It’s nice to know that in a world dominated by mobile applications, computer algorithms, and AI fitness coaches, there are still some old-school ideas that have stood the test of time.

Those looking for a straightforward fitness program to achieve real, functional strength need to look no further than Pavel Tsatsouline’s The Naked Warrior

What sets this bodyweight program apart, you ask? Well, for starters, it is a simple concept based on two exercises only; the one-arm one-legged push up and the single-legged squat. That covers it. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.

As a former Russian Special Forces Trainer, Pavel developed the Naked Warrior program to show his readers that with the proper amount of mental determination, you can train genuine strength through a minimal number of exercises.

However, the program is a far cry from being comfortable, as most of us have difficulty completing even one rep of either of the two exercises listed above.

With Pavel and the Naked Warrior program’s help, you can be mastering these exercises in only a matter of weeks and building real strength while you’re at it.

Naked Warrior Concepts

Similar to the concept of dynamic tension developed by Charles Atlas in the 1920s, Pavel Tsatsouline encourages athletes to always keep their muscles tense while completing the exercises, working muscle against muscle to achieve maximal results.

By recruiting more muscle fibers through tension, the body builds more muscle through minimal amounts of movement.

Dynamic tension is also an essential part of many martial arts practices and is often combined with mental imagery when conducting controlled exercises.

For big fans of calisthenic exercises and minimal necessary equipment, the Naked Warrior is a perfect match.

The simple approach is about as pure as bodyweight training gets- and is far from easy.

It is a true testament to how much tension and movement we can place on our bodies with no additional weight.

A fundamental concept that is addressed in the Naked Warrior is that of mental strength and willpower.

Learning to conquer the mind is a formidable task, and anyone who has had training sessions that seem to go on forever can attest to the power of an uncomfortable mind.

As Pavel would describe it, the key to superhuman strength lies in the relationships between the body and the mind.

Who is the Naked Warrior for?

For some people, the abundance of fitness programs on the market can be overwhelming.

While there are plenty of applications and programs that all have significant amounts of research and experience behind them, their complexity can often be daunting.

For those looking for a simple program with great results, the Naked Warrior is a great choice.

Like any fitness program, there will be a learning curve when starting the Naked Warrior, but it should not deter people who don’t have a high fitness confidence level.

Slow progression is an expected beginning, and Pavel introduces plenty of tips and modifications for those just starting.

The program is touted for anyone interested in building superhuman strength.

As dramatic as this may sound, the concept is simple; functional strength through repetition.

For those who thrive following a minimalistic approach and a verified set routine, the Naked Warrior will provide structure and consistency with almost guaranteed results.

Anyone who has trouble staying focused without variation, the Naked Warrior might not be the right program for you. While Pavel introduces many modifications on the two main exercises, there is a lack of versatility in the program for those who get bored quickly.

There are many other programs out there that provide a higher amount of variation in exercises.

Why Try The Naked Warrior

Regardless of your fitness goal, there are some intrinsic benefits to trying out the Naked Warrior program, all of which can be appreciated by anyone looking to explore different aspects of the fitness world.

Mental Discipline

Many would agree that the biggest problem with the plethora of fitness programs is that people tend to jump from solution to solution and expect instant gratification.

If you don’t look or feel better after a week of using a new program, there is always another one to try out. Changing a routine is about discipline, and overcoming a challenge instills confidence.

The Naked Warrior is focused on the mental discipline to overcome apathy and turn willpower into real strength. Sometimes all we need is a few exercises to show just how strong we can be.

Real Strength

Fitness can sometimes be defined differently than real strength. Just because someone has six-pack abs and bulging biceps does not mean they have real strength.

In the Naked Warrior, Pavel introduces real strength as what sets great warriors and wrestlers apart from the rest.

By focusing on two exercises, the one-armed one-legged push up and the one leg squat, athletes learn what it is to have real strength.

To accomplish them properly, athletes need to achieve incredible muscular contraction, intense body tension, and a mental capacity to withstand distraction and focus on the movements.

Low Cost

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars a month on a gym membership, why not invest a small amount of money into a program that doesn’t have to consume hours of your day.

Going to the gym can often become the primary goal, with fitness and strength falling behind in priority. Getting a gym membership should not be the primary accomplishment- getting fit and strong should be.

Logistically Easy

The Naked Warrior is the pure calisthenic workout. No equipment, no gyms, and not a lot of time. You don’t even need any clothes!

For those who require a simple challenge with simple logistics, here it is. The less moving parts, the fewer excuses we can make for ourselves.


We recommend all of our readers to give the Naked Warrior a go if nothing less than a test of willpower.

The moves are hard, and the learning curve is steep, but the program will put you on a path to real functional fitness and solid mental discipline.

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