Fitness professionals are always looking for new ways to add to their clientele and additional qualifications are one of the quickest ways to do just that.

From weight management and group exercise to physical therapy and pain management, the more strings you add to your bow, the more money you will be able to make.

One of the best options available, and one that is often overlooked, is a mobility certification.

Being easily integrated into a traditional training program and capable of achieving results for both physical enhancement and health improvement, it opens you up to a wide range of potential new clients.

Despite that, many trainers won’t know what a mobility certification is or perhaps won’t have even heard of it.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at exactly what a mobility certification involves and help you determine if it is right for you.

What Is Mobility Certification?

A mobility certification is a fitness qualification that teaches trainers how to identify and then rectify muscular issues in a client.

It will give the trainer the ability to not just help their client develop on a basic performance level, but also to improve the control they have over their movement, making even everyday tasks easier.

A mobility program differs from a stretching program in that rather than just focusing on flexibility, it helps to eliminate imbalances in the body. This can help with all manner of things, from pain management to improved strength and balance.

To complete a mobility certification, a student will need to demonstrate competency in helping people to achieve a full range of mobility in the 7 key movements.

These key movements include deep squats, hurdle lunges, in-line lunges, active straight-leg raises, trunk stability push-ups, quadruped rotary stability, and shoulder mobility.

What Makes A Good Mobility Program?

A good mobility program will identify muscular weaknesses and imbalances, before helping you to correct them.

It will assist you in improving flexibility in the problem areas and give you greater control over the movements of your body.

More experienced athletes will also find this added control will improve their physical performance. This is because you will be able to stimulate stronger contractions in the muscles, allowing you to add additional power to your movements.

Those seeking a qualification in mobility will want to make sure they undertake their course with a company that holds a good standing in the industry. This will ensure their education is recognised, and there are no issues when it comes to using your certification to apply for a position.

One of the most popular programs, the Cali Move Mobility Program, is a great option for people looking to push themselves in this area.

It combines both stretching and mobility and takes both to the extremes, offering the greatest levels of potential for those who want to go all out.


NASM are the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, a world-renowned company based out of Gilbert, Arizona.

Having been in operation since 1987, they have a reputation for providing quality training for fitness professionals, both in-person and online.

All of their courses are built around their Optimum Performance Training (OPT) system.

This involves using scientific, evidence-based research to ensure all of their students are given skills that maximise their ability to give clients the best care and advice possible.

What makes them one of the best mobility certification options available is that they can take you the entire way through your career.

Their basic personal training packages give you the tools to start your journey, then the Corrective Exercise Specialist course is taught using the same styles and methods, allowing for easy adaptation and progression.

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Their Corrective Exercise Specialist course takes you the entire way from being able to identify potential problems to giving you the education required to correct them.

During your training, you’ll be shown things like the signs to look out for to spot where people are overcompensating to protect or assist an injury, as well as being able to determine exactly where the weakness lies, and which parts of the body are being used to make up for it.

You’ll then be given all the tools to devise effective rehabilitation programs from the ground up. This will allow you to rectify the problem, no matter where on the body it is, who the client is, or any specific additional needs they may have.

Being a highly regarded program means not only will this certification earn you additional Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to add to your portfolio, but it will also dramatically increase your job prospects within the industry.

Being available in an online format also makes this an incredibly convenient program to undertake. Not only do you have the freedom to study in your own time and at your own pace, but you can also take part from anywhere in the world.

Up to 50% OFF Certification Bundles
National Academy of Sports Medicine National Academy of Sports Medicine
$57 /month

NASM courses were developed using our proprietary Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model, a system based on scientific, evidence-based research.

Additional Courses

Beyond the quality and convenience of the program itself, one of the biggest selling points to getting your education with NASM is the range of other qualifications they offer.

Besides their Corrective Exercise Specialist certification, they also offer courses in nutrition, personal training, group exercise, performance enhancement, weight loss, behavioural correction, indoor cycling, and stretching and flexibility.

This incredible selection of courses allows you to continually grow and progress throughout your career. By being taught in the same style, the additional certifications you receive will be much more easily adapted to one another, allowing you to smoothly and seamlessly combine all of your knowledge to offer your clients the best experience possible.


  • Study any time, from anywhere
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Highly recognised and regarded certification
  • Easily synergised with their numerous other certifications


  • More expensive than similar alternatives


In operation since 1985, the American Council On Exercise (ACE) are a firmly established institution, teaching health and fitness courses based on comprehensive, unbiased scientific research.

They are recognised as the largest health and fitness education, training, and certification company in the world, with more than 90,000 people holding their qualifications across the globe.

To ensure all of their certifications are held in the highest regard, all of their courses and teaching materials are independently checked by some of the largest third-party research companies and universities across the country.

Functional Training Certification

The ACE Functional Training Certification is a course that takes you from the very basics of movement up to becoming a master of the human form. You will begin by learning to fully appreciate the design of the human anatomy.

This will teach you how different parts of the body move and why that is the case.

You will then be taught about the correct posture and learn to identify structural and muscular imbalances that may cause this to be incorrect.

You will then be taught how to correct this and given systems taking people from the worst imbalances to perfect posture.

You will also be given full instruction on how to use some of the most common pieces of fitness equipment to treat clients. This will give students the ability to operate safely and without the need to purchase any specialised equipment.

To integrate the mobility course into wider training programs, ACE also teaches students about the muscle fascia and how this affects functional movement.

This will allow you to train clients in a way that not only rehabilitates but also improves on what was already there, helping them to increase muscle strength and power.

The course is recognised on the list of organisations that offer Continuing Education Credits (CECs), so completion will allow you to progress your career.

It is worth noting, however, that while it is available for home study online, the level of its CEC recognition varies wildly among different institutions.

It is therefore a good idea to research its standing where you plan on working after completion.

Additional Courses

The list of additional courses offered by ACE is extensive. Nutrition, weight management, behaviour change, orthopaedic exercise, sports performance, Pilates, biomechanics, pain-free movement, cancer patient, and both youth and senior fitness programs are all available.

This allows you to combine an incredible number of disciplines, all taught in a similar style and curriculum.

As a result, you will be able to continuously grow and enhance your skills, with symbiotic training that will help you to become incredibly versatile and well rounded.


  • Good value
  • An incredible number of additional courses are available
  • Train in your own time


  • Specific prior qualifications required to become an ACE specialist make it harder for international students to become certified
  • CECs hold carrying levels of recognition among different establishments


FMS are a company that operates around the world, offering professionals in the health and fitness industry further education in the world of mobility. Beyond training courses, they also host a regular podcast dedicated to mobility and the management of physical issues, in an attempt to teach those outside of the industry to be able to help themselves.

Functional Movement Systems

Unlike many rival companies in the industry, FMS focus all their attention on functional movement systems. 

All of their courses are dedicated to rehabilitation and physical improvement, giving trainers the chance to be taught by people who focus on the niche day in and day out.

While the first stage of the course can be completed online at your convenience, most of the courses need to be completed to a specific schedule, with some even needing to be completed in person.

Many will enjoy the benefit of a more hands-on experience, as well as the ability to learn at the same pace as others, so you have colleagues to discuss your experiences with.

However, it does make it slightly less convenient, as you have no way of fitting times and places around your schedule.

Much like ACE, their qualifications are recognised around the world, but their standing will vary depending on where you are and the company you are dealing with.

Additional Courses

Due to the more focused approach, the range of additional courses offered by FMS is much smaller than that of its main rivals.

They currently offer courses in balance, breathing, fundamental capacity, selective functional movement, and Indian clubs.


  • In-person courses for those who prefer a more personal approach
  • Courses available in numerous countries around the world


  • A limited number of additional are courses available
  • Most courses have to be completed to a specific schedule
  • Many courses need to be completed in person


All three of these mobility certifications are among the best in the industry, offering trainers a great way to get into the physical mobility and pain management sides of the business.

They all have a selling point that will be ideal for different types of people, whether that be value, in-person courses, or an incredible list of extra programs.

However, if I had to list the best overall it would be the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist course.

While it may be the most expensive, it is the most highly regarded and offers the greatest number of extra courses that can be used alongside it.

That means trainers serious about their business will have no problems continually growing their portfolio or finding jobs that recognise their qualifications.

Up to 50% OFF Certification Bundles
National Academy of Sports Medicine National Academy of Sports Medicine
$57 /month

NASM courses were developed using our proprietary Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model, a system based on scientific, evidence-based research.

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