Picture this. You are jumping rope in the park and getting your sweat on.

Suddenly, a cute person walks by, and you bust out some double unders with a criss cross, followed by a boxer skip into a sideswipe.

After the person picks up their jaw off the ground, you engage in some excellent conversation about how you got so good at jump rope tricks and they want to know more. And scene!

It sounds like an awesome movie, right? What if we could make it a reality?

Jumping rope is an excellent high-intensity workout that burns fat while building agility and balance.

Let’s be real. We were all children once upon a time, so we know the jump rope basic tricks.

Don’t get bummed out if you are tired of just doing the basic jump in place.

There are so many jump rope tricks that you can learn once you get your form correct.

Watch a video of Floyd Mayweather, the professional boxer. You will make him look like an amateur when you’re done tricking it up with your advanced jump skills.

By the way, Mayweather, if you are reading this, you are amazing at jumping rope.

Jumping Rope Burns Fat? Talk to Me.

Grab that jump rope because the fat will be crying when you are done with it.

Remember how we told you in the Jumping Rope vs. Running article that a 10-minute jump rope workout was the equivalent to running a little over a mile? Pretty cool, right?

In just 30 minutes, you can burn over 400 calories with your jump rope.

Plus, all you need for this workout is some good shoes and a trusty jump rope. 

Let’s take a minute to think about what you are working on when you jump.

Your legs are definitely kicking into gear, but the rest of your upper body is working too. Make sure your posture is ideal.

How do we keep ourselves from falling side to side or forward or backward? It’s those core muscles, and they are crazy active during a jump rope workout.

Once you start adding in some jump rope side tricks, your core muscles go into overdrive. That means belly fat is taking a hike.

A study was done on adolescent girls for 12 weeks to determine the effectiveness of jumping rope on insulin levels, body composition, body fat percentage, and blood pressure.

In the end, there was a significant reduction in body fat percentage, waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, and blood glucose and insulin levels.

Another study focused on appetite suppression on jumping rope vs. biking. The participants were healthy males in their 20s.

Jump ropes proved to have a greater effect on appetite suppression than biking.

The results indicated that weight-bearing exercises are better at suppressing appetite.

We conclude that you need to get your jump rope and get to jumping stat.

I’m New to Jump Rope Tricks – Teach Me Some Basic Rope Tricks

We’ve all had our first time, but we’re happy that you are ready to learn some tricks.

If you are already working out with a jump rope, you’ve probably got the fundamentals down pat, but just in case, here they are:

  • Good form and rhythm
  • Making sure your jump rope is the right length (getting tangled is frowned upon)
  • Listen to feedback from your jump rope each time it travels around your body. If you are having issues, you might need a heavier rope or a lighter one.
  • Not jumping too high. This isn’t the high jump. Keep it low, people.
  • Elbows in tight! Remember, tangles are no bueno.
  • Stay in control.

See? Nothing to it! Since you are already on your way to jumping rope like a pro, let’s get you doing some basic jump rope tricks. It’s tricky!

Side Straddle aka Jump Right and then Left

This might sound like a complicated jump rope trick, but trust us, it’s not bad.

You don’t have to straddle anything except an imaginary line.

Pretend there is a line on the floor next to your right foot.

You will do a basic jump (feet together) to the right of the line as the jump rope goes over your head and then jump to the left of the line.

Keep going like that until you are done your workout or your set of side straddles.

Remember your basics in that you don’t want to jump too high or too far out to one side or the other.

Think low and small.

Once you are comfortable with the side straddle, change it up, go faster, or do a front straddle. It’s the same idea as the side straddle, except you jump forward and then backward over your invisible line.

If you have issues, always feel free to put the jump rope to the side and attempt it without the rope. Get that rhythm first, then add the jump rope.

This move is sometimes called the skier. Think like a skier who is going side to side down the mountain.

Run in Place – Literally, That Easy

Seriously y’all, just run in place for this jump rope trick.

However, you just added a jump rope, so don’t step on it. Think of a basic jump, except you are alternating your feet like you are running.

Again, any issues, just run in place without the jump rope. As with most jumps, you need to be on the balls of your feet for this to work best. Light on your feet is the name of the game when it comes to jumping rope.

One of the main reasons that jump rope is such a great workout is that you aren’t doing a heel strike and putting too much impact on your joints.

The rhythm is gonna get you, literally.

You need to find a rhythm, and it helps to count. 1, 2, 1, 2…whatever works. 

You can even chant “jump rope, jump rope.” We are so cool.

Fast Skip – Locate Your Inner Child

We know we said locate your inner child, but skipping is fun no matter how old you are.

We bet you skipped somewhere recently and are just now realizing it.

Anyway, fast skipping with the jump rope is more of a progression from the run in place jump rope trick.

Now you are simply double-tapping each foot, so think right foot two taps, left foot two taps, and keep going. It might sound like a complex jump rope trick, but get up and start doing it without a jump rope.

You will get the rhythm quickly and realize you have it down.

Then pick up your jump rope and get to skipping!

Happy Dance and Ready for More!

When you are done side straddling, running in place, and fast skipping to your heart’s content, it’s time to bring your jump rope tricks up a notch.

Don’t get concerned.

We are going to explain all of the jumping shenanigans and make you a pro. That is what we do.

Boxer Skip – Channel Rocky

The boxer skip was voted most popular by its classmates.

This is the jump rope trick that you will see the most often. With this rope trick, you are doing a regular jump but constantly shifting your weight from one foot to another.

While it just seems like a generic skip, it’s a lot quicker.

It’s good for building up your endurance because you are constantly shifting your weight from one foot to the other.

You can do this jump rope trick for longer and build up that cardio. Adrian!!!!

Criss Cross – Jump, Jump

The mac dad’ll make ya, jump jump!

Okay, so it’s not that Kris Kross, but you know we had to go there. With this jump rope trick, you need to get your basic bounce going.

Get that rhythm and once you have it, cross one hand over the other hand in front of you. It should look like you are doing a figure eight.

Cross the arms as you jump, and then bring them back to your hips and then do it all again. It doesn’t matter which hand crosses on the top or if you keep alternating or not.

You want to do whatever feels the most comfortable to ensure success with this jump rope trick. Think cross, jump, cross, jump.

The criss cross takes some time to get, so don’t get frustrated.

Get rid of the jump rope if you are having trouble and practice the criss cross without it.

Before you know it, you will get the rhythm and be ready to criss cross for real.

Side Swipe

You got the criss cross so let’s move on to the side swipe jump rope trick.

Start with your basic jump, and then you will bring both hands to one side and let the jump rope make a full revolution while you jump.

Then, swing it to the other side and do the same thing. Even though you aren’t jumping over the jump rope when you do this, you are still doing the basic jump while the rope is rotating at your side.

Don’t lose the rhythm because you will bring the jump rope back to the regular position to jump a few times and then do the side swipe again.

Before you know it, you are getting faster and faster and looking like a jump rope pro.

Double Under – Time to Throw Down

We are “doubling” down on this trick. This is probably the hardest jump rope trick out there. No fear, though. You can do it.

It takes practice and concentration, but you will be able to master it in no time.

The idea of double means that you are jumping once, but the jump rope will go double time. You need to make two revolutions of the jump rope before your feet hit the ground. 

This means jumping the same height as you normally would but putting some power behind your jump. Also, your wrists are everything here.

They are going to be your guide in getting that rope around more than once.

You will move your wrists back first to get the power going and drive them forward a bit to get the momentum to do two rotations of the jump rope.

Double down, people. You got this!

Jump Rope Tricks for Days

Jump rope tricks for days is what you have now.

You can literally try a new move for every day of the week or put them all together for one complicated set of jump rope tricks.

Either way, you are gonna “jump, jump” your way to serious weight loss, and a physique that is jumptastic.

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