Perfect is a trap.

Done is better than perfectIf you think you’ve arrived at perfect, you stop trying to improve. You’ll go from being a workhorse to sitting on your high-horse. You’ve got nothing left to build, so you tear others down.

Maybe you’re not perfect, but you want to be. You won’t settle for anything less.

But, no matter where you turn, everything and everyone seems to come up short. You’re discouraged and disillusioned. You never start, you never finish, you never create, you never ship, you never love, and you’re never satisfied.

Nothing is ever good enough; nothing is perfect.

It’s time to ban perfect from our vocabulary and our lives.

The first step towards the perfect prohibition is this; practice makes progress, not perfection. When you work hard at something you make improvements. You get better, and you can always better your best.


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