In the search for a good workout, it can be helpful to look at people who have achieved what you’re trying to.

This makes it easier to set goals, follow a plan, and know what can be possible. By having an exercise role model, you know that even the most extreme goals are possible.

Following someone else’s routine can give you a blueprint to follow as you set your workout routines and goals.

Everyone has to start someone and looking at someone else’s beginnings can help you find how to start. It can also help you know what is possible as you begin your new and exciting routine.  

The David Goggins workout is an intense routine that can bring big results. With a winning combination of push-ups, pull-ups, and cardio, you can also build muscles and lose weight.

This exercise routine can give you the body of a trained navy seal! 

Who is David Goggins?

David Goggins is an American athlete and motivational speaker. He was born in Buffalo, New York on February 17, 1975. To join the Navy SEALs, David Goggins lost 100 pounds in two months in an intensive workout routine.

He is currently the only US Armed Forces member to complete Navy SEALs training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. 

To lose 100 pounds in two months, David Goggins created and followed an intensive routine that involved biking, swimming, and other full-body workouts. This self-determination would take him far to Navy SEALs training and beyond to become known as the toughest man alive!

You can learn the Goggins Workout from reading his book, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds. He has also published routines in Jesse Itzler’s Living With a Seal.

These books not only layout his workout routines and meal plans but also suggest how to stay motivated during a workout.

He is known for creating high-intensity workout routines that push people. His self-determination pushed him to new heights and he works to help other people get there as well.

His records and history show that it is possible to push past the pain and achieve greatness.  

How to Workout Like Goggins

Though the SEALs don’t release the details of their training, it is possible to incorporate military calisthenics into your everyday workout routine.

These exercises add variety to your workouts and help build muscle. Even the most intense workouts can be modified to fit within your current workout and give your something to work towards.  

The Goggins workout method is similar in that you use the basics in your routines to push yourself. Not everyone has hours to devote to running, biking, and swimming, but everyone can push themselves more while working out.

Goggins’s basic principle of when you feel exhausted you’re 40% done can be applied to any exercise routine.

Goggins Stretching Routine

David Goggins’ stretching routine can be added to nearly everyone’s workout routine for a body-based workout.

Stretching helps improve muscle capabilities and flexibility. Pushing yourself with these stretching exercises can help you build muscle quickly! 

The stretching routine that David Goggins uses looks like:

  • Quad stretch three times for thirty seconds on each leg
  • Hamstring stretch three times for thirty seconds on each leg
  • Hip stretch three times for thirty seconds on each side
  • Bicep stretch 3 times for thirty seconds on each side
  • Tricep stretch three times for thirty seconds on each side
  • Shoulder stretch three times for thirty seconds on each side
  • Side oblique stretch three times for thirty seconds on each side

Goggins Core Routine

Working your core is an essential aspect of any workout routine.

To work on your core like David Goggins, incorporate the following routine

  • Swiss Ball Obliques; two sets 25 times
  • Russian Sit-Ups; four sets ten times per leg
  • V-Ups; three sets ten times
  • Broomstick Obliques; three sets ten times

Goggins Weightlifting Routine

Many people aspire to build more muscles and look to the toughest man alive to be stronger.

To get muscles like David Goggins, you can include the following to your weightlifting routine

  • Deadlifts; three sets ten times
  • Pull-ups; three sets ten times
  • Squats; 5 sets five times
  • Lunges; three sets twelve times
  • Push-Ups; five sets 25 times

Goggins Bodyweight Routine

Some people want to build muscle without using extra weights. Bodyweight can be an excellent way to build muscle quickly.

To build muscle like David Goggins without additional weights, you can incorporate the following workout

  • Four-count jumping jacks for 10 minutes
  • One minute of rest
  • 10 four-count jumping jacks and ten push-ups for 9 and a half minutes
  • One and a half minutes of rest
  • Alternating leg lunges for eight minutes
  • Two minutes of rest
  • Unassisted sit-ups for four and a half minutes
  • Two minutes of rest
  • Elbow up-downs for one minute
  • Thirty seconds of rest
  • Elbow up-downs for one minute
  • Thirty seconds of rest
  • Unassisted sit-ups for a minute and a half
  • Ten seconds of rest
  • Ten four-count jumping jacks and ten push-ups for a minute and half

David Goggins Records

As an ultramarathon runner, triathlete, and ultra triathlete, David Goggins has broken some records. His constant drive to push himself helps him set new records while helping others set new personal bests through motivational speaking.

One of his most notable records is the world record for most pull-ups in 24-hours. He completed 4,030 pull-ups in just 17 hours!

David Goggins is proof that with enough dedication and time, you can push yourself to new heights. 

Pull-ups are a great workout addition to beginners and experts alike. While you may not be able to complete thousands, you can start from the beginning and work your way up.

Pull-ups are a great way to contribute to your upper-body strength with just your body weight. 


What is David Goggins’ Daily Workout Routine?

David Goggins has changed his workout from his Navy SEALs, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training days.

Today he is more focused on maintaining his weight, which he does by running at least ten miles every day and biking 25 miles both ways to and from work.

On top of running and biking every day, he also completes his core workout every day and lifts weights every week.

Though we don’t know for sure how often he lifts weights, you can be sure that he completes it every few days to keep his muscles in top shape. Following a set routine can help you stay on track and maintain fitness goals.  

What Foods Does David Goggins Eat?

David Goggins mostly sticks to a strict ketogenic diet. He counts his macros and maintains a 40/40/20 split. This means that 40% of his diet is protein, 40% is healthy fats and 20% carbs.

A typical day for him might look like coffee and eggs for breakfast, arugula green salad with crumbled hard-boiled eggs, turkey, avocado, and blue cheese on top for lunch, and a grilled pork chop with steamed vegetables for dinner.

He rounds out his meal plan with yogurt and granola for snacks. 

How Did David Goggins Lose Weight?

David Goggins’s weight loss routine before joining the SEALs including an intensive daily routine of biking, swimming, and full-body workouts intercut with studying.

This workout helped him lose weight quickly but is difficult to maintain long-term. Most people don’t have hours to devote to biking and swimming!  

Since the Navy and other military branches do not release information about their training regiments, we don’t know for sure what his workouts looked like there.

Due to the history that these branches have for high-intensity workouts, you can predict that they were also designed to push him to new limits. 

How Can I Workout Like Goggins?

Following the specific routines laid out by David Goggins will help anyone get and stay in shape. Even if you can’t follow those routines, pushing yourself is the key component to completing a Goggins Workout.

You will see the best results when you push yourself and set new limits.  

While pushing yourself is important for any workout routine, it is also important to remember to listen to your body. Pushing yourself too much and losing weight too quickly can harm your overall health. Push yourself at the rate that feels best for you to see results. 

Many other trainers and methods have similar routines that are less intense than what David Goggins offers. One of these other options can help you get started without feeling pressure to stick to an intense workout regiment.

Your workout goals and capabilities can change and you can adjust your workout accordingly. 

What is David Goggins’ Job?

On top of being an all-around strong man and athlete, David Goggins works as a motivational speaker.

He has retired from the Navy and has written one book. He is open to plans to potentially write more books.  


David Goggins is known for his intensive workout routines that helped him get into Navy SEALs training and more.

He currently works as a motivational speaker to help other people reach their fitness goals. He also completes marathons and triathlons. 

While his workout routines can be intensive, you can also incorporate them into everyday routines. The intensitive style will help you build endurance, stamina, and muscle.

He has routines to work for different muscle groups, with or without weights. His exercises will help you feel the burn!

David Goggins is also known for breaking records. He has completed three different high-intensity military training that very few other people have and is the only one to complete three of them.

He also currently holds the record for most pull-ups in 24 hours. 

You can easily incorporate high-intensity workouts into your routine. If you’re not ready to add these specific workouts, other trainers and methods have similar exercises with less intensity.

It is important to work at your pace to see the best results. You can always adjust your routine as your abilities change!          

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