We know there are plenty of bodyweight fitness apps out there.

We’ve listed some of the best calisthenics apps in the past.

The great thing about apps is there are constantly new ones coming out that are legit. That’s why here at Calisthenics Gear, we always write more to keep you in the know.

The latest bodyweight fitness app called Fitloop is making waves, and we’re here to tell you why.

Is Fitloop a Bodyweight Fitness App?

Yes, it is. It started back in 2019 to make bodyweight training easier to navigate.

Since minimal equipment is required, calisthenics is all of the rage in the fitness industry.

Utilizing your body weight without needing tons of equipment is what got us through the pandemic. If your home gym was lacking, calisthenics saved the day.

It continues to do so with apps like Fitloop that allow you to create custom routines that work for your fitness regimen.

Practice your calisthenics skills anywhere to achieve your personal fitness goals.

The app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Fitloop Workouts

There is no exercise left unturned with Fitloop.

Learn calisthenics skills, build progression levels, and beat your personal records all in one place.

The extensive calisthenics exercise library is astounding.

Work your entire body with bodyweight fitness workouts and increase flexibility and mobility with stretching routines.

Fitloop breaks out all of the workouts into different categories so you can pick your favorites. Select an activity from the stretch section and work on some yoga poses to gain flexibility.

Grab that pull-up bar, barbell, or those rings and find some exercises that build muscle throughout the body.

Get in shape with burpees, everyone’s favorite activity. Practice your strength poses like the manna or v-sit. The sky’s the limit here, people.

The best thing about Fitloop is that you can create the workout routine that works best for you, and there are custom routines offered via the app. 

Anything from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 65 minutes “Stay Home, Stay Fit” to the Minimalist Routine comprised of quick and straightforward exercises to get you in shape, there are custom routines created daily for you to capitalize on.

Many bodyweight fitness practitioners are building workout routines to share. If you don’t find one you like, create your own. Nothing is off the table with Fitloop.

The workouts range from 5-10 minutes to over an hour, depending on your needs.

By consistently logging in and completing a multi-day streak, you will build your calisthenics skills in no time.

See what other bodyweight fitness practitioners are doing and copy those workouts.

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Fitloop Mobility and Flexibility Exercises

We mentioned the mobility and flexibility exercises, but let’s talk about why they are so important.

As we age, we lose our flexibility as joints become stiffer and muscles become tighter.

The best way to fight that is with a workout that focuses on stretching.

Starting Stretching

Fitloop offers a workout called Starting Stretching. It focuses on holding different stretching positions for 60 seconds each.

The stretches start at the top of the body with the shoulder extension, an underarm shoulder stretch, and a rear handclasp.

You then move down the body for a bodyweight squat, standing pike, kneeling lunge, butterfly, backbend, and lying crossover.

As you hold each stretch for 60 seconds and move from one right to the other after your workout, it will increase your flexibility and mobility in no time.

It’s recommended to perform these after every workout. If you have time, perform the stretches 2-3 times a day.

Antranik PPL

This bodyweight training workout that is available on Fitloop was created by fitness instructor, Antranik Kizirian.

The intent of this training is to perform it three to six days a week using minimal equipment to increase strength and muscle mass.

It’s recommended for those at an intermediate level of bodyweight training. A mat and a pull-up are all you need.

If you have rings, that is a bonus apparatus you can use. Let’s walk through what the training offers.


To begin, warm up with 10 to 20 reps of scapula shrugs (shoulder shrugs) and cat/cow stretches (rounding and releasing the back while on your hands and knees).

Progress to regular planks, side planks (both sides), and reverse planks. Hold each plank for one minute.

Finally, perform the hollow hold (arms extended above your head, back flat on the floor, and legs lifted slightly off the floor) and the reverse hollow hold (same position except with your chest to the floor).

Muscles should feel nice and warm after this and ready for some harder bodyweight training.

Skill Work

Antranik PPL offers progressions for different skills that are acquired during bodyweight training.

The four skills that this bodyweight training focuses on are L-sits, handstands, support holds, and ring muscle-ups.

Antranik gives you a list of progressions that lead to performing all of these skills. Once you have accomplished one progression of each skill and hold it for sixty seconds, you are ready to move on to the next level.

If you have achieved all of these skills, there is extra information on learning the crow pose and the human flag.

Strength Routines

After you work on skills, it’s time to work on overall strength and conditioning. This portion of the bodyweight training is broken out into three days.

  • Day 1 – This is known as pushing day. Exercises that involve vertical pushing like various kinds of dips and handstands are performed. It also includes horizontal pushing exercises like the variations of push-ups and planche progression.
  • Day 2 – We did the pushing and now day 2 is all about pulling. Perform vertical pulling exercises like chin-ups, pull-ups, and muscle-ups as well as horizontal pulling which is rows and front/back lever progressions.
  • Day 3 – Called legs & core day, day 3 features anything from squats to lunges to sprinting for the legs. Then on to core with ab exercises like V-ups, Russian twists, and seated pikes.

Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine

The bodyweight fitness recommended routine is a popular full-body workout that focuses on bodyweight training to lose fat and gain muscle.

It’s recommended that you perform it three times a week and ensure there is a rest day in between each session.

Each day builds from the previous day so a rest day is essential. Here’s a breakdown.

  • Day 1 – Warm-ups that consist of dynamic stretches like shoulder band, wrist mobility, arch hangs, and more to get the body working and blood flowing
  • Day 2 – Known as the 1st pair of strength exercises, start with your warm-ups from day 1 and alternate the strength training exercises of scapular pulls and assisted bodyweight squats at 5-8 reps each, resting for 90 seconds in between each exercise. Perform three sets.
  • Day 3 – Warm-up and perform 1st pair exercises. Then start 2nd pair exercises that alternate between parallel bar support (held for 10-60 seconds) and Romanian deadlifts (5-8 reps). 90 seconds rest between each exercise. Perform three sets.
  • Day 4 – Warm-up, and perform 1st and 2nd pair exercises. Then it’s on to 3rd pair. This one alternates vertical rows and wall push-ups for 5-8 reps each. Again, 90 seconds rest in between exercises. Complete three sets
  • Day 5 – Everything you have already done from the prior days and then add on a core triplet treat. It consists of planks (hold 10-30 seconds), banded pallof presses (8-12 reps), and reverse hyperextension (8-12 reps). Three sets and you’re done.

Find Park Gyms

If you don’t have any calisthenics equipment like rings or a pull-up bar, don’t stress.

The Fitloop app maps out the local park gyms near you for all of your equipment needs. Simply click on Park Gyms on the app, and it will give you a variety of local gyms near you.

Click on the park gym near you and head over there. You might even run into a fellow Fitloop community member who is working on their bodyweight fitness.

It’s always more fun to track your progress with a friend, right?

Final Thoughts

If you want an app that brings park gyms near you, increases your calisthenics skills, and features an extensive library of videos and workouts, the Fitloop app is what you need in your life.

Join the community of people who are posting rave reviews about one of the newest bodyweight fitness apps.

It’s time to join a workout program directly on your mobile device for free!

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