Apple pie paleo barsThis recipe is brought to you by the Civilized Caveman Cooking and its creator George Bryant.

Apple Pie Caveman Bars

Serving: ~8 Bars

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Minutes


  1. Place your dates, macadamia nuts, apples, and almonds in a food processor or really strong blender.  I have a Ninja 1100 and it makes short work of this one
  2. Pulse until your dates, macadamia nuts, and almonds are in small chunks and transfer to a mixing bowl
  3. Add in all remaining ingredients.  Using your hands mix well to ensure an even coating of everything
  4. Once mixed, using parchment paper, flatten out your mixture to the size of bars your want or you can use individual ziploc bags and form them inside the bag
  5. Place in refrigerator and let cool, then enjoy
  6. If these don’t taste like apple pie to you, then play with the spices, you can add some nutmeg or cloves and mix the flavors around.  The possibilities are endless but make sure you come back and let me know what you used icon smile Apple Pie Caveman Bars

***If you have a macadamia nut allergy, replace them with any nut of your choice.  You can just up the almonds.  You can also roast all the nuts prior for a different flavor***

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