When I am hungry I like simple, nutritious eats that taste awesome and only take a couple minutes to whip up.  That being the case, here is a look at some of my favorite recipes and the foods I can’t live without.  Hardly a day goes by without avocado, sweet potato, kale, brussles sprouts, beets, and some kind of protein powder, cinnamon and nut butter concoction on the menu.  So these recipes combine my go-to foods with the simple prep requirement to make healthy foods taste great. 

More Protein

Trying to keep my protein intake high, without having to chug down another shake, I decided to try the pumpkin protein microwave cake suggested by Jess at Blonde Ponytail.  With just a few ingredients, a mug and a microwave I can have breakfast, a snack or dessert ready in about 5 minutes.  And, bonus, it goes great with nut butter. 

Vegetable Candy 

One of my favorite things to do is cruise local farmers markets.  And, whenever I do, I always find myself with a basket full of beets.  Roast them up and you will have what I like to call vegetable candy.  But, peeling and slicing the beets can be a pain and stain your hand purple.  Avoid the hassle and do like Chef Katelyn who wraps the beets in foil and roasts them individually causing the skins to come right off. 

Good Fat 

Like I said, I eat a lot of avocados.  For some time I relied on guacamole and sliced avocados alone, which as you can imagine became a bit boring.  Then I found this recipe for avocado and watermelon salad from Kasey at Powercakes.  Although it might seem like an odd pairing, the salad is awesome.  And, so are the vegan, plant, and power-meal resources on the Powercakes blog. 

Pie in a Crockpot 

Two things. One, you need to bookmark George Bryant’s site Civilized Caveman Cooking.  Then, you have to try the recipe for apple pumpkin butter cups. What’s that you ask?  Apples, pumpkin and cinnamon goodness combined in a crockpot, served in a mug with a spoon.  Or, if you are anything like me, I take the spoon directly to the crockpot.  I challenge you to make this and not be tempted to do the same. 

A Sweet Potato a Day?

Since I am gluten and grain free, I don’t eat many “carbs” as most people think of them.  But, I do eat a TON of sweet potatoes.  And one day, I ate sweet potatoes at every meal.  It began with a kale and sweet potato frittata for breakfast, a recipe from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers At lunch, I tried the sweet potato hummus from Lindsey at Lean Green Bean, which was unreal.  Then, for dinner, I paired a delectable steak with some tasty sweet potato fries following the tips from Tina at Carrots n Cake

Brussles and BACON!

Last, but certainly not least, is my obsession with brussles sprouts.  Which was taken to a whole new level when I began to combine them with bacon – as bacon tends to have that effect on most everything.  If brussles sprouts typically turn you off, this recipe from Alice at Sweet and Savory Life will win you over.  Did I mention there is bacon? 

What is your go-to recipe for a quick and healthy meal or snack? 

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