Cardio is considered by many to be one of the best forms of exercise. It helps strengthen your heart muscles with intensive workouts.

Cardio focuses on your heart, and when your heart is healthy the rest of your body is too.  

Even with all of the cardio options available, you will still want to find ways to change it up.

Running and biking can get boring after a while and when you get bored, you may want to stop working out. 

The great news is that calisthenics and cardio can go hand in hand.

Calisthenics and flexible workouts are already available and you can step it up with cardio. 

Find ways to include calisthenics in your cardio routine. You’ll feel great working on different aspects of your health at the same time.

Keep your body on its toes by adding in workout variety. 

What is Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a type of workout that focuses on using bodyweight to build strength and endurance.

It is designed to be used with little or no equipment. As a flexible workout, you can do a calisthenics workout from nearly anywhere as long as you are dedicated. 

They have grown in popularity because of how flexible it is. You don’t need to plan around equipment or gym classes, you can complete workouts on your schedule with what you have at home.

You can even complete them while on vacation.

With calisthenics, you can also focus on different muscle groups. You can complete a full-body workout or one that focuses on upper body strength.

This simple form of working out can still bring out the best in your body strength. 

The best part is, as you get stronger your workout difficulty naturally increases. The more muscles you develop, the more you can get from a bodyweight workout.   

Calisthenics is also flexible.

You can easily include them in established workout routines. As you’re ready to increase your abilities, you can add in more difficult routines and exercises.

No matter what your fitness goals are, calisthenics can help you.    

Calisthenics and Cardio

The goal of cardio is to maintain an increased heart rate for a prolonged period of time.

This can be achieved by running and biking, even on the go. All workouts need variety and adding a calisthenics workout can help you build endurance and work on cardio. 

Calisthenics is a high-intensity and low rest form of exercise.

This combination makes it a great form of cardio to build endurance and keep your heart pumping.

Studies have shown that high-intensity training improves cardio health. Supplementing your cardio routine with some calisthenics will help give your routine an extra boost.   

Not all calisthenics exercises are equal. The best workout to get the most cardio endurance involves less strength.

This way they can be completed for a longer period of time to increase your cardio workout.

As you get more familiar with your routine, you can adjust what exercises you complete and how difficult they are.  

Calisthenics should not be looked at as a replacement for cardio. It will help improve endurance to help your cardio workouts.

If your fitness goal is to focus on cardio, nothing is better than a high-intensity cardio workout. Calisthenics can be used as a supplemental to achieve your fitness aspirations. 

Cardio and calisthenics can both be flexible to achieve your fitness goals.

It is easy to change the difficulty or even try something new. You won’t have to be bored again as you plan your next workout routine!   

The Best Cardio Calisthenics Workouts

One of the great aspects of calisthenics is how it can be adjusted for multiple kinds of workout routines, even boxing!

It can be a great way to add variety to your exercise routine and increase endurance. Both are critical to having a great workout routine.  

A calisthenics cardio workout can combine two critical aspects of a great workout; endurance and cardio.

All calisthenics involve cardio on some level.

Many fitness experts say that as long as you’re completing a high-intensity cardio session that lasts 20 to 40 minutes, a weekly calisthenics routine will help you with your goals. 

You can also add a ten or twenty minute session to the end of your cardio routine. This addition can give your endurance a boost.

Build your muscle strength while working on cardio with a combo workout routine!  

No matter what your fitness level is or what you feel comfortable doing, there is a calisthenics workout for you!

You can easily add new exercises to get the most out of your calisthenics workout to adjust for your workout changes and needs.  

Supplemental Calisthenic Exercises

A great place to begin with calisthenics is incorporating supplemental exercises into your routine.

Many of these exercises fit in naturally with cardio routines and you may already be doing them without realizing that they’re helpful for more than cardio.

When incorporating supplemental exercises, you will want to include:

  • Running
  • Sprints
  • Hill sprints
  • Jump rope
  • Swimming
  • Stair climbing
  • Jogging in place

Running can be a great way to help with cardio and calisthenics.

Sometimes, the classic exercise routines are the best. There’s a reason they’ve been around for so long! 

These exercises can be done with many different routines and in many places.

The flexibility ensures that you can complete your exercises no matter where you are! 

Basic Calisthenics for Cardio

As you become more comfortable with increasing your endurance with your cardio routine, you can begin to add some basic calisthenics to your workout.

These basics will provide the stepping stones to pushing your limits and building your strength. 

Jumping jacks are a great form of exercise that doesn’t need any equipment.

To start a jumping jack, you will want your hands at your side and arms straight.

Jump your feet apart and lift your arms over your head. Bring your arms down as you jump your feet together to complete the exercise. 

This simple exercise can be modified for more strength building, though the basic practice will still give you a workout.

You can add jumping jacks quickly to any workout you have planned. 

Burpees can also help with your calisthenics workout.

A burpee involves squatting with your legs shoulder-width apart and moving to a plank position.

Similar to jumping jacks, they can be modified for more difficulty and are easily incorporated into any workout. 

Squats are also a great way to build endurance with calisthenics.

You will want to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and move to a sitting position. Finish by standing up.

This exercise staple can be used in different ways and weights to build strength, though even using your body weight will help build endurance. 

Mountain climbers and bicycle crunches can be a great addition to any workout to increase endurance and work on your core muscles.

These repetitive leg movements keep your heart pumping as you focus on endurance. 

Even the most basic exercise routines can be added to a cardio workout. You may even do some of these without knowing that they are calisthenic workouts.

These basic additions will add variety to any routine and help push your limits even further. 

Advanced Calisthenics

As you want to challenge yourself more, you can add advanced exercises to your routine.

These exercises are considered advanced because they have to be completed for a high number of repetitions to get the most of the workout.

The repetitions can be difficult for some beginners and if your focus is on cardio, can make it difficult to complete your routine successfully.  

Though they may be called advanced calisthenics, they involve simple exercises that you may already incorporate into your routine.

They can be modified to accommodate your needs as your endurance levels increase.

The key with these exercises is to get enough reps in to get the most out of your workout.  

Push-ups are an exercise staple and can be completed anywhere.

Using only your body weight, you move your body up and down in a plank position, keeping your back and legs straight.

Additional weights can be added as you get more comfortable with the routine. 

Pull-ups and chin-ups are similar routines but do have slight differences.

Pull-ups are completed with the hands on a bar in an overhand grip to pull yourself up.

Chin-ups use an underhand grip. Both build your upper body strength using your body weight. 

Pistol squats provide a full-body workout to your routine.

This exercise can be difficult to master because it requires balance, leg strength, and knee flexion. What makes this squat practice so unique is that you complete it on one leg.

This exercise requires you to use your legs and your core together to complete it. 

As with other exercises, pistol squats can be adjusted to fit your needs. Though it may be difficult at first, you can master this maneuver with regular practice.

Once you get familiar with the routine, you can challenge your balance by completing it on a ball or high space or add weight to build off your body weight. 

Advanced calisthenic routines can be easily incorporated into any cardio workout.

These workouts can take more strength and repetition to complete but they will pay off as your strength and endurance grow. 


A calisthenic workout can help with your cardio in several ways.

As you begin to build your endurance and strength you can improve your cardio abilities as well. 

Cardio and calisthenics go well together to help improve your physical capabilities. As your strength and endurance build, your cardio capabilities will increase as well.

You can add variety to your workouts to get the most out of every routine.

Calisthenic workouts can be incorporated at every athletic level and ability.

Sprints and runs can add to your endurance building while still working on cardio. More difficult techniques can be incorporated as you develop your skills. 

Having flexible workout routines is key to staying fit and healthy. When you can switch up your routine, you won’t get bored.

Continue to add to your routine in new and exciting ways with calisthenics!   

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