George Bernard Shaw is quoted as having said that; youth is wasted on the young.

If that’s the case, why don’t we do something about it?

The real problem is that kids who wasted their youth grow up to be adults who waste their lives. Instead of breaking the cycle, these life wasters allow – or lead – the next generation to a place of mediocrity.

We’ve got it all wrong.

We should embrace the upside of youth. We should set out to blaze our own trail, taking our cues from the ways the children live each day.

Kids live in a state of inspiration. It’s as though they are seeing everything for the first time, and sometimes they are. Still, they are in awe. And, you should be too. The whole world is at your disposal. Seek out new experiences. Wonder. Be adventurous. Ask why.

And do it with passion and energy. Kids go, and go, and go. When they find something they love to do, they will throw a tantrum if you take it away from them. They will fall asleep standing up because they are so immersed in what they are doing. Do you care about anything that much? Are you willing to fight for what you want?

Kids don’t think about failure, they don’t know what risk is. They know what they want and they go for it. Obviously being ignorant or arrogant is a bad advice for living your life. But, you can be confident and clueless. You should live your life like a kid who has never heard the word impossible.

Finally, while your making your way, be everyone’s friend. Don’t judge people. Kids aren’t bias. They see the good in everyone. Assume that everyone has a capacity for doing good until they prove otherwise.

Remember this; youth is not wasted on the young – age is just a number. You can ruin or change your life at any age.