If you’re in the market for a new workout program, you’ve probably been bombarded by plenty of advertisements that promise results in no time at all.

While many require hours a week and weeks on end to finally start seeing results, some of the newer programs including Insanity Max:30 deliver results in a much shorter time frame.

Programs and coaches may have you at the gym for hours to start seeing changes in your body and health but with Insanity Max:30 you’re putting in just 30 minutes per workout.

These are intense workouts designed to push your body to the limit but within just a few weeks, you’ll see changes happening in your body shape.

Insanity Max:30 Insanity Max:30
  • MAX:30 isn’t just INSANITY on fast forward.
  • With 150 brand-new moves, it’s a whole new way to work out.
  • Max-out a little farther each day, and when that happens, you’re going to look and feel amazing.

What is Insanity Max:30?

Getting everything from a workout program to a personal trainer to a specific meal plan can be tough.

Doing it all in just 30 minutes a day is an even bigger stretch!

Insanity Max:30 delivers everything you need to lose weight and get toned in just 60 days of 30-minute workouts.

The program is a 60-day at-home workout that pushes you to your max in just 30 minutes each day.

This is a shorter program that’s intense right from the beginning so you know you’re getting your money’s worth!

The entire program requires no equipment so you can do it at the park, at the gym, or in your home office.

In addition to being intense, the program’s creators have taken into account all body types invested in their workout set. While the workouts lined out in the program are intense, they’re also easy on your joints.

No matter how old you are or where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll be able to jump in and join up with Insanity!

What’s Included in the Program?

There are tons included in this program that will help you get fit in just short bursts of workouts each day.

You’ll start with 12 workouts and an additional two are thrown in to help you get started.

The program also includes a nutrition guide that’s easy to follow and stick to throughout your workout.

You’ll also be able to get a wall calendar and a wall tracker so you can simply follow along and keep track of your progress as you go.

The guide, Max-Out guide, explains the details of the program and ways to maximize your results throughout the 60-day plan. 

Included as part of the program is a cooking guide that helps you learn and plan smart choices throughout your meals and workouts.

You’ll also have 24/7 online support from Beachbody, the platform that carries and facilitates Insanity Max:30!

Once you finish the program, you can send in a picture of your results and receive a free t-shirt as well!

The entire program is offered at 30-day money back guarantee so if you don’t like the program itself you can send it back and get a refund.

The Workouts

Since this program is designed to be accomplished over 60 days, there are plenty of different workouts that are all designed to give you the maximum benefit in a minimal amount of time.

Don’t think of this program being easy though! These workouts are intense!

Cardio challenges are designed to be some of the hardest, most heart-pumping cardio possible so you’ll end up sweating quickly with this first workout!

Strength training is pulled out in Tabata Power workouts. These are interval training segments that feature 20 seconds of working out with 10 seconds off in each interval. This allows you time to catch your breath before moving on to the next move.

Sweat intervals are intense sections that include both cardio and strength training. You’ll be screaming and sweating through the 30-minute program during this challenge!

Tabata Strength is a level-up with coach Shaun T. This is a whole 30-minute workout with no rests within the program.

You’ll focus on building strength and working your muscles throughout this section!

Friday Fight: Round 1 is a level up to where you’ll be pushing your body to reach new maximums throughout those few minutes. But you won’t be stopping here! This is just round 1 after all!

You’ll move on to Max Out Cardio which pushes you to your limits. This is a progression from the earlier workouts so be sure to start at the beginning before jumping into this intense routine.

Max Out Power offers the same style of workout that categorized Tabata Strength. You’ll work through plyometric exercises with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off throughout the entire program.

Moving on to Max Out Sweat where you’ll work hard to prove that you can do twice the sweat in half the time! You’ll feel every muscle in your body as you work through this 30-minute section.

Max Out Strength is all about working your upper-body through the same Tabata-style workout; 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.

Time for round 2! Friday Fight: Round 2 is all about pushing your mind and body further than it has in the past. You’ll need to fight your weaknesses to make it all the way through and keep on going through the program.

Pulse is a recovery workout designed and facilitated by Shaun T who coaches the class. It’s low-impact and includes stretching and pulsing movements that will end up making you feel the burn by the end of the time.

You’ll finish this up with Ab Attack:10. This is a simple 10-minute ab routine that will have your muscles screaming by the time you’re finished. Don’t quit early as you’ll love the results if you push through!

Insanity Max:30 Insanity Max:30
  • MAX:30 isn’t just INSANITY on fast forward.
  • With 150 brand-new moves, it’s a whole new way to work out.
  • Max-out a little farther each day, and when that happens, you’re going to look and feel amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like with any new program, there are bound to be hesitations and trepidations before you get started.

You’re probably asking yourself if you’re going to be able to do the program, how great is it anyway, and a whole host of other questions that need to be answered before you decide to invest. Have no fear!

We’re here to answer your burning questions before you jump in to feel the burn with Insanity Max:30!

What is Insanity Max:30?

This is a program that’s designed to work every area of your body in an interval-style workout.

You’ll do 30 minutes each day of the 60-day program and adhere to a stricter meal plan.

With the meal plan and workouts combined, you’ll soon find your bodybuilding lean muscle mass and starting to shed fat.

The program is coached and designed by Shaun T who hosts the classes and lessons through the platform Beachbody.

You don’t need any workout equipment to get the full workout through Insanity Max:30!

You’ll be able to do this program in your living room, at the gym, or even in the park if you’re so inclined.

The intensity level of this program is high so beginners may be a bit overwhelmed with even some of the earlier lessons.

Insanity Max: 30 is categorized as a High-Intensity Interval Training session and combines cardio, strength, and stretching to help people build muscle and lose weight.

How Many Calories does Insanity Max:30 Burn?

Insanity Max:30 Insanity Max:30
  • MAX:30 isn’t just INSANITY on fast forward.
  • With 150 brand-new moves, it’s a whole new way to work out.
  • Max-out a little farther each day, and when that happens, you’re going to look and feel amazing.

Calories burned and pounds lost all depend on your body type and how strictly you adhere to the plan.

The plan and workouts are designed to help you blast fat and lose weight so as long as you stick to the program, you’ll be able to lose weight in a hurry!

Skipping days may seem simple but the consistency you use when doing the workouts is one of the best ways to reach your fitness goals.

Realistic fitness goals can easily be achieved through Insanity Max!

Work with your doctor and trainer to decide what your goals should be before jumping head-first into this workout plan.

Your doctor can also let you know if you’re fit enough to start training with Insanity.

How Long is Insanity Max:30?

The program is designed as a 30-minute workout each day of a 60-day program.

While you won’t be working out every single day, you’ll need to stick to the schedule closely when it comes to programs and rest days.

Getting adequate rest between sessions is one of the best ways to see growth when it comes to your goals. Rest helps your body recover and be ready for the next workout session.

When you skip these rest days in an attempt to get ahead you increase your chances of being injured and your body has no chance to recover and rest.

When did Insanity Max:30 Come Out?

This is a fairly new program from Shaun T, the coach, and originator of the program.

This was first released in 2019 and has been on Beachbody for the past few years. 2021 is the second year it’s been on the market and has been a hit with beginners and advanced workout fanatics since its release!

The earlier version, Insanity, has been on the market much longer but the Max:30 version is an updated and more intense routine.

Shaun T has been working hard to create programs that people will love and enjoy while getting an adequate workout!

Insanity Max:30 Calendar

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty details of the program!

With 60 days and 12 workouts, the schedule for Insanity Max:30 is intense.

There are two tracks you can take when you dive into the program. The first is the regular intensity levels for the Insanity Max calendar and the other is an Ab Maximizer.

As you can imagine, the ab maximizer track takes you through workouts that target and push your core more than the regular track.

When it comes to scheduling workouts, there is a workout nearly every day with this program.

You’ll start the week on Monday with the cardio challenge the move into Tabata Power, sweat intervals, go back to Tabata Power, then Friday Fight round 1.

You’ll finish the week with a Pulse workout on Saturday and a rest day on Sunday.

In the second half of the month, you’ll swap your Tabata Power days for Tabata Strength but keep the same routine for the last two weeks.

This is an intense schedule to follow so take your time getting into the program and stick to it as much as possible.

The second month of the program kicks the level up a notch. You’ll spend 6 days out of the work on workouts and keep just one day of rest.

These are also the more intense workouts so be prepared!

Start your out the second month of Insanity Max with the Max Out Cardio, Power, Sweat, and Strength consecutively.

You’ll finish each week with Friday Fight Round 2 and a Pulse and rest day at the end of the week. On your final week in the program, you’ll spend each day Monday-Saturday working out.

Your schedule will remain the same but instead of a Pulse day on Saturday, you’ll finish off the routine right with a Cardio Challenge.

There you have it! Two months of intense workouts that will push you to your max.

You can download the schedule or get it in your Insanity Max:30 packet when you sign up for the program. However you decide to get it, this is what will keep you on track during your fitness journey!

Insanity Max:30 Results

This is the part you’ve all been waiting for: the results. No program is complete without before and after shots and Insanity Max:30 has been turning out insane results for the duration of the program!

There are a lot of comparisons when it comes to this program with P90X another hot seller on Beachbody.

P90X is designed as a longer workout per day so Insanity Max:30 has the advantage when it comes to the time you need to complete each workout.

The intensity of this program has left people stunned when it comes to their results. Users have been losing plenty of pounds when it comes to workouts.

They’re left with less fat and toned muscles after going through the grueling 2-month program.

Results are varied based on your body type and fitness goals when you start but everyone is agreed that you’ll see changes in your body type at the end.

The simple programs and short time frame needed to complete each workout make it ideal for anyone looking to lose weight fast or get toned quickly.

Max 30 Tabata Power

Insanity Max:30 Insanity Max:30
  • MAX:30 isn’t just INSANITY on fast forward.
  • With 150 brand-new moves, it’s a whole new way to work out.
  • Max-out a little farther each day, and when that happens, you’re going to look and feel amazing.

This word has a lot of meaning behind it and the program that utilizes this packs a punch for users.

Max 30 Tabata Power uses a simple pattern of 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Throughout this section of the program, there are 5 different moves you’ll do, and repeat each one twice.

The moves included in this Tabata Power section of Max 30 are high impact, push-ups, the second round of high impact moves, core, and triceps.

While each move will be repeated twice and you’ll follow the 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest pattern, the final 3 minutes is a no holds barred, no rest breaks taken section of the hardest move.

The entire section of the workout starts with a stretch and then warm-up moves led by the instructor Shaun T. Your Tabata training is up next!

Throughout the moves and workout, your coach is talking you through each move and how best to do it to avoid injury and get the most out of the workout.

And in the end, you’ll finish out with a cool-down and stretching time!

There are tons of different moves included with Tabata Power and you’ll walk away sore and ready for another round. This program is hard but not so difficult that you’ll end up discouraged by the time you finish.

The key to working through each program on each day is to listen closely to the coach and follow along with the entire program.

While you may already know the moves, coach Shaun T can offer some better advice and help you through it without getting injured!

Max 30 Cardio Challenge

One of the other key components of the Insanity Max:30 is the cardio challenge.

You practice this a bunch at the beginning of the program and revisit it at the end.

This gets your heart pumping and your muscles moving fast so you can quickly burn those calories to kickstart your program!

You’ll start this section of your workout with a warm-up that’s not just running in place. The warm-up is typically a chest open jack which is a version of a jumping jack that will get you warmed up and your heart pumping.

Along with other warm-up exercises, you’ll complete your warm-up for about 5 minutes before taking a water break.

Keep in mind that you’ve still got a lot of workout programs to go before you’re done so be sure you don’t max yourself out in the warm-up!

Next, you’ll move into your first cardio circuit. This includes moves like the squat kick, 10 & 2, and the pike-up spider right. You’ll keep repeating this circuit for 10 minutes.

You may need a break or end up maxing out during this time but never fear!

Simply write down your times and where you needed to stop on your tracking calendar so you can continue to work through this in subsequent days.

You’ll move from this first circuit to your second one where you’ll start with a medicine ball twist.

This program doesn’t require you to use any equipment so you’ll just pretend to hold a medicine ball which causes your muscles to contract and work them even harder during the program.

The rest of the circuit follows along with plank jack plus in & out, 4 jabs & 4 high knees, and then repeat the entire circuit. This part of the program only takes a few minutes so you’ll need to repeat it 3 times.

The third circuit includes scissor stance jacks and shoulder tap plus in & outs. You’ll repeat this circuit until you’re ready to scream for a break!

You’ll finish out the workout section with a fourth circuit that includes slap back jacks, suicide burpees, plank speed tap rights before repeating the whole thing.

Just when you thought you’d reached your limit, there’s another circuit waiting for you. You’ll complete this one with a chair squat, football runs, and 2 jabs plus 2 tucks.

Repeat this circuit to finish out the section before you collapse into a ball of screaming muscles at the end!

You’ll finish the entire thing with a cool-down directed by Shaun T that gives you time to breathe and celebrate the fact that you made it through alive!

Insanity Max:30 Insanity Max:30
  • MAX:30 isn’t just INSANITY on fast forward.
  • With 150 brand-new moves, it’s a whole new way to work out.
  • Max-out a little farther each day, and when that happens, you’re going to look and feel amazing.

Max 30 Vs. P90X

P90X has continued to thrive in popularity and be one of the leading workout programs in the country.

The intense interval workout became popular a few years ago and has continued to impress and improve people’s lives in the interim.

The biggest difference between these two programs is the time frame you use to complete the entire workout regimen.

Max 30 is designed for 60 days while P90X is created to go on for 90 days. Both of them have you working out for 6 days out of the week with a day of rest at the end of the week.

P90X has more workout total, 16 vs. 10 in Max 30. You’ll end up repeating workouts no matter which program you choose but there’s a different variation to the longer P90X than there is to Max 30. 

The trainers for each program are distinct and different so you’ll want to take that into account when selecting the right program for you.

P90X trainer, Tony Horton is very encouraging and will let you change and modify moves to finish the circuit. Max 30’s Shaun T is much more in your face and works hard to push you to your total limits.

Both programs focus on HIIT training and work you through the intervals from the moment the program starts.

P90X lends itself to those who are just starting on their fitness journeys while Max 30 is more intense and requires a bit more expertise.

Both will help you lose weight and get fit fast but choose the one that you’re most comfortable with and push yourself to reach your goals!


Insanity Max:30 Insanity Max:30
  • MAX:30 isn’t just INSANITY on fast forward.
  • With 150 brand-new moves, it’s a whole new way to work out.
  • Max-out a little farther each day, and when that happens, you’re going to look and feel amazing.

Insanity Max:30 is a newer program from the originator of Inanity, Shaun T.

The circuit training program runs for 60 days and has you sweating from the very beginning.

You’ll quickly start to shed fat and build muscle mass with this program and you’ll find yourself changing and growing while keeping careful track of your progress.

Available through Beachbody, Insanity Max:30 is a great program if you’ve got a head start on your fitness levels.

As a complete beginner, the moves and intensity levels may be a bit overwhelming.

If you’re ready to up your game and get fit fast, check out the program today!

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