It’s not always easy to find a personal trainer. 

With COVID still around, sometimes it seems almost impossible to find a personal trainer because going to the gym may not be an option right now. 

What if an app would find a trainer according to your fitness goals and that trainer would come right to your house?  Say what?  That is a thing. 

Welcome to a new level of personal training known as the Find Your Trainer — details in 3, 2, 1.

Find Your Trainer

Find Your Trainer, also known as FYT, is a personal training platform that finds personal trainers for you. 

The digital platform can be accessed via the app or the website to receive at-home personal training.  Once you are ready to get started, FYT gives you a quiz to assess your fitness levels and goals. 

They ask about your current fitness regimen, the time of day you prefer to workout, and your desired workout location. 

After that is complete, FYT searches for the best trainers in your area.  The beauty of it is that training sessions are booked and paid for via the platform. 

Also, the customer chooses where they would like to rock their fitness sessions. 

Anything from in your home, the local gym, or via a virtual platform are available options.  Your trainers are certified by an NCCA accredited organization that has been thoroughly vetted and is insured.

FYT for Clients

Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer

Personal Training. At Home or Outdoors.

Your goals. Your schedule. Starting at just $29/session.

Find Your Trainer brings your workout to you.  It’s free to sign up for this service.  Pretty groovy, right? 

Your subscription is completely free, and there are no membership fees.  You are only charged once you book a session with your trainer. 

Depending on your personal trainer, the price is anywhere from $26 to $166 per session.  They offer more inexpensive options for bulk packages and purchasing with a fellow fitness friend.  Say that five times fast. 

Before your first session, set up a consultation with your trainer to go over expectations and goals.  After that, get your session going and know that they never expire. 

If, for some reason, you can’t make it, reschedule to your heart’s content.  If you are looking to get fit, we recommend not putting it off for too long as that would be counterproductive, right? 

Your session will last about 55-60 minutes.  We can carve that much time out of our day for our fitness.

Don’t worry about equipment. 

Depending on your fitness goals, your personal trainer will make sure that you are working out in the correct location during your consultation. 

If gym equipment is needed, they might suggest the local gym.  If bodyweight exercises work for you, they can come right to your home or offer virtual sessions. 

Your sessions are for you to reach your fitness goals.  The trainers are there to help you wherever that may be.  FYT to the rescue!

FYT for Professionals

If you are a fitness professional, the Find Your Trainer app is perfect for finding clients. 

It’s also free to get started, but you will need to fill in your fitness credentials.  Once you have completed that, you must provide proof of insurance, and a background check will be run on you. 

After you are cleared, start getting clients.  FYT uses an algorithm to match you to the correct clientele.  They can book directly through Find Your Trainer. 

You can load reviews and ratings you have received directly on FYT and advertise via Facebook, Instagram, and Google for free. 

Personal trainers decide how much they want to train and when is the best time. 

As a fitness professional, utilize FYT to grow your personal training business.


Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer

Personal Training. At Home or Outdoors.

Your goals. Your schedule. Starting at just $29/session.

If you thought the Find Your Trainer website was excellent, check out the FYT Duo, which is an app that is your real-life personal trainer anywhere you go. 

This paid subscription comes with even more features. 

Once you download the app, you meet your trainer to discuss fitness goals, injuries, workout preferences, and anything else you feel is vital for your fitness journey. 

Your personal trainer will ensure you have all of the equipment you need and draft up your workout. 

With FYT, your trainer is in constant communication with you 24/7.  That means the motivation never wanes. 

Accountability is essential, and that is provided in spades with the Find Your Fitness Duo app.  Track your performance and utilize the fitness tracker that comes with the app to see your progress. 

If, for any reason, you decide that your personal trainer does not fit your needs, choose from over 7,000 other trainers to work with at any time. 


If this sounds too good to be true, think again. 

Personal trainers can cost quite a bit, but FYT is only $129/month

Most of us pay more than that for a gym that we might not frequent that often.  They offer a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with FYT Duo after the first month. 

The best part is they offer a 14-day free trial on Find Your Trainer Duo so that you don’t need to commit right away. 

Check out the training sessions and find out about the personal trainers before you take the plunge.  It’s time to get the summer body you have always wanted. 

If you decide you want to cancel, Find your Trainer Duo, then cancel immediately without any strings attached.  You will never be charged again.  Easy enough, right?


  • Flexible for everyone
  • Reasonably priced personal trainer
  • All personal trainers are vetted and certified
  • No sign-up fees
  • Money-back guarantee after the first month
  • Insurance provided for all scheduled sessions
  • FYT rewards accrued with each training session
  • Ability to change your trainer at any time
  • A personal trainer at the gym is more expensive than one that comes to your home.
  • A gym membership isn’t required when using Find Your Trainer Duo
  • No contract is signed
  • Partner and group sessions are available for purchase
  • Excellent reviews from satisfied customers


  • Find Your Trainer is currently only available in the USA
  • There are no pre-recorded sessions available
  • Once you have completed your training session, you are automatically charged for your next session.  If, for some reason, you want to cancel FYT, you would need to do so before your last session to avoid being charged.
  • Refunds are not issued for unused sessions.  However, sessions never expire.

Why are Personal Trainers so Vital to your Fitness Program?

Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer

Personal Training. At Home or Outdoors.

Your goals. Your schedule. Starting at just $29/session.

Personal training sessions mean constant motivation for one thing. 

Personal trainers push you beyond your comfort zone, which most of us need.  They help us to find a new level for our fitness goals. 

Research has shown that support from personal trainers is crucial when it comes to fitness to stay engaged in your workouts.  This results in achieving the results you strive for and not making excuses not to exercise. 

The bottom line is that a trainer will keep you focused even on your worst days.  Our worst days are when we need exercise the most anyway.  Can you say endorphins?

Final Thoughts on Personal Training

Whether you have tried a personal trainer for years or have never had one before, Find Your Trainer is an excellent resource for advancing your fitness. 

Let FYT do all of the work for you to match you up with a local trainer.  Then you can establish a fantastic relationship with exercise, which leads to overall good health and well-being. 

Find Your Trainer is all the motivation that you need right at your fingertips.  Book a session and bring on the summer body!

Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer Fyt Personal Training | Find Your Trainer

Personal Training. At Home or Outdoors.

Your goals. Your schedule. Starting at just $29/session.

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