If you are looking for a course that will train you to do all of the splits using proper techniques with slow progressions, this course is your jam.

It’s not merely for increasing flexibility and mobility. 

This course is the real deal in perfecting front and side splits for dancers, professional athletes, and teachers/coaches who want to teach the techniques. 

It’s like taking flexibility training to a whole other level.  It’s also all about progression.  We have discussed progression several times. 

Whether it’s a human flag, handstand, or front lever progression, it is essential to take your time and build up to each exercise slowly. 

Busting out a side split without any prior training is dangerous.  There’s a 100% chance you are going to pull or even tear a muscle. 

Instead, we’ll review the Elastic Steel Splits course that builds up to those front and side splits.  You’ll be rocking all of them in no time.

Elastic Steel: Easy Splits Certification Course

If you are a dance professional, martial arts enthusiast, or professional athlete of any kind, this is the course for you. 

Coaches and teachers of those athletes are encouraged to take this course and learn the correct techniques for teaching the splits. 

The course doesn’t just teach you the splits but also the science behind stretching and its benefits.  

Paul Zaichik

Elastic Steel: Easy Splits Certification course was created by Paul Zaichik, an exercise science expert.  He has written several books and developed the Zaichik Stretching Techniques. 

He focuses on flexibility training but also bodyweight training to develop muscles.  One of his main focuses is the idea of avoiding the stretch reflex, the muscle contraction that happens when you stretch a muscle. 

Instead, he focuses on each individual muscle and isolating it to use it in every way.  This eventually leads to elongation of the muscle, aka the splits.

The Online Course

While Paul Zaichik has written several books about his techniques and released a dvd to demonstrate how to do the splits effectively, his online course is the newest option to learn the proper techniques. 

The course includes 24 lessons with quality instruction, face-to-face instruction that allows you to work from home to train dancers and athletes, free promotion of your skills on the Steel Splits social media and three extra programs of your choice. 

That’s a whole lot for your money.  But just wait, there’s more!

Elastic Steel Splits Course Features

With this program, you will progress ten degrees of flexibility after a month.  While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it is all about progression. 

This course is guaranteed to have you doing the front and side splits by the end, so trust that. 

As you are progressing with each specific split, you learn precisely what muscle you are stretching.  Then you know how, when, and how often to stretch the muscle. 

It’s essential to understand the science behind stretching.  Paul’s course teaches you all of that. 

The course was tested on volunteers, and then teachers tried it on their students.  The results showed that it works to improve your flexibility and gets those splits going. 

In the program, there are particular strength and movement exercises that form a routine. 

They also have special warm-up exercises, progression, and the correct amount of strength vs. flexibility that you need to achieve to be successful. 

The course resonates with teachers/coaches, first and foremost, to learn how to train their students.

Course Contents

This course covers everything from the anatomy of the splits to proper stretching techniques to how to cool down. 

Let’s break it down.

Anatomy and Kinesiology of Splits

You always wanted to do the splits.  Maybe you want to bust a move at a party, and that is the one thing stopping you from impressing that guy or girl. 

Well, your time has come.  Before you get to the splits, learn the science behind each split and how to master each one. 

This analysis will discuss the different hip placement for the true front, open front, and side splits. 

This section also reviews how you will learn the proper techniques to be successful.  

Splits Specific Conditioning

Before you can bust that move and show off your splits, you need to properly condition your body to be ready for what it will later achieve. 

To do this, the Elastic Steel Splits course gives you three different difficulty-level workouts to focus on the lower body and the upper body. 

While clearly, the splits use the lower body, it takes upper body strength to keep your center.

Warm-Up for Splits Training

If you thought all warm-ups were created equal, think again. 

This course shows you a new way to warm up specific to your training of the splits.  Embrace the warm-ups.  You’ll love them.

Zaichik Stretching Techniques

Remember Paul came up with this method to teach people about the importance of isolating each individual muscle that will stretch. 

In this specific case, he breaks down all of the individual muscles used in the splits. 

Once you know which muscles you are isolating, each one is targeted.  Lessons 3, 6, and 9 focus on each individual split.

Movement and Habituation Techniques

Okay, you are warmed up and stretched.  Now it’s go time.  You can now move with more range, and that is exactly what you are going to do. 

In science terms, the neuromuscular and nervous systems are now willing to accept the splits because your body has prepared them for it.  

Reciprocal Inhibition and Alternating Contract Release

The reciprocal what with the who now?  It’s all good. 

It’s going to make sense once you are invested in the course.  This is a 17-minute exercise session that goes over ten different exercises that allow you to open up your joint angles. 

Get those muscles to stop fighting the stretching and embrace it instead.

Specialized Strength Exercises

Like every other training, strength is essential when it comes to the splits. 

This includes extended length conditioning, antagonist short length conditioning, and peripheral conditioning to break it down even further. 

The idea is that these exercises work all of the muscles that are associated with the splits. 

They are either contracting, lengthening, or in a neutral position depending on if you are doing the front splits or the side splits. 

Sample Lessons

The course has recorded nine lessons with three for each different split. 

The point of these video lessons is to show the splits progression with people of all different skill levels and backgrounds. 

It’s a practical approach to see real-life examples of people doing the splits based on this program.  See the results that you are striving to achieve.  

Relaxed Stretching: Cool Down Routines

Relaxing–that is something that we can get behind.  This course is intense. 

That said, you should not perform Zaichik stretching techniques every day.  It’s essential to allow your body time to recover. 

Hence, why there are relaxed cool-down stretches. They are less intense and help your body recover from the more intense physical activity the course puts on you. 

Also, this course takes a month to complete, so don’t rush it.  If you want to show off your flexibility, give it some time.  

Elastic Steel | Easy Splits Certification Course Elastic Steel | Easy Splits Certification Course

Extreme STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY can now be YOURS!


Remember how we told you that this strength flexibility training program was more than just a regular dvd that you get to show you how to do the splits?  Well, we didn’t say all of that, but it’s true. 

This course is for professional dancers, athletes, and teachers.  It works to increase overall strength and flexibility development for those athletes. 

If you follow this program, you will have success utilizing all of the stretches to achieve the front and side splits.  

That said, the price of this course is $799 (usually $1199). 

While we realize that is a lot of money, the Elastic Steel Splits course contains a dynamic package full of videos that show beginner, intermediate, and advanced methods for achieving success. 

Also, don’t forget that the package also includes three extra programs of your choice.  If you are interested in martial arts, learning how to get that epic kick is essential. 

Find the power behind the move and become a kicking legend. 

Plus, once you put together the kick and the splits, the combo will make you even more powerful and increase your overall flexibility.


  • Provides great results
  • Great for teachers to learn new techniques
  • Increased mobility and reduced pain
  • Lots of information and physiology
  • Efficient and effective


  • Expensive
  • Not for those who just want increased mobility and flexibility
  • Poor video quality

Rock that Front and Side Split

It’s time.  You put in the work, and now you are ready to bust that split at the club. 

You know all about beginner true front and open front.  The Elastic Steel program proved its worth, and you are ready to show off your flexibility. 

For teachers and coaches, this program will bring your students/athletes to the next level in their strength and conditioning. 

Being flexible leads to fewer injuries.  Now split away!

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