What are you putting off?

Now don’t play dumb; we’re not talking about that load of laundry you were supposed to do or cutting the grass. What idea, change, or project have you been putting off – over and over again – for years? You know the one. It is your first thought in the morning, creeps into your mind throughout the day, and visits you in your dreams each night.  

Maybe you’re waiting to finally get back in shape after a little, or long, layoff. Have you been thinking about going from a 5K to a half-marathon, or stepping up to try a Tough Mudder?  

I can.

Right now you’re standing at the crossroads of what you want to do and all the reasons [read – excuses] why you can’t do it. First things first; you can do it – no matter what it is. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen. When you tell yourself I can you’re forced to let go of the sob story you’ve been clinging to, the one that has held you back from trying and achieving. You don’t need permission to follow your passion. You just have to say I can and start chasing down your dreams. No one else can do it for you because their too busy searching for meaning or spinning their wheels just like you.

I will.

Once you’ve accepted the fact that you’re capable of being freaking awesome, you have to devise a plan for a full-on life takeover. It’s kind of like goals setting. Except instead of using words like I want or I wish, that are passive, we’re focusing on action. That’s why every aspect of your plan will be actionable and within your control. What actions can you take that will help you starting doing more of the things that matter to you? Think about it and write down a series of actions; I will [insert action here]. Then do it, act, go after it, do work.

I did.

Lots of people have really cool ideas. Some people even have big plans for how they’ll be super successful. Sadly, the majority of people never get further than I can or I will. That’s because it’s easy to think about what you want to do or what you would do if. But, it’s tricky and scary, and did I say really freaking hard to follow through with making a change. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it or that you shouldn’t try.

Anyone who is truly happy, and has found happiness or purpose in their lives, didn’t just talk about what they wanted to do; they did something about it. They took action, made shit happen, and executed. Now it’s up to your turn to do. Turn all of your I wills into I did.

I can = believing

I will = planning

I did = executing

So, I’ll ask you again; what are you putting off? And, what the hell are you waiting for?