Heads up, bodyweight athletes. There is a new product on the market that might just help solve your mobility difficulties.

If you are passionate about calisthenic and bodyweight workouts but have difficulty finding a rhythm and flow in your movements, Animal Flow could help sort you out.

With this program, athletes are taught the importance of body movement and proper flow techniques to maximize their bodyweight workouts and get results quicker, easier, and safer. 

What is Animal Flow?

Developed by fitness educator Mike Fitch, Animal Flow takes core components of bodyweight and calisthenic training and combines them with elements of gymnastics, parkour, breakdancing, and balancing exercises. 

Mitch Fitch combines all of these elements to provide athletes with a full-body experience that uses optimal “primal” movement, freeing mobility exercises, and bodyweight training.

While it may sound like there is a lot going on, the program is designed to help users find their comfortable flow and create a daily practice of all-encompassing movements that promote safe exercise, increased mobility, muscle rehabilitation, and muscle growth. 

How does Animal Flow work?

The Animal Flow program consists of “six components,” representing the main movements and designed combinations for optimal body flow. These six components are:

Wrist Mobilizations

Animal Flow consists of many full-body movements with athletes on the ground, using their arms to balance themselves.

These movements require wrist strength and mobility, and building these core elements is key to ensuring a safe and effective animal flow.

This component is the foundational training for the rest of the program.


Similar to various yoga practices, Animal Flow starts with waking up the body through activations.

By getting the blood flowing and the muscles activated, the body warms up properly and performs at an optimum level.

The two primary activation poses used in Animal Flow are “Beast” and “Crab.” 

Form Specific Stretches

This component focuses on mobility, which is ultimately an important end goal of the entire Animal Flow program.

During these movements, athletes will move through a series of stretches that promote flexibility and stability of fast-twitch muscles and build functional strength through controlled movement. 

Traveling Forms

Wait, it gets even more fun. The traveling forms component of the programs mimics animals’ movements (Ape, Crab, Beast, etc.) to develop the human-animal core and performance.

These forms are described as the “ABCs” of animal movements.

Switches and Transitions

Athletes then move on to the switches and transitions, which comprise a large component of the entire Animal Flow program.

These movements are performed individually or grouped to create powerfully dynamic “flows” that activate and challenge the body. 


Once the foundations have been mastered, athletes can follow guided flows or craft their own “free flow” forms.

The flows are the end goal of the Animal Flow program and represent a limitless combination of movements that can keep the most distracted customers engaged and mindful. 

What Are the Benefits of Animal Flow?

Now that we know what to expect while doing the program, what benefits can we expect from the program? Let’s start by looking at some cold, hard facts. 

Improves Performance

In a recent study on the effects of novel quadrupedal movement training (QMT) conducted by Grove City College in Pennsylvania, it was shown that (QMT) animal flow movements “improved functional movements and various active joint ranges of motion”. 

Furthermore, evidence found in the full study suggests that QMT programs such as Animal Flow may improve performance of basic movement patterns and other fitness components such as upper body muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and dynamic balance.”

Reduces Risk of Injury

In addition to improving all-around performance, calisthenic movement programs such as Animal Flow results in a lower risk of injuries, particularly in the lower back.

In a 2014 study featured in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, observations were made that further proved the link between bodyweight training, calisthenics, and mobility programs, and less risk of lower back pain. 

Other studies have focused on a longer list of potential injuries and found that bodyweight training and flow programs produce a significantly lower risk of injuries in general

Flexibility, Mobility, and Functional Fitness

Like other calisthenic programs, Animal Flow has a distinct focus on building stabilizer muscles and improving flexibility.

Not only does this lead to less injury, but it promotes functional fitness, or day-to-day fitness, that many heavy weight lifters overlook. 

Functional fitness dramatically improves everyday movements and can be applied to various athletic spectrums, from competitive sports to leisurely activities.

If your end goal is to live a healthy and active lifestyle and improve your quality of life, functional fitness is the way to go. 

Introducing Animal Flow 2.0

So what is Animal Flow 2.0, and why is it worth a look? 

The Animal Flow program is supplied to customers in various ways, from the Animal Flow on Demand to training for members who want to become Animal Flow instructors

The original instructional Animal Flow program has now been updated and released as Animal Flow 2.0 and includes improved instructions on the 26 included exercises, as well as 20 sample flows to get you started. 

The Animal Flow 2.0 videos are available as downloadable files and can also be streamed online.

For those who want to do less watching and more guided listening, the program is also available as an audio-only file in which customers are led through the flows with audio cues. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The Animal Flow 2.0 program is available in two options: 

Animal Flow 2.0 DVD and e-videos: $59.95

Animal Flow 2.0 e-videos only: $49.95

The program also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the product. For those who order the DVD option, it must be returned to receive the refund. 

Animal Flow Reviews and Feedback

For those on the fence about this product, there are a series of online resources that may help you to make your final decision. 

If you’re wary about whether or not you will be able to complete an Animal Flow, practice with a free sample flow and see if you enjoy it.

The sample flow provides clear and detailed instructions and is meant for beginners who have no idea what to expect. 

Customers have long been touting the incredible results of calisthenic programs, and the Animal Flow program is no different.

It is no longer necessary to go to the gym every day in order to get the ripped and lean physique you have always wanted. 

Finally, for those women out there who are wondering if calisthenics and Animal Flow is the right choice for them, check out how calisthenics can be the perfect choice for the busy female of the household.

Calisthenic flow movements have even been developed for children, and busy Moms can get a workout done while taking care of the kids (and promoting a fun, healthy lifestyle). 

Animal Flow 2.0 Summary

If you’re interested in a program that incorporates unique, dynamic movements that promote flexibility, strength, and mobility, it’s time to see what Animal Flow is all about. 

Animal Flow 2.0 is a great way to get used to the program, master moves that will improve your functional fitness, and open doors to the world of equipment-free flow training that will bring incredible results. 

If you are already familiar with the original Animal Flow program, the upgrade will provide you with additional resources, more detailed flows, and a great way to deepen your training. 

For those interested in researching alternative mobility programs that share a focus on flexibility, stability, and functional fitness, be sure to read about the Vahva Fitness Movement program, another great choice to up your calisthenic game. 

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