Bodyweight training is legit y’all.  We’ve shown you some of the best calisthenics programs in our past articles. 

Have you tried any of them?  Maybe it’s time to try the ONNIT 6 Bodyweight Program to get buff at home in just six weeks. 

Calisthenics is taking the world by storm because you don’t need any equipment.  Right now, the gym is not feasible for most of us. 

The good news is that it’s okay to use bodyweight to work out at home. 

Our article about how calisthenics benefits might be better than the gym proves that bodyweight training is your new gym. 

Not only that, the article we wrote about getting significant results through calisthenics further illustrates its legitimacy in the fitness industry.  The truth is what you put into your workout is what you will get out of it. 

If you are doing bodyweight training and focusing on developing your lean muscle mass, you will see results. 

We compiled this ONNIT 6 Bodyweight program review below to give you a taste of what it has to offer.  

Lean Muscle for the Win

For the most part, lean muscle mass is what people are looking to achieve. 

With the ONNIT 6 Bodyweight Program, you are going to get that lean muscle mass at home in just six weeks. 

While bodybuilding requires weight lifting to bulk up, bodyweight training will give you that lean, athletic look, aka looking ripped.  We like that look, don’t we? 

Bodyweight training increases strength, mobility, and flexibility.  It also burns body fat and improves your endurance. 

While you won’t get the insane muscles that bench pressing hundreds of pounds provides, you will look ripped and muscular. 

Remember, push-ups are a bodyweight exercise.  Yoga is too. 

Have you seen some of those insane yoga poses people do?  That is some crazy strength, all achieved by bodyweight training.

ONNIT 6 Bodyweight Program

Onnit 6: Bodyweight Workout Videos & Online Training Program | Onnit Onnit 6: Bodyweight Workout Videos & Online Training Program | Onnit

Whatever your goals, the Onnit 6 Bodyweight Program can help you tone, lose weight, build muscle, and have more energy. It’s like having access to your own personal trainer 24/7!

Onnit has been around since 2010.  Bet you didn’t know that? 

Are you wondering why you are just now hearing about this awesome ONNIT 6 bodyweight training program? 

Let’s give you a little bit of history first.  History lesson uploading now.

The History of it All

When the company first started in 2010, it specialized in supplements.  One of their most famous supplements is called Alpha Brain. 

Joe Rogan, the American comedian, discussed the ONNIT supplement, Alpha Brain, and how it helps him to think better. 

In 2014, the CEO of ONNIT decided it was time to take the company further by introducing fitness to its clients.  No better way to do that than to bring in John Wolf, a trainer who uses unique styles to stay fit.

At the ONNIT gym in Austin, Texas they decided to use kettlebells, battle ropes, and sandbags in place of dumbbells and barbells. 

They were trying to bring a new style to working out.

Developing the ONNIT 6 Bodyweight Program

After some time using different methods to weight train, ONNIT introduced a 6-week bodyweight training program that could be done from the comfort of your home. 

The ONNIT 6 Bodyweight Program is a full-body calisthenics workout that focuses on one set of exercises in the first three weeks with increasing intensity each week and then switches to the second set of exercises for the final three weeks.

How much does it cost?

Are you sitting down?  The cost for the effective ONNIT 6 program is only $49.95!  Get out of town!  We know.  It’s a steal. 

Not only that, you are getting a full-body, transformative workout in just 6 weeks at home.  You can exercise at any time that suits your schedule. 

Making this deal even sweeter is that you don’t require any extra equipment at all. 

Well, you will need your phone or your computer and enough space to stretch, but that’s it.

ONNIT 6 refers to six separate exercises that focus on three different areas.

  • Cardio and Movement
  • Muscle and Endurance
  • Tone and Definition

These sessions are all one hour long.  Get ready because ONNIT exercises aimed to help you lose weight, build muscle, move better, and feel better are what you are getting. 

Hold on.  We need to go get our credit card ASAP.

What’s Included in this Full Body Transformative Workout?

Everything is included.  Well, maybe not everything, but pretty close. 

The videos are led by John Wolf, the man himself.  That right there is some motivation. 

Like all exercise, you won’t get far if you don’t have the correct diet to follow up. 

That’s why ONNIT gives you meal plans too.  It will help you achieve your goals.

Your mental fitness is important.  That’s why the ONNIT full-body transformative workout includes yoga. 

In addition to helping you to accelerate your recovery, yoga clears your mind with its movements and balance.  Balance in all things, right?

It’s only going to get better because you have access to your ONNIT family 24/7.  We are talking advice, tips, tricks, support — anything you need, the ONNIT community is there to help. 

Whenever you are going through a new fitness program, it really helps to have a community of people to support you especially through those days where your body is aching or you are tired.

All of the videos that are offered can be downloaded and used whenever you are offline. 

You can also pick your level of intensity.  The workouts are beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Pick your poison and get to work.  


  • Lots of resources – workouts, videos, nutrition tips, weight loss advice, muscle gain advice
  • Can be adapted to your desired results
  • Achievable for beginners, yet challenging enough for the more advanced
  • Focus on mobility is fantastic
  • Comprehensive and easy to follow
  • Low price is a steal – well worth the money


  • Can become slightly repetitive further along in the program
  • The same warm-up and cool down every time becomes boring
  • Repeated exercises are explained each time and that can become annoying

User Reviews:

How is Bodyweight Training Effective?

We mentioned mobility and flexibility already, but let’s go over that again. 

As we age, these are two things that start to fade, leading to injuries and falls. 

Bodyweight training helps you learn how to control your body through balance.  Utilizing all of your muscles to promote better balance will lead to joint health and better coordination. 

Think about when you lift weights.  You are focusing, but a lot of times, we just let the weights do the work. 

When you are doing a full-body bodyweight transformative workout like ONNIT 6, you have to concentrate harder on the muscles as you work them. 

This kind of focus enhances your ability to coordinate your muscles more efficiently.

Bodyweight Training Boosts Mental Well-Being

It’s true.  Bodyweight training has been studied in how it affects your mental health. 

The study involved the participants doing one 60-minute calisthenics session several times a week for eight weeks. 

At the end of the eight weeks, there were significant changes in both self-esteem and depression in the participants. 

Their overall mental health was all-around better.  Bodyweight training for the win!

Helping Muscle Function in the Elderly

As we age, it’s harder for us in a lot of ways.  Our fitness levels tend to decline if we aren’t exercising enough. 

A study was done to see the effects of bodyweight training with some help from resistance bands.  The participants in the study were all over 60 years old and most of them were sedentary. 

After 12 weeks of performing bodyweight training exercises three times a week, the participants had a significant increase in lean muscle mass and muscle function. 

This proves that bodyweight training has an effect on the older community.  

Bodyweight Training vs Weight Training

While we have discussed bodyweight training and weight training, let’s look at a study that looked at the science behind it all. 

This study looked at 40 female young adults. 

The control group performed exercises with machines and free weights.  The experiment group used only bodyweight training consisting of calisthenics, stretching, and pilates. 

The findings showed that there were significant differences between the two groups. 

While the control group had improvement in two of the parameters, leg muscle strength, and muscular endurance, the experiment group had much more improvement. 

The experiment group was significantly better in upper body strength, flexibility, power, balance, and abdominal strength. 

This proved that bodyweight training has a significant impact on the fitness levels of young adults.

Buy It

That was subtle, don’t you think?  Seriously, the ONNIT 6 Bodyweight Program is the one that you have been waiting to try. 

Get your home workout done in one hour and see results after just 6 weeks at home. 

This full-body transformative workout elevates your body to the goals you have always wanted. 

You have never felt and looked better with this program.  Swipe that credit card and bodyweight it up!

Onnit 6: Bodyweight Workout Videos & Online Training Program | Onnit Onnit 6: Bodyweight Workout Videos & Online Training Program | Onnit

Whatever your goals, the Onnit 6 Bodyweight Program can help you tone, lose weight, build muscle, and have more energy. It’s like having access to your own personal trainer 24/7!

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