Not having enough time is probably the most common excuse I hear when talking with someone about why they are not working out or eating right. 

I dont have the time to workout

 At this point, it is almost as if I do not even hear them when they say it.  I just block it out.  The reality of the situation is that they do have the time; they are just choosing to spend it doing something else.  In most cases they are spending their time on something far less significant than their health and well-being, because everything else is far less significant that their health and well-being.  

Still thinking: “I have to work”, “I have kids”, “I am too busy”, etc.?  



Okay, I get it. But before you cash out, do me a favor and answer these questions:

1.       Name two contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

2.       Who is the quarterback on your fantasy football team?

3.       Do you have Tivo or a DVR?

4.       Who won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy?

5.       Do you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account?

6.       Who is Ashton Kutcher married to?

7.       What is the title of the latest Lady GaGa Album?

8.       Do you have a flat screen television?


How did you do?  

I think it goes without saying, but if you have enough free time to create and update Facebook, draft and manage a fantasy football team, watch Dancing with the Stars on a flat screen, or Tivo it for later viewing, or read about some celebrities latest album or engagement YOU DO HAVE THE TIME TO WORKOUT AND EAT RIGHT.  

Stop letting excuses cloud your vision.  Reassess your priorities.  Turn off your television, cancel your cable subscription, and put down your “smart” phone.  Instead, go outside, walk the dog, or play with your kids. Pick up Runner’s World instead of People or think about how many calories you eat in a day instead of whose status you are going to “like” on Facebook.  

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day.  It’s not the amount of time that is in question; it is how you are spending it.  The only thing keeping you from the life you want to lead is YOU.  Stop placing blame and start taking responsibility for the decisions you make on how to spend your time.  Once you do that, you will suddenly find the time you have been searching for.

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