In today’s fast-paced settings chock full of meetings, coffee dates, and deadlines, some of us find it challenging to fit in a workout, a cardio session, and a mental relaxation exercise all in one go.

While there are many programs on the market tailored to one of these specific needs, there are less that address them all. The Bad Athletics HIIT training program provides a one-stop-shop for physical fitness and mental de-loading.

What Sets Bad Athletics Apart from the Rest?

We know what you might be thinking- why is this body weight training program different?

The thing that stood out for us was the combination of MMA style combat training with cardio HIIT workouts and a nutrition plan to measure and track the progress.

Sometimes strength training and cardio alone aren’t enough, and the “Bad” combination of the two creates workouts that will ease the mind, bring on the sweat, and increase functional fitness.

Here are some of the benefits of the Bad Athletics HIIT training program, and what sets it apart.

An Army of Bold and Determined Athletes

Sorry guys, but this next part might be a bit intimidating. While the Bad Athletics Program is not exclusive to women, the premise behind the vision of trainer Kaytlin is to empower women to be bold and bad and achieve their highest potential.

By breaking the mainstream stereotypes of combat fighting, Kaytlin has created a community of strong female athletes that support each other through HIIT training, combat techniques, and accountability.

It’s a unique program, not for the faint-hearted.

Get Fit, Build Lean Muscle and Gain Confidence

As the tagline suggests, Bad Athletics is about building an all-round approach to fitness.

The goal is to build muscle and strength and become a more powerful athlete, physically and mentally.

For many of us in need of a strong community to support our transformation or lifestyle change, signing up for a program that encourages positive accountability could be a great solution to what could be an overused excuse.

Results in 60 Days

We know, cliche alert! However, having a program that is a set number of days motivates people to an end goal and sets realistic expectations.

The Bad Athletics HIIT training program is a 60-day “Hit it Hard” Program.

During these 60 days, members complete 30-minute workouts once per day and follow a nutrition plan to ensure they are giving their body what it needs to recover and progress. It can be done at home, with no equipment and no excuses!

What’s Included in Bad Athletic HIIT Training Program?

In this 60-day workout program, instructor and professional MMA fighter Kaytlin Neil guides members through a combination of MMA and HIIT workouts designed to burn fat, build strength and mobility, and boost confidence.

Kaytlin takes her experience as a professional MMA fighter and condenses her most valuable practices into accessible workouts for beginners. Starting as a personal trainer,

Kaytlin wasn’t happy with her lack of experience and knowledge and felt that she wasn’t qualified to tell people how they should be working out and eating when she had minimal experience herself.

That all changed when she fell in love with MMA and started her journey to become a professional athlete.


Kaytlin provides 30-minute workouts that are a combination of MMA style combat routines and HIIT meant to get the heart racing.

Each “round” is broken up into 5 minutes, simulating the stop and go of a real MMA fight.

Members soon get into the habit of going all out for five minutes, knowing that they will have a minute to rest in between.

 Not only have these HIIT methods been proven successful at building muscle and strength, but the short time increments allow for fast mental progression through positive reinforcement.

For many who struggle to stay motivated during long workouts, this fast-paced program won’t leave you any time to get distracted.

It’s not about the amount of time spent on an exercise; it’s about how efficiently your time is spent. The Bad Athletics HIIT training program certainly takes efficiency to a new level.

Meal Plan

While many workout programs find it difficult to tailor a nutritional plan alongside varied workouts, having a structured series of exercises allows Bad Athletics to have a structured nutritional goal accompanying them.

Having trained and worked extensively with women over the last ten years, Kaytlin prioritizes a healthy nutritional plan just as much as the workout itself.

The meal plan consists of 60 recipes using everyday ingredients to give members the nourishment their body needs to see the desired progress.

A Strong Community of Likeminded Athletes

Like many successful programs, the content is only as good as the community that believes in it.

Having a strong base of supportive members is vital for any fitness community to continue to engage, support, and progress with each other.

The “Hit it Hard” 60pday program is a challenge, and most challenges are more comfortable to complete with the help of a support team.

Through the Bad Athletics Facebook page, 5,000 + members support each other with tips, techniques, and testimonials to keep the motivation high and accountability (annoyingly) real.

More from Bad Athletics

As the Bad Athletic Movement continues to grow, more and more features are offered to members and fans.

The Bad Athletics online shop now offers an extensive range of products, from weight and vitamin supplements to energy powder specific for women.

A new apparel line has also been released to ensure that members can adequately prepare themselves with quality clothing to help them perform at their best.

Finally, an informative blog allows members and non-members alike to stay educated on the latest Bad Athletic programs, trends, and other fitness-related topics. 

For those interested in getting the full Bad Athletics experience, the bundle packages combine the best of everything.

Summary of Bad Athletics HIIT Training Program

If you’re a woman looking for a program geared towards fast-paced, fat-burning MMA combat moves alongside a community of powerful and supportive female athletes, check out the movement.

With a proper balance of daily discipline, accountability, and team support, instructor Kaytlin will help you achieve some pretty epic fitness goals.

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