Many people who work out have a professional athlete that they look up to. This can set an aspirational goal to work towards as you exercise. 

Having someone that you look up to can also help you create an exercise routine and meal plan. It can provide a great place to start as you set out to work out. 

For MMA fighters, few fighters set the tone like George St. Pierre.

Considered to be the best mixed martial arts fighter, you can learn from him to get the body you want! 

Who is George St. Pierre?

George St. Pierre, also known as GSP, is a well-known Mixed Martial Artist.

With 3 welterweight championships and one middleweight championship, he’s one of the few fighters with championships in multiple divisions.

GSP also has won the most fights and is tied for the longest title streak in UFC history.

He retired in 2013 and came back in 2017 when he won the middleweight championship. After some medical issues, GSP retired again in 2019. 

As a UFC Hall of Famer, George St. Pierre is a great way to find a workout routine.

People have looked up to professional athletes for years, both current and old icons because their workout routine can help you reach your goals. 

How to Workout Like George St. Pierre

When looking up to George St. Pierre, you will want to know how to get his stamina and body.

Learning how to fight is specific training but there are ways to incorporate workout routines from everywhere to help you get the abilities that you want.

The GSP workout incorporates different exercises to help every part of your physical health.

As you train with Muay Thai, Firas Zahabi, and track and field, you will work on parts of your body that may not get a workout with other forms of exercise. 

George St. Pierre has a strict workout routine that follows a strict schedule. It’s not easy to get a body like him, but you can achieve it with his workout routine.

When George St. Pierre didn’t have a fight scheduled, he would train twice 6 days a week with Thursday as his rest day.

Having a rest day is important to give your muscles a chance to recover from the grueling workout that you’ve put them through. Constantly working out can create problems for your muscles. 

Mondays and Fridays were leg days and St. Pierre would complete deadlifts, squats, and lunges in different ways to challenge his leg muscles.

Many of his leg routines use bodyweight so you can complete them wherever you are!

Tuesdays and Saturdays were upper body pulls and abs. This combination includes dumbbell arm reps, high pulls, and lying leg raises.

These workouts will help improve your upper body strength and keep your core tight to meet any opponent. 

Upper body presses were reserved for Wednesdays and Sundays. These workouts include standing push presses, pushups, and dips. Increase your upper body strength with intense upper body presses!

Even if you can’t follow these workouts exactly, you can still find ways to incorporate them into your routine.

Any high-intensity workout in a routine will help build endurance and muscle that will help you no matter what your fitness goals are!  

Studies show that short-term and sport-specific workouts can help you prepare for the sport, even if that sport is MMA.

By focusing on the needs of that sport, you can build the strength, muscle, and endurance necessary to be successful.   

Many of his workouts used weights. St. Pierre completed Olympic weightlifting workouts while training and also used his body weight. While using weights is not necessary to get his body, it can be helpful to get the body and fitness level you want.  

In the six weeks leading to a fight, George St. Pierre also incorporated a sprinting routine. He would alternate weekly between four 200-meter dashes with 90 seconds of rest completed with a 30-meter dash.

The next week he would complete three 200-meter dashes and two 30-meter runs with a 90-second break between each run. 

This six-week routine would help him prepare for a workout and it can help you with your stamina and speed.

High-intensity workouts don’t have to be reserved for professional athletes!    

Circuit Workout

George St. Pierre also had a rush fit workout that kept the intensity even when a fight wasn’t on the line.

Using weights and reps to get a spartan workout. This circuit workout will give your entire body an intense rush. 

Like all workouts, start with a warmup. This warm up consists of standing sprints, high knees, plank burpees, and speed push-ups. After this warm up, you’ll be ready for whatever comes next!

The first circuit uses dumbbells to complete the workout. Using shoulder presses, wide rows, and lunges you will give your body a complete workout. 

The second circuit consists of one-leg push-ups and bent over rows to focus on different parts of your fitness. 

The third circuit gets a little creative by incorporating shadowboxing with bent over power rows and bicep curls.  

The final circuit is the cooldown. Despite being a cooldown, it’s still intense with weighted crunches, floor wipers, and bicycle crunches. Ease out of your intense circuit routine with this cooldown. 

Each circuit is repeated three times before moving to the next one. This ensures that your muscles will get a complete workout and continue to get stronger.


Not a lot is known about how George St. Pierre ate. Though we do know some of his meal planning during his routine.

St. Pierre started his day with whey protein pre and post-workout and had three scrambled eggs with turkey and spinach for breakfast. 

His first snack of the day was a protein shake with a handful of sunflower seeds and almonds.

Lunch would be turkey meatballs with a green sauce and half a sweet potato.

He would eat turkey jerky, peanut butter, and more sunflower seeds for an afternoon snack. 

He would finish the day with white fish and shredded cabbage for dinner. Dessert would be a smoothie with acai berries, carrot juice, whey protein, almonds, blackberries, and half an avocado. 

St. Pierre would have a cheat day once a week.

Cheat days, like rest days, give your body a break from your intense meal prep. It can be easier to stick to a diet when you know you get a scheduled break. 

By looking at George St. Pierre’s meal planning, it’s easy to see that he makes sure that he would get enough protein and fat in his diet. These foods would give him enough energy to complete his workout while getting enough calories. 

While you may not be able to include every aspect of his diet in yours, you can find ways to incorporate lean meats and fats to build the muscles you want.

Having an intense workout routine can lead to problems with getting enough nutrients in your diet. By focusing on what you need, you can hit your fitness goals from all sides! 


Having an athletic role model can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Looking up to George St. Pierre, one of the best in his field can give you a path to follow for workouts and meal planning. 

Even if you cannot follow every step in his workout routine, you can still incorporate aspects of it to get the body you want.

By focusing on high-intensity reps and building endurance, you can find ways to work out like St. Pierre.

You can do similar things with his diet.

Having a strict meal plan may not work for you but you can focus on getting enough protein and fats to build muscle. Even drinking smoothies and protein shakes can ensure that you get enough protein and calories to get strong. 

Everyone can find ways to work out like your hero, even if the hero is one of the best.

It can be a great way to establish a baseline and work from there. Get the body you want with a GSP workout!

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