Stretching is often a second thought. We’re here to tell you that it needs to always be on the forefront of your mind before and after workouts.

Stretching exercises ensure that we don’t overstretch muscles during our training sessions, and it decreases muscle soreness after a hard workout.

If your own stretching exercises routines seem dull, don’t let that stop you.

All you need is an excellent stretching app to guide you through it.

It’s time to relieve pain caused by muscle and joint tension. There’s an app for that.

Considerations for Stretching Apps

Before you run out and download all of the stretching apps, let’s understand what you need to look for regarding stretching routines. 

First, you need to consider why you need the stretching app.

Are you looking for stretching exercises to perform before and after your training sessions? Do you want to increase body stretching for pain relief? Are you working your way towards the splits?

All of these questions are essential to understanding what your end goal is.

Once you know that, you can work to find the correct app for your needs.

Next, you want to consider the price of the app. While there are plenty of free options available for stretching exercises, free apps can be cumbersome to use or lack quality stretching routines.

Some apps offer free trials to let you test the waters before going for the cannonball.

It’s a delicate balance of not spending too much and spending just enough for a decent app.

Finally, navigate through the app’s interface to see what it is capable of doing. Note how much you can personalize the stretching app.

Does it provide lower and upper body stretching? Take advantage of free apps and free trials to understand what’s in store for you once you purchase.

Are Stretching Exercises via Apps Beneficial?

The science is in, and it likes a stretching app. Studies show that people who download a stretching app are more likely to use it during their free time.

It calls to you from your phone, which we bet is in your hand quite often.

Rather than checking Instagram, the stretching apps are proving to turn inactive people into active ones.

Not only that, a study showed that the younger generations are more likely to exercise or stretch when an app is available.

If our kids are going to be on their phones all of the time, let’s make it productive, right?

Best Free Stretching App

Did someone say free? Our ears perk up at the mention of receiving stretching apps for Android or iOS for free. 

Let’s discuss the two we found that are excellent without hurting the pocketbook.


Instead of twerk it, you swork it. Get it?

We like SworkIt for various reasons, but the main one is that it features a stretching exercise program designed for kids.

Not only that, all of the kid’s content is free and doesn’t ever require a subscription.

Helping your children learn the value of stretching routines at a young age prepares them for sports in the future and prevents injuries when they are young.

While your kids are enjoying the app for free, adults can too.

A free trial offer lets you navigate through this stretching app to check out the interface and understand what stretching exercises are offered.

The programs are customizable to your liking and The Amercian College of Sports Medicine developed the content so you are getting the best kind of training from professionals.

Download this app for free via Android and iOS app stores and start stretching to avoid muscle stiffness.

Once you are sold, sign up for a paid subscription.

Pilates – Home Fitness

Pilates is known for increasing mobility and muscle strength through various exercises like lower body stretching.

Download the app for free via Android or iOS for all of the best stretching techniques and flexibility training.

Many of the 59 stretching exercises are available for free with some requiring payment. It’s best to check out what is paid for to decide if you require more from your stretching exercise.

Our favorite thing about this stretching app is its difficulty levels. Increase to higher levels of difficulty steadily to achieve your goals.

Reach achievements that result in a rewarding feeling and help to motivate you to continue stretching for effective pain relief from muscle tension.

There is an option to customize your stretching routine to meet your specific needs.

Best Paid Stretching Apps

Now that we featured the best stretching apps that are free let’s look at the best that require payment. Don’t worry. Most of these also come with a free trial so that you can test the waters first.


StretchIt increases body flexibility and mobility while it reduces muscle soreness through dynamic stretching.

This app offers a personalized stretching program designed to help anyone meet their stretching goals using professional trainers.

A tracker allows you to track your progress and celebrate your wins.

StretchIt is available on Android and iOS and features a web browser too. Subscriptions vary depending on the time frame.

A yearly subscription is $12.49, and a monthly subscription is $19.99. A seven-day free trial is available.

Users can also sign up for a free stretching class to understand how the instructors teach to see if they like it.

Stretch and Flexibility at Home

A stretching app rated with 4.9 stars out of 5 on the Apple store is a winner.

This stretching app is available on the Apple store and through Google Play, called “Stretch Exercise – Flexibility.”

Download and receive a free trial offer to get to know the app. After the free trial expires, a paid option is available to continue.

The Stretch and Flexibility at Home app features a customized option for improved blood circulation through stretching exercise.

Find an option that works best for you to learn as it features both video and audio functionality to guide you through the stretching exercises.

Relieve pain stretching your muscles through a series of activities that break up lactic acid and reduce muscle soreness.

Feeling Better Already?

We know that just reading about all of the best stretching apps has you feeling better already.

Why not increase that good feeling by downloading one of these stretching apps for Android or iOS users?

Stretching exercises cover a range of benefits for your body, including increased flexibility training and a better range of motion.

Don’t put stretching in the corner. Limber up with stretching workouts for all of your muscle groups!

Also, check out our best online stretching programs for even more relief for those muscles.

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