When it comes to athletes turned trainers, few are more well known than the Bar Brothers.

With a full workout and diet program, they’ve been coaching and training people at home and through their videos to help them reach their health and wellness goals.

While the founders of the program aren’t brothers by blood, they’ve found themselves to be bonded by the program they’re striving to share with the world.

Lazar Novovic is one of these founders and his story is unique!

The Origin Story

Born in Servia in 1991, Lazar Novovic has been building and maintaining his body through calisthenics for years.

The 30-year-old founded The Bar Brothers with his friend Dustin Djolevic in 2011 after seeing the way that calisthenics could improve someone’s life and fitness.

Just like any good trainer or teacher, they didn’t start this program on a whim.

Both founders had seen the benefits of a solid calisthenics routine themselves and had been practicing bodyweight workouts for three years before starting the company.

The Stats

At just 30 years old, Lazar has a tremendous following on several social media platforms where he and his partner through The Bar Brothers share workouts and diet tips.

Lazar himself stands at just 5’9” and weighs in at 215 pounds.

Through years of practicing bodyweight workouts and calisthenics routines, his body has become a finely tuned machine.

His videos and programs offer workouts and diet plans so everyone who joins them for the journey can take part.

The Training Programs

There are several different programs available for anyone who wants to take part in The Bar Brothers routines.

Your choice of programs depends on your fitness goals and your starting plan.

Each program does include both workout routines and diet plans so you can fuel your muscles more effectively for the exercises.

Bar Brothers: The System

The Bar Brothers - Program The Bar Brothers - Program


This is the starting block that all of the other programs in the Bar Brothers repertoire are based around.

All of the moves and exercise regimens in this program are calisthenics and bodyweight-based.

A new user pays a one-time fee and gets access to all of the resources necessary to complete a 12-week routine.

Participants are introduced to the system and get basic nutrition tips along with general exercise advice.

The entire schedule for the duration of the 12-week program is simplified and condensed so it’s easy to follow as well as understand.

To complete the program you’ll need to block off an hour of training a day, 5-6 days out of each week, for the full 12 weeks.

This can seem like a lot but if you want to hone your skills and build your muscles fast, this is an excellent way to achieve that goal.

No matter where you’re starting in your fitness journey you can jump into this program and keep track of your progress. Every workout regardless of the day will have exercises that target different muscle groups.

The daily program is followed up with instructions and a video explanation making it easily accessible for any level of fitness.

There is some standard equipment you’ll need before you jump into this program.

You’ll want to have a set of pull-ups and parallel bars to make this program work for you.

The fee is just $47 that you pay once for access to the entire system. If you’re not satisfied with how it’s going, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Challenging but also fun
  • Works overtime to build lean muscle
  • Shows gains quickly
  • Instructions and explanations are easy to follow
  • Builds functional strength for fitness fiends and athletes


  • Progressions may be too challenging for some users
  • Videos aren’t downloadable

Bar Brothers: The System Accelerator

Ready to step it up? Once you’ve mastered the System from Bar Brothers, you can go to level two in the program and hit the System Accelerator.

This includes more advanced moves and workouts along with more aggressive progressions of the classic bodyweight moves.

The initial program allows you to build basic strength and control while this accelerator program gives you clear progressions over four weeks.

This program has you training for an hour a day, 5-6 days a week and targets different muscle groups each day.

The standard stays the same with this program and you’ll have instructions along with video tutorials for each move and progression.

While the basic staring system has you learning and mastering the various moves necessary for calisthenics, this will have you adding greater resistance and even weights to build on the foundation.

If you’re ready to step up and push yourself to make big gains, this is the program for you.

If you’re just getting started and you haven’t had the time to master the moves yet, take a step back and start with just the System.


  • Major growth in strength
  • Easy to access online
  • User-friendly and simple to navigate


  • Progressions happen very fast and are difficult to master
  • Not for beginners
  • You will need to acquire additional equipment

Bar Brothers: The System Freestyle Moves

Time to level up again!

This is the next step after the System Accelerator and will have you pushing through some of the most advanced freestyle moves like the muscle-up, front lever, back lever, pistol squat, and handstand pull-up.

These are some of the most advanced calisthenics moves and are not for beginners.

They’ll help you move on and master some serious progressions but the program itself can be prohibitive if you’re just getting started.

There’s no set time frame for this program so you’ll have the freedom to learn the moves and make them work for your regimen.

You’ll have time to practice and make sure you’ve got the form down before moving forward and on to the next step.


  • Great advice and instructions are given on how to master the freestyle moves
  • Challenging and fun for advanced users


  • Can be too difficult for beginners
  • At a $37 one time fee, may be overpriced for the content offered

Bar Brothers: Nutrition

The Bar Brothers - Program The Bar Brothers - Program


With every new workout or fitness goal, the key is combining both the exercise and nutrition portions to create sustainable weight loss or muscle gain.

This program is meant to be used at the same time as you end up going through the System program.

Included in the Nutrition portion of the program are tons of basic nutrition tips that help you get started on the right foot.

The add-on for this portion of the system goes into lots of details and becomes even more in-depth than the regular program.

Much of the plan is designed to help you build lean muscle and burn body fat and includes plans of detailed ingredients and recipes so it will be easy to follow.

The program guides you through when to eat, what to eat, and how to eat rather than just giving you recipes to follow. You’ll be able to skip through and make your meals and still see great results once you know the system.


  • Detailed recipes and instructions included
  • Works with the Bar Brothers: The System
  • Builds lean muscle faster


  • At $47 for a one-time fee, can be overpriced for the information provided
  • A strict diet that may not work for all users

Bar Brothers: Family

Part of the joy of starting with a new workout program is being part of a community.

The Bar Brothers Family program is exclusive access to a Facebook group where you’ll be able to engage with others that use the program and the challenges they’ve faced as well as overcome.


  • An excellent resource to build community and answer questions or ask for advice


  • Seems like it should be included in the program itself


From a humble beginning in Serbia, Lazar Novovic has built up a calisthenics kingdom with his business partner and friend Dusan Djolevic.

Over the years they’ve spent time developing several programs that help users build lean muscle and lose fat fast.

Mastering calisthenics progressions and working to get fit through bodyweight exercises is made simple with the Bar Brothers program.

But you don’t have to just take their word for it!

Both partners use the programs and have gone through all of the progressions.

Their progress is plain to see and you can experience the same high-quality programming with dedicated help from the team.

Check out their programs to get started on your fitness journey!

The Bar Brothers - Program The Bar Brothers - Program


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