Chances are you know a YouTube influencer, and you’ve heard all about how they make a whole lot of money doing what they do. 

There are several fitness experts that have gotten their start on YouTube by creating fitness videos for the general public. 

Austin Dunham is one of those people. 

Training people on sculpting their bodies using calisthenics, he rose to fame after developing his training called the AD workout. 

Let’s take a look at who Austin Dunham is and how his AD workout will change your body in no time at all.

Getting to Know Austin Dunham

At only 25 years old, Austin Dunham has over a half a million followers on his YouTube channel and is worth over $300,000. 

His Facebook and Instagram accounts also has over 300,000 followers.  Did we mention that Austin has only been training in calisthenics for four years?  That is pretty impressive. 

In college, Austin started working on push-ups in his dorm room using YouTube videos.  He realized how beneficial calisthenics was for his body and wanted to do more. 

He currently lives in Orlando, Florida, and promotes his calisthenics creation called the AD workout. 

Collaborating with other fitness influencers, Austin Dunham is making his way up the ladder of bodyweight experts.

Ad Workout Explained

Austin Dunham created the AD workout to encourage others to change their physique through bodyweight training. 

Everything from push-ups to pull-ups to crunches and squats are part of his training. 

He offers different bundles to purchase to understand his philosophy of calisthenics training

Now you can get personal training directly from Austin by purchasing his bundles.  Let’s take a look at what is offered.

The Dream Body Pack

He had us at “dream body.”  In this bundle, you get the Bodyweight BodyBuilder 2.0, the AD diet, and Calishredics. 

The Bodyweight BodyBuilder 2.0 teaches you how to progress from beginner to advanced in calisthenics.  His jump-start tricks, beating plateaus, and how to work around cardio if you hate it are just some avenues he provides. 

It also includes over 70 exercise videos that help you learn different calisthenic moves and proper form.  The AD diet teaches you how nutrition is key to building muscle and strength. 

He gives tips on how to make your diet work for all different types of body sizes. 

The Calishredics is a limited availability 12-week workout that focuses on pushing your body through bodyweight training and shredding fat while building muscle. 

Whether you are more advanced or a beginner, get Austin Dunham’s expert advice on how to make your body stronger in just 12 weeks.  He includes workout routines that will help you along the way.  

The Calisthenics Expert Pack

If you feel pretty confident in your bodyweight workouts, this bundle might be the one for you.  It features the Bodyweight BodyBuilder 2.0, Beyond Bodyweight, and Calistatics. 

Beyond Bodyweight introduces extra weight to your calisthenics.  Build muscle further by adding that additional weight.  Austin Dunham teaches you how to do this even if you are new to calisthenics and coaches to prevent injury. 

Calistatics is another 12-week training program that works on static moves and holds like the planche.  Learn how to master those moves through the step-by-step guidance provided by Austin himself. 

His technique will give you all the information you need to perfect these static holds.

The Transformation Blueprint

This is what we would call “all in” at the poker table. 

Get everything in this bundle that we already mentioned, plus BulletProof, the injury prevention guide.  This is where we feel like Austin Dunham steps up his training. 

His BulletProof training teaches you how to train to prevent injuries.  When we exercise, if we don’t practice proper form, we get injured.  It’s that simple. 

Austin teaches you how to handle injuries intelligently so that you aren’t out for long.  If you want all that Austin has to teach you, this bundle is the real deal.

Final Thoughts

Go check out Austin Dunham on YouTube and let us know your thoughts

As a young entrepreneur, he is quickly becoming a fitness sensation, and we are here for it. 

Check out some of his content for free to get to know Austin’s teaching style. 

We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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