For calisthenic enthusiasts and body weight specialists, an effective pull up system is essential for taking their training to the next level.

While there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that can be mastered without the use of any mounted or free standing pull up bar, there is little substitute for the exercises that can be done with the help of this equipment. 

While there are plenty of pull up systems available on the market, in this article, we cover the popular free standing Pull Up Mate system.

This revolutionary product has made its way into the home gyms of many happy customers.

What is a Pull Up Mate system?

The Pull Up Mate system was designed for people who want the ultimate versatility in upper body workouts while not committing to expensive gym memberships.

It’s for those who want to take the next step in their calisthenics journey and begin to see serious upper body muscle gains.

It’s even for athletes with an established workout routine and want to bring some more convenience and consistency to their upper body shreds.

The Pull Up Mate is a product designed with effectiveness and simplicity in mind. Some of the marketed benefits of this system are:


Unlike many other pull up systems on the market, the Pull Up Mate is designed with portability at the forefront.

While some other systems require wall mounts, door frame mounts, or large storage areas, the Pull Up Mate gives you an entire setup that can be stored away flat and assembled quickly.

The Pull Up Mate system was designed with a focus on those who have limited space for a home gym or don’t want equipment cluttering up the home.


When bought directly through the online store, the Pull Up Mate system goes for $140.95.

Compared to other pull up bars on the market, this is excellent value for money and continues to be one of the product’s most significant selling points.


Not only does the Pull Up Mate give users incredible creativity and versatility in the number of exercises that can be performed while using it, but the design itself sports three different orientations.

It can be used as an overhead bar when assembled in full, a dip bar when half-assembled, and a push up bar when laid on its side.

Despite what the name may suggest, the Pull Up Mate is far more than just a pull up bar.

It allows users to complete a vast range of exercises, including but not limited to:

  • Leg Raises
  • Inclined and Declined Pushups
  • Dips
  • Pull Ups and Chin Ups
  • Front / Back Levers

Who SHOULD or SHOULDN’T Purchase the Pull Up Mate?

Like many fitness products, it is dangerous to limit a product’s breadth by narrowing the market too much.

While the Pull Up Mate may have a target demographic, it is certainly not limited. Anyone who wishes to incorporate a consistent and effective upper body and full-body workout into their routine can undoubtedly benefit from this product.

Unfortunately, there are a few limitations that we want to ensure our readers are aware of.

First of all, for those who are 100+ kilos in weight, it might be best to look into another pull up system that can support less swinging.

The Pull Up Mate is unique and desirable for its free standing support, but this support dwindles as more weight is put on it.

A more stable system may be more appropriate for those who weigh more than 100 kilos or those who wish to use free weight training or pull up weight belts.

Where to Buy the Pull Up Mate

At the moment of writing, the Pull Up Mate system is only available through the online store and not on amazon. There are a variety of packages to buy, all of which are designed for different needs.

The Standard Pull Up Mate$140.95

The free standing product comes boxed up and ready to assemble. This is the base product and does not include a storage bag or any additional accessories.

Pull Up Mate with Storage Bag$169.95

In addition to the portable Pull Up Mate, customers also receive a storage bag that allows for flat, convenient storage and an easy way to transport the system around. This package is perfect for travelers or those with limited storage space.

Pull Up Mate II$369.95

For those who want to level up, the Pull Up Mate II offers a heavier duty version of the original Pull Up Mate, making more challenging moves such as muscle-ups and human flag training possible.

For those who want added support and a more durable frame, the Pull Up Mate II is a great option. This product also comes with two storage bags.

The upgrade pack is available on the online store for those who already have the Pull Up Mate and want to upgrade. No need to buy a whole new set.

Pull Up Mate X: Training and Diet Plan$25.95

This additional Pull Up Mate program offers users structure and accountability when getting used to their new product.

With over 280 guided exercises and a diet plan to keep you on track, results can be achieved much more efficiently.

For those who do well with constructed fitness programs, the Pull Up Mate X will act as both an instructor and a nutritionist.

Summary of Pull Up Mate

The Pull Up Mate is a tried and tested product perfect for anyone looking to develop upper body strength without needing an expensive gym membership.

With quick setup and breakdown, this product provides ease of use that even the most fast-paced lifestyle can adapt to.

The free standing pull up system is affordable, easy to use, and easy to store away.

The online packages allow customers to add on accessories such as training programs and diet plans and easily upgrade to a more advanced model when the need arises.

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