We live in a constant state of planning, brainstorming, and meeting to avoid taking any substantive action.

Ideas devoid of action are just one way we feed our egos. You’re afraid to go all in, so you tip-toe around the edges. But, that doesn’t stop you from talking about your ideas.

To move forward and make progress we have to be decisive. We must lean into the uncertainty, assume the risk, and make a commitment to press forward.

We have to find a sweet spot on the Action Spectrum.  At one end we’re recklessly action oriented. On the flipside, we over-analyze everything.

It’s a balancing act between progress and perfection.

Since perfection isn’t an option, progress should be our default. Commit to living in a state of progress, not planning.

You don’t need to play devil’s advocate; there are plenty of critics and too many naysayers. Don’t throw ideas at the wall to see what sticks; provide solutions – because solutions and action go hand-in-hand.

There is no such thing as Questions and Answers. From now on, it is Question and Action.

Identify the problem, the issue, or the idea. Then, determine the corresponding action.

The action steps must begin with a verb; call John, create a database of clients, etc.

After the action steps are completed, reassemble the team (or, regroup yourself.) What worked, what didn’t? What do you still need to do? What’s next?

Ask question, determine your actions, execute, and repeat.