the Loop is no different.

This resistance band can be used for anything from warming up, increased mobility, or your all-out fitness workout.

The Loop is lightweight and portable.

Heading out of town for work? No need to forfeit your fitness regimen during that time.

Pack the Stroops Loop and get those muscles activated everywhere you go.


  • Choice of 5 different tension levels
  • Doesn’t slide up during use
  • Comfortable
  • Great for physical therapy


  • We got nothing! The Loop is amazing! All good reviews.

Stroops Deluxe Padded Loops Toner

Stroops Deluxe Padded Loops Toner Stroops Deluxe Padded Loops Toner

The Slastix Stroops Deluxe Padded Loops are 28" with padded ankle cuffs for maximum comfort and control. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 10:39 am GMT

What if we told you the Loop just got even better?

With the Deluxe loop, you are looking at the same durability and elastic sleeves as the Loop.

However, the main difference is that the Deluxe Loop band has more padding and adjustable clips.

Used by athletes, coaches, and physical therapists, the Deluxe loop band just brought your fitness game higher than ever.


  • Choice of 5 different tension levels
  • Doesn’t slide up during use
  • Comfortable
  • Great for physical therapy


  • What’s that we hear? Total silence? Yep…the Deluxe Loop has no bad reviews either.

Stroops Resistance 90

The Resistance 90 might as well be the A+ of resistance bands because it brings variety to your fitness.

We like variety! You can use a handle or a bar, use it freestyle or anchored.

The bar is collapsible so bring this resistance band with you wherever you go! Did we mention this one has multiple resistance levels as well? We told you it had it all.


  • Bar acts as a grip or door anchor
  • Great for outdoors
  • Choice between bar and handles creates variation in your exercises
  • Low impact


  • C’mon! You didn’t think this one was going to have any bad reviews, did you?

Stroops Son of a Beast Pro

We had you at the name, didn’t we? Who doesn’t want to get fit with a Beast Pro?

These elastic battle ropes allow you to slam to your heart’s content. 

Along with durable ropes, you get a belt, two anchors, two agility anchors, and two carabiners.

Just when you thought Stroops just made resistance bands, enter the Beast Pro.

Of course, this battle rope is fitted with an elastic cover for added protection and durability. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.


  • Great full-body workout
  • Better than traditional battle ropes, better grip, and more challenging
  • Great to save space, easily stored, and portable


  • Um…none. Duh!

Stroops Striker

Resistance band training while you wear the resistance bands.

Say what? That’s right. 

These bands are placed on your hands and feet while you go through your regular fitness routine. The movement is based on your training, so the sky’s the limit here.

These resistance bands are popular with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters.

Anything good for them is good for us!


  • Great for shadow boxing
  • Excellent for adding resistance to any workout
  • Extremely durable


  • Sometimes the clip on the bands can scratch the skin

Stroops VITL Battle Rope Kit

Stroops VITL Battle Rope Kit - 20lbs Resistance Stroops VITL Battle Rope Kit - 20lbs Resistance

The Kit Includes: 4 - 36" Slastix bands that stretch to 12 feet, 2 - Foot straps, 2 - Contour handles, 1 - Universal swivel belt, 2 - Cloth Anchors, 5 - Dots, 1 - Cinch Bag.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 04:15 pm GMT

If you need an all-in-one resistance band kit, this is the one to get.

With four Slastix resistance bands, a belt, anchors, and agility dots (portable footwork training tool to increase agility), it’s like your entire workout in one bag. See? It even comes with a bag for storage.

The beauty of this system is that you can train anywhere. Fling that bag of bands over your shoulder, and let’s get to work.


  • Far more durable than traditional resistance bands
  • Perfect for training anytime, anywhere
  • Comes with useful tools for warm-up, corrective exercises, and improvement of the resistance band’s performance
  • Easy to use, full-body workout


  • Additional cost for spine straps
  • Handles could be more ergonomic

Stroops Slastix

Stroops – Slastix Stroops – Slastix
$16.01 – $171.31

This durable resistance band adapts to your training needs. The 36” Slastix is the standard length and provides the most training versatility.

The Slastix brings more to your fitness with a dual clip resistance band that can be used with any other Stroops attachment or on its own.

Also incredibly durable, the Slastix can stretch up to four times its length.

Not only that, you get resistance from 47 to 150 lbs. Power up!


  • Great option to add additional bands to home gyms
  • Higher level of resistance can be purchased later on
  • Smooth, consistent, progressive pull
  • Good for improving flexibility


  • On 24” straps, the nylon covering is not long enough to allow for the full stretch of the band

Stroops Bodyweight Gym

This suspension trainer is the ultimate go-to for your fitness.

Strap the Slastix resistance bands to the trainer, and your workout just got an upgrade.

The best part, you can remove the resistance bands to workout without the trainer as well.

Since we know you like that the resistance bands are portable, this suspension trainer meets your needs because it’s portable too.

This is a fabulous addition to your resistance band training.


  • Versatile addition to home gyms
  • Far less expensive than weights
  • Elastic bands offer more versatility than traditional suspension trainers


  • Once again, we got nothing.
Stroops – Body Weight Gym Stroops – Body Weight Gym

The Bodyweight Gym is a Slastix driven suspension trainer. The built-in Slastix increase your muscular stability by letting you train functional movements in an unstable environment. 

Beware of Any Knockoffs

The FIT1st Stroops Body Weight Gym (found on Amazon) is not a Stroop’s product, nor do we believe it meets the Stroops standard.

The resistance bands are not Slastix, there are no footstraps, and everything about it appears to be cheap.

Don’t fall for this knockoff.

They might have added Stroops into the name, but Stroops is not in their game.

Resistance Bands for Life

In summary, the Stroops resistance bands are for life.

They will outlast many of their competitors with their state of the art Slastix or sleeved elastic, which takes durability to a new level.

Worrying about a band snapping is a thing of the past with Stroops. 

The reviews had no complaints about most of the bands. That is unheard of in the land of Amazon.

Perhaps Stroops should drop the mic, no?

Stroops – Resistance Bands Stroops – Resistance Bands

This durable resistance band adapts to your training needs.

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