It’s 2021, and your glutes look good.  You have been doing your workout in your home gym, and you have the booty to show for it. 

Did you just check out your butt and give yourself a nod?  As you should because you deserve it.  High five! 

Just wait until you get to show off at the gym.

Chance are you have been rocking some squats and lunges in your home workout to push those butts into gear.  Maybe the repetition is kind of boring, and you are ready for something new. 

Welcome to the Coba. 

We will review all of the benefits of the Coba glute trainer and show you why this piece of equipment will be an excellent addition to your home gym.  Step into our office.

Coba Board Glute Trainer

CoBa GLUTE Trainer – Full Home Workout System CoBa GLUTE Trainer – Full Home Workout System

Core & Booty Exercise Machine, Resistance Band Full Body Trainer

The Coba Board is a glute trainer specializing in working your glutes or, as we like to call them, your incredible butt muscles. 

This piece of equipment is easy to use and has a 7” incline to ensure that your weight is pushed back into your heels. 

Glute exercises are done with a slight hinge from the hip with weight back into the heels to protect your knees and fully engage your lower body. 

A bonus feature is the addition of resistance bands to this device, which help to make the workout more effective. 

Also, the Coba glute trainer is affordable.  Hello, firm booties for a low price.

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Resistance Bands Included

That’s right, people.  When you purchase the Coba Board, you have multiple resistance bands with your purchase too. 

Depending on what kind of resistance you want, you can adjust the bands to give you anywhere from 10 pounds to 50 pounds of resistance. 

If you think 50 pounds is super easy (you do have incredible butt muscles), no problem. 

The Coba glute trainer comes with heavier bands that will give you even more resistance.  If you are new to resistance bands, start with the lighter bands and work your way up. 

You have time to make it harder.  That summer vacation is a few months away.

CoBa GLUTE Trainer – Full Home Workout System CoBa GLUTE Trainer – Full Home Workout System

Core & Booty Exercise Machine, Resistance Band Full Body Trainer

There’s an App too

Folks, there’s always an app.  We know how much you love a good app. 

The Coba Board glute trainer comes with an app available for both Android and iOS users. 

Once you download the app, you will find videos that focus on strengthening your lower body. 

All of the workouts use the Coba Board glute trainer for the most effective results.  You bought the piece of equipment–let’s use it.


  • The device is lightweight and portable
  • A slight incline adds to the overall effectiveness of the workouts
  • It’s comfortable to stand on


  • Some people have complained about the device being noisy
  • The device is not stable enough for people with low body weight
  • Hardcore trainers might find the workouts too light

Is the Coba Board Easy to Set Up and Use?

It’s super easy to set up this piece of equipment and have your workout going in no time right at home. 

Most of the device comes pre-assembled so put your tools away because you won’t need them. 

The Coba comes with a full instruction manual on how to set up the board based on what exercises you want to perform. 

The Coba has three different holes on the device that allows you to use the resistance bands. 

The manual will tell you how to put the resistance bands into the holes depending on what kind of exercise you want to do. 

It’s quick and easy to set up the resistance bands and move them from one exercise to another.

What are your Glutes?

When we say glutes, we are referring to three different muscles in your butt. 

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your butt and one of the strongest muscles in your body.  It allows the thighs and hips to move. 

The gluteus medius is the second-largest butt muscle that sits on the outer part of the pelvis.  This muscle also helps to move and support the hips. 

The gluteus minimus is a secondary muscle that works to mobilize your hips, and it sits in front of the gluteus medius.  Isn’t learning fun?

Why are Glutes Important Muscles to Tone?

Many exercises that people perform, like squats, don’t have as much effect on all of these glute muscles because they are compound exercise–meaning they work the quads, hamstrings, and back muscles. 

Without targeting these muscles with isolation exercises (exercises that isolate one muscle group), you will not see results. 

It’s so important to strengthen your glute muscles because they are essential to your stability and mobility. 

All of the butt muscles help in some way to move your hips.  Move your hips and dance like a fish.  Basically, channel Juicy Wiggle

Think about how often you use your hips. 

Every time you walk somewhere, your hips are moving. 

By working your glutes, you are improving your hip stability, which is extremely important as we age.

Tell Me More

Not only that, glutes help in full-body movement, strength, and overall fitness. 

Working them leads to a full-body workout. 

By doing specific glute exercises that strengthen them, you are supporting your core as well.  Crazy, right? 

Remember, the gluteus maximus is one of the strongest muscles in your body.  It needs to be strong to support your posture, core, hips and help you support your back. 

Don’t skip out on working them.

I Have No Butt – Will Glute Exercises Make My Butt Bigger?

Now we can’t mess with genetics.  Some people have more junk in the trunk than others. 

Our friend, JLo, is blessed with a booty.  It’s just the way life works. 

If you want to try to get a little more butt, glute exercises might help you do that. 

Remember that just doing squats might not necessarily get you there because it’s a compound exercise working a lot of other muscles as well. 

While lunges and squats may change your butt, there are a few exercises that target the butt that might work better. 

One of the best exercises you can do is the glute bridges hip thrusts. 

This particular exercise has been known to increase the size of your butt and its firmness.  A firm butt, you say?  Sign us up!  They are simple too. 

Just lie on your back and push your hips into the air, squeezing as tight as you can while creating a bridge between your shoulders and your knees. 

Lower down slowly and then repeat.

Best Exercises for Your Glutes

Whether you are working your glutes to increase your mobility and strength or you are trying to improve your butt size and firmness, several exercises can target them. 

These exercises will increase your glute strength and get that lower body fired up. 

The best part is you can do all of these at home.

Glute Bridges Hip Thrusts

Grab your exercise ball, and let’s get to work. 

This exercise strengthens the glutes while having the ball support your back. 

Lay back on your ball with your head and your hips in a bridge position. 

If you have some dumbbells, you can add them to your thighs for additional resistance. 

Lower your hips and then squeeze your glutes to lift your hips back up. 

Repeat 8-16 times, and that is one set down.  Try to go for another set or even three sets if you are feeling up to it.

Glute Squeeze

This home workout doesn’t even involve you standing.  You just sit right in your chair and squeeze your butt.  Sounds pretty easy, right? 

Don’t get too cocky because this glute exercise kicks butt, literally. 

The key to this exercise is to make sure that you sit up straight with your shoulders back and hips and knees at a right angle. 

Squeeze as hard as you can and hold them for five seconds and then release. 

Repeat this exercise, and you will feel the burn.

Squats with Resistance Bands

Add resistance to your squats with the use of a band.  It’s a game-changer. 

If you don’t believe us, do a regular squat.  Now go and grab a band and put it under both feet. 

Holding the handles up by your shoulders, do a squat again.  Hold the phone!  That was hard!  See?  We told you. 

The added resistance from the band as you try to rise out of the squat really adds to your training.  Look out world.  Epic booties are being made over here!


Time to use that Coba Board. 

Put the board in front of you and step up onto it with your right foot. 

Pressing into your right heel, lift your left foot up and touch the step with your left toes.  Step back down with your left foot, bend your knee, and add a lunge for more resistance. 

The important thing with this exercise is to really dig your heel in with y

our foot that is on the Coba Board.  That will really activate your glutes to lift the other foot off of the floor. 

If you are feeling really strong, put those resistance bands on your board for a more intense workout.


While we all know how to do lunges, proper form is imperative to protect your knees. 

You never want to extend your knee further than your toes.  That puts way too much pressure on your joints. 

In a staggered stance, one foot in front of the other, about three feet apart, bend both knees straight down. 

The back knee should almost touch the floor and then lift yourself back up by pushing into the heel on the front leg. 

Feel those glutes tighten as you repeat this as many times as you would like.

Hip Extensions

Hip extensions sound scarier than they are.  Trust us. 

Actually, they are sometimes called donkey kicks.  Do donkey kicks sound less intimidating?   We think so. 

On your hands and knees, lift up one leg with your knee bent until the leg is level with your glute. 

Then simply lower it back down.  Lather, rinse and repeat. 

Don’t forget to change legs eventually so you get both sides worked.


Oh, how we love a good deadlift.  Holding weights in your hands, simply bend forward from the hip with a flat back as far as your flexibility allows. 

Keep those legs straight, but don’t lock your knees.  Then pull your muscles in tight to pull yourself back to a standing position. 

If you want to turn this up a notch, try doing a one-legged deadlift. 

Put one foot behind you with your toe to the floor. 

Do the same thing as before, but this time you really have to focus harder to lift your body up since one leg is back behind the other. 

Repeat as many times as you can to strengthen those glute muscles.

Get Those Glutes Going

The research is in y’all. 

Glute exercises, especially those that can be performed with the Coba glute trainer, are essential for strong bodies and increasing mobility. 

In fact, one study that looked at the effect of glute exercise on lumbar support found that most of the participants did have more lumbar support at the end. 

However, this study got more than they bargained for in that most of the participants had a decrease in lower back pain as well. 

Not only that, they also had an increase in balance too.

Did you buy your Coba Board yet?

What are you waiting for?  Get on that computer and buy one of the Coba Board glute trainers and work that lower body. 

The isolation exercises that specifically target the butt muscles are what is going to lead to an all-around better booty. 

Well, it also means you have good mobility and an all-around stronger body. 

You really can’t beat that. 

A happy butt is a happy life.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?

CoBa GLUTE Trainer – Full Home Workout System CoBa GLUTE Trainer – Full Home Workout System

Core & Booty Exercise Machine, Resistance Band Full Body Trainer

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