Exercise makes you healthy.

I know, it’s hard to believe. But, it’s science people. See for yourself.

Some Science on Exercise

The Journal of Physiology published a study conducted at the University of Bath in England. The 26 relatively healthy young men who participated in this study were asked to be unhealthy. That’s right, the scientists asked them to overeat and stop moving so much. One group stopped exercising altogether, while the others completed a 45 minute treadmill routine. After seven days the results were revealed.

Survey Says

Guess what the scientists found. Ready? Exercise is good. It’s really good.

On the other hand, eating too much and not moving enough is bad. These things should not come as a surprise, I HOPE you already knew that!

But, there are some important take aways. First, it only took one week, that’s seven days, for the negative effects of not exercising to show themselves. The group that overate and cut out exercise,

displayed a significant and unhealthy decline in their blood sugar control, and, equally worrying, their biopsied fat cells seemed to have developed a malicious streak. Those cells…were now overexpressing various genes that may contribute to unhealthy metabolic changes and underexpressing other genes potentially important for a well-functioning metabolism.

Conversely, the once-per-day exercisers – who still overate to the point of an energy surplus – did not display these types of blood sugar and fat cell abnormalities.

The need-to-know

Here’s Professor Dylan Thompson, the lead author of this study, to explain the takeaway.

“Exercise seemed to completely cancel out many of the changes induced by overfeeding and reduced activity,”

Did you get that? Even when you eat too much of the foods you know you should be avoiding, exercise will still soften the blow. Now this doesn’t mean that you should eat lots of junk. You are not free to binge (except on cheat day). The point here is that exercise, consistent exercise keeps your body in check – blood sugar, fat cells, energy levels, metabolism, etc.

Imagine what would happen if you ate well and exercised on a consistent basis. Magic, that’s what.


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