Tighten up that core, people, because the force is about to be with you. 

See what we did there? Star Wars fans unite!  We could talk about Star Wars all day, so we should move on for now. 

Core de Force workouts will bring the fun back to your fitness routine by working your core using something more fun and productive than isolation exercises.  

Using bodyweight, Core de Force utilizes MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) movements that are core-centric and cardio heavy to burn fat while sculpting muscle.  While we review Core de Force, we will answer all of your burning questions about the platform and how it works.  B

y the end, your heart rate will be pumping just imagining the benefits from this workout, and you will be ready to get started. 

Similar to when Rey realized she had Jedi powers.  Too soon?   Okay, back to Core de Force.

Core de Force Review – What is it?


Core de Force was created by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews, two fitness professionals who combined MMA training with cardio, bodyweight training, core, recovery, mobility training, and weight loss all-in-one epic workout program. 

Developed by Beachbody, this workout is available via Beachbody on-demand and is designed as a follow-along program. 

Power sculpt your muscles and shred your core with video workouts led by Joel and Jericho.  That’s right. 

You get to work out with the masters of Core de Force right from your living room. 

Receive a full-body workout with no equipment required.  Not even a lightsaber.  Sorry, we’ll stop for now.

Tell Me More about Core de Force Workouts


Join trainers Joel and Jericho for 30 days of mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to slash inches off your waist and carve total-body definition!

A 30-day program, Core de Force features workouts that last anywhere from 27 minutes to 47 minutes.  See?  You don’t even need that much time carved out of your day to achieve Core de Force results. 

All fitness levels can join, and each exercise is modified for lower impact options.  The workouts follow a progression and get more dynamic and complex through the weeks. 

They are divided into 3-minute rounds, and there are sixteen workout videos included with your purchase. 

They also provide four videos video tutorials to introduce you to the program and guide you through some Core de Force movements.  

Video Tutorials for Understanding Core de Force Movements


Four videos give you a better understanding of the MMA movements you will perform during your workouts. 

Learn the proper form and techniques for MMA Speed, Shred, Power, and Pylo.  Don’t worry. 

We will break down each one in this Core de Force review below.

MMA Speed 

MMA Speed is an upper body workout with boxing-style movements. 

Learn how perfect these movements before you get started along the course to achieve better results throughout your Core de Force workouts.

MMA Shred

MMA Shred is literally shredding the fat.  For real y’all. 

This total body workout utilizes Muay Thai-inspired elbows and kicks to bring that heart rate up for some significant calorie burn. 

Muay Thai is a type of martial art called Thai boxing, which combines standing, striking movements, and clinching techniques. 

If you are like, what are you talking about?  That is what the video tutorial is all about.  They want to give you all of the information you need so that you are successful.

MMA Power 

MMA Power is all about explosive offensive and defensive moves. 

We are talking about some fast-paced moves that have your heart rate kicking.  With these MMA-style moves, you will torch that body fat big time.

MMA Plyo

MMA Plyo is the final tutorial you will receive. 

It is a combination of Muay Thai, boxing, and plyometrics.  Find your power by utilizing all of these different formats altogether.

Core de Force Primary Workout Videos


In addition to MMA Speed, MMS Shred, MMA Power, and MMA Plyo, all main Core de Force workouts, several other videos will build strength while maximizing your cardio fitness. 

Let’s take a look at what the other videos offer.

Dynamic Strength

Doesn’t dynamic strength sound so fierce?  That is the intent.  This video will showcase strength by building muscle through low-impact moves but at a high-intensity level.

Are you looking for that lean physique?  This is where you will start to see it as you improve your muscle definition in 47 minutes.  Bring on swimsuit season.

Power Sculpt

I got the power!  Yes, you do, and this video will show you exactly how much power you have. 

Think MMA power, but using high-intensity interval training.  Power up using explosive moves that complete this full-body workout that is an extreme fat burner. 

Joel and Jericho weren’t playing around with this one.  Get ready for an extraordinary sweat session.

Core Kinetics

Core is in the name, so you know what this is going to do.  That’s rights, folks.  Get your abs ready because we are going to carve them up. 

While most of us are familiar with abdominal isolation exercises like crunches and sit-ups, Core Kinetics uses MMA moves to sculpt your abs instead. 

This is excellent work for all of your ab muscles including those obliques.  Goodbye, love handles.  It’s been real.

5-minute Core on the Floor

Only five minutes?  Yes, but it’s intense, so don’t get too excited that it’s only five minutes.  In the 5-minute Core on the Floor video, prepare to perform challenging plank exercises that will sculpt your abs and help you burn even more calories.

Core de Force Relief

After all this hard working out, you need and deserve some muscle relief.  That is precisely what you will get with Core de Force relief.  Add this to your cool down for some extra stretching to relieve tired, overworked muscles.  

Active Recovery

When you need even more than just quick stretching, Active Recovery will give you even more muscle relief by using form and technique to soothe.  Think of it like yoga. 

You actively use your muscles by practicing good form with your stretching techniques to promote more flexibility and stability–two critical factors that bring your strength to the next level.

MMA Mashup

A fan favorite, you get a little bit of everything of Core de Force with this workout.  Joel and Jericho took all of the best moves from all of the routines combined and mashed them together in one spectacular workout program. 

Picture your favorite songs all mashed together.  It’s like that, and you burn calories.  Amazing, right?

MMA Speed 2.0

Like all 2.0 versions, it’s bigger and better than MMA Speed.  The new combinations that are taught and the quicker cardio takes it to the next level. 

If you thought you were looking at a total body sweat fest before, this one is going to have the heart rate through the roof.

MMA Shred 2.0

Remember the Muay Thai combinations from MMA Shred?  They just got more challenging and fierce. 

Joel and Jericho introduce new Muay Thai combinations with this Core de force workout to ensure you are getting all of the latest and greatest exercises.  New routines mean that your body is working harder to keep up, leading to more calories burned.  That’s what we like to hear!

Core de Force Deluxe

Wait!  There’s a deluxe version?  Yes, my friends–there is a deluxe version of Core de Force that focuses on agility. 

You will need an agility ladder for these workouts, so keep that in mind.  Check out the awesome videos that are included with the deluxe version.

Agility Strength

Put that agility ladder on the floor because with this program, you are going to tear it up. 

Fast footwork and dynamic total body workout moves are what’s in store for you with this Core de Force workout.  In addition to burning calories, the training improves your speed and coordination.  

Agility Power

Like the Agility Strength workout, calories run for the hills while you perform MMA inspired technique to improve your speed, power, and coordination.  Core de Force is pulling out all of the stops, and you need to take notes.  

MMA Kick Butt

It’s time.  No more messing around.  Kidding.  We haven’t been messing around, but this Core de Force kick-butt program does what the title suggests.  Using nine rounds of kicks and knee strikes tones your legs, butt, and abs all at once.  Get those toned legs you deserve after all this hard work.  

Core de Force & Nutrition


Core de Force has a quick start guide to fitness.  It’s a three-step process to help you improve your fitness goals. 

While workouts are essential, Core de Force understands that nutrition is even more critical.  That is why there is a quick start guide for food too.  While there is an eating plan included that gives you step-by-step instructions on eating during the program, more importantly, Core de Force helps you improve your eating habits. 

Once you can find better habits, you start to see the positive changes in your body and improve your performance during workouts. 

Food tally sheets provided help to track your food daily.  If you have to write it down and see it, it’s more likely that you will make better food choices.  

Core de Force Sounds Awesome – How do I sign up?

Core de Force is available on Beachbody on-demand by purchasing a yearly subscription for $99. 

The fantastic thing about Beachbody is you get access to forty programs and over 1,500 workouts to include the awesomeness that is Core de Force. 

Not only that, you have access to a personal coach, multiple fitness trainers, their tips and tricks, and you get all of that 24/7.  Not too shabby. 

With nutrition guides, progress trackers, and workout calendars, you have all you need to be a Core de Force master. 


  • Fun and challenging
  • Great for toning and losing weight
  • It does not get boring
  • Good and serious instructors
  • Easy to follow and effective


  • Some workouts are too demanding and long
  • The nutrition plan is lacking

Join trainers Joel and Jericho for 30 days of mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to slash inches off your waist and carve total-body definition!

Is Core De Force a good workout?

Y’all scroll up.  This Core de Force review told you it was the real deal.  It’s intense. 

It works the core and hits all of the cardio markers.  Don’t forget about how the MMA Butt Kicker works your lower body too.  It’s a full-body workout that uses mixed martial arts to propel your core to that six-pack goal. 

The program starts easy but progresses gradually to be more difficult.  This makes it an excellent choice for a beginner.  The workout calendar option shows you what workouts you need to do for the day. 

However, if you feel like you need more, you can always add more to your workout. 

The best news is at the end of the 30-day program, you can see up to 10 to 20 lbs in weight loss depending on how much body weight you have to lose. 

If you stick to the program to include the meal plan, you will see results. 

Does Core de Force Improve Core Strength Better than Isolation Exercises?

Core de Force promotes its ability to work the upper body and core

Instead of using many isolation exercises like crunches or sit-ups, MMA-style workouts advance your core strength.  But is that more effective than isolation exercises? 

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research indicated that abdominal muscles were activated more when exercises incorporated the deltoids and gluteals. 

When performing exercises that engaged the entire trunk, the results showed the abdominal muscles worked harder.  Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthew capitalized on that with their fitness program.  

Core Work Powers Extremities

The effect of the core has been studied to assess its role in enhancing strength in the extremities. 

Collegiate athletes performed core exercises by throwing medicine balls in static and dynamic positions. 

The results showed that a more muscular core had a profound effect on the athlete’s ability to create and transfer forces to the extremities. 

The researchers noted that the core was the central part of the body’s kinetic chain, meaning most of our power comes from our core.  Therefore, exercising the core is crucial to develop strength throughout the entire body.

The Force is With You


Join trainers Joel and Jericho for 30 days of mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to slash inches off your waist and carve total-body definition!

We had to reference Star Wars one more time because Core de Force is literally with you. 

This Core de Force review showed you how robust this exercise plan could be, from the 3-minute rounds of MMA-inspired cardio workouts to 47 minutes of dynamic strength workouts. 

Now you need to power sculpt your body into an MMA master using core kinetics and following the eating plan. 

It takes both exercise and nutrition to see those lean physique results.  Why not have some fun while you do it, MMA-style?

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