Back in the day, when Hybrid Athlete was a training facility, the phase “DO WORK” was used on a daily basis as a source of encouragement and motivation by our trainers and members alike.  It quickly became part of our training lexicon and has been used to answer the question, “What do you do at Hybrid Athlete?”  Members would reply, “We do work!” offering no further explanation. 

Building on that tradition, and offering the same motivation and encouragement to you, we are introducing Do Work Wednesday. 

Every Wednesday we will post a training session on the workout tab for the new Hybrid Athlete’s, a community that cannot be contained by any brick and mortar structure. 

Videos are provided on our video Tab, along with the workout below, we hope you will share your questions, thoughts or outcome in the comments section!  If you are kicking your own workout today share it with us in the comments section, on Facebook or Twitter  #DoWorkWednesday.

Table of Contents


Warm Up 

4 rounds

5x push up

5x lunge(each leg)

5x bodyweight squat

10x 2 count flutter kick


Dynamic Drills

High Knees

Butt Kicks


Hip Mobility Movement.


800 Meter Run


*run 400m, then 25x Push-up, 50x Sit-up, 100x Lunge (50 each leg)

*run 800m, then 20x Push-up, 40x Sit-up, 80x lunge,

*run 1m, then 15x Push-up, 30x Sit-up, 60x lunge

*run 800m, then 20x Push-up, 40x Sit-up, 80x lunge

*run 400m, then 25x Push-up, 50x Sit-up, 100x lunge


800 Meter Run

Cool Down @ 5-10 Minutes




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